Stolen: Blue With Little White French Bulldog Female

  • Dog ID 109792
  • Status Stolen
  • Registered 06 Jan 2017
  • Gender & Breed Female French Bulldog
  • Age Puppy
  • Colour Blue with little White
  • Marks & Scars White markings on Chest and under Chin
  • Tagged No
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Investigating Force Metropolitan Police Service
  • Date Lost 05 Jan 2017
  • Where Lost Stolen from house in Wealdstone, Harrow. REWARD OFFERED FOR SAFE RETURN
  • Lost In Region South East
  • Lost In Post Area HA3
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info 9 weeks old.
  • Phone 1 07949 037616
  • Phone 2 07774 724797
  • Listed By Jayne - Administrator, Head Office
  • Views 28590
  • BLUEBELLPoster Image
  • BLUEBELLExtra Image


Sightings and Information

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please check this page similar dog found
A French bulldog has been found. The details are on my group. Pets lost and found nationwide, and the original link is on the dog group Harvey's Army North. It doesn't say if male or female if you wanted to check
I have a family member just bought a french bulldog from a breeder that has the same markings as this little one under chest but not the mark on top of eye. Is it a scar or could this be something that would dissappear. They are very alike.
Shared Twittered

A dog of this breed for sale yet sellers do not have correct breed please check it out
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison Co-ordinator
Sorry just catching up on all this after messages left on phone as last night i had a very rare night off then early to bed.
Any adverts seen are always best alerted to owner OR if cannot get through ask HO to alert the local coordinator who has been posting and dealing- in this case Karen14568.
Ok, thank you, my goodness they look so similar, even the little patch above the eye! So the search continues - Bluebell is out there somewhere, bless her. She needs to be home with her family. Thank you DogLost...xx
DogLostkaren14568 - Area Co-ordinator, West London
Jayne, the dog with harness on on Gumtree we eliminated as we found on Facebook and owner had photos going back to November on her page. The seller had such an unusual name and went to University of Kent that we tracked down.
Any news on bluebell been goin on to long she needs her.familyx
CJ - Police Liaison Co-ordinator - please contact me urgently - Thank you
Shared Twittered - I notice the French bulldog on Gumtree (see clam77 post) has a harness on...maybe this is to cover up the markings on Bluebell's chest? This is worth taking seriously at least until this one is ruled out . Also the Frenchie on Gumtree appears small for 6 months old don't you think? Also white under chin AND patch on the head above the eye in the same place, see photo 3 of advert....Last edited: 2017-01-28 20:33:26 by Jane
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison Co-ordinator
THANKS - But i feel this one an older dog as stating 6 months and advert seems genuine- however owner would be best judge by the photo. Updated this has been eliminated as seller has many photos going back over time had this dog.
Just seen this on Gumtree.Same white marking on chin. edited: 2017-01-24 13:26:52 by clam77
Could this be bluebell? Looks to have a bit more white but then she will be a bit bigger now - has a mark on head same as bluebell
Shared fingers crossed
If everyone keeps sharing it will be hard for the people who stole her
🐾Thieves have moved Bluebell on but will not say where, following great efforts here on social media to make her to hot to handle🐾
We can do it again with those who harbour her and are now accessories to serious theft.
Plz share far and wide to make her to hot to handle....check salesites, advise breeders, vets, pet shops, dog walkers and groomers ...shame these disgusting greedy thieves xx

Sue - onestopalldogs
A French Bulldog has been found in Bournemouth, worth a look although looks older than a puppy
This is such a sad story!!! this baby is only 9 weeks old and has been missing over 10 days now..... what is the latest update please? whoever has her is so cruel and should do the right thing for Bluebell and her devastated family xxLast edited: 2017-01-20 16:48:53 by cockerspaniellover
Shared UK
This people are horrible hope u get her home soon someone must know where they have moved on to landlords etc its awfulx
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Thank you Karen....have bumped.
DogLostkaren14568 - Area Co-ordinator, West London
New Video on Carly Jenkins page - please share like mad.

Apparently the police have people helping with their enquiries - they have located the people and house that Bluebell was kept in. They have information that says that the thieves had Bluebell, she was then thought to be too hot to handle - she must have been moved on. We need to get more and more shares so that people are aware please. Starting point Borehamwood and surrounding areas, but could be anywhere now.

Carly is willing to drop all charges upon safe return of Bluebell. If anyone has any information, please call Carly or me or DogLost anonymously 0844 800 3220

We will collect . . .

Is there anyone in your location that has a new puppy - can you hear a new puppy crying at night? Is she living down a road with an unsuspecting family - please please share on social media to get word out

Thank you!

sharing to groups x (also shared thunderclap)
Viv B
Just to add re Borehamwood area, Bow Bow the pom that went missing months ago, the owner has previously posted on her page that her collar was found in Borehamwood, near the fire station. Could be related possibly?
***LAST FEW HOURS*** for Bluebelle's Thunderclap-
Please support and share
Also...he areas of Edgware.....Colindale and Stevenage....please look out.
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Extra alerts sent to postcodes EN5,HA7,HA8,NW7,WD6,WD7
DogLostJenkins-Admin for Found Dogs
On facebook this morning appeal from Bluebell owner "Anyone around Borehamwood area, please contact me to help with posters and keep your eyes out. Some vital information has come related to this area. We cannot say anymore at the moment, it is so important if anyone can come forward to help with posters and any leads or links to the area".
Perhaps admin could send e-mail alerts to this postcode area.
***LAST DAY for Bluebell's Thunderclap***
Please support and share.
Well done Karen.
Can't find your FB page (I'm not a member) but could do so if there was a link to it.
I can see your page with the CCTV footage (DogLost West London)but don't see the TV link there.

Have asked the same question on Balou's page-
Did both owners purchase things for their respective new pups from the same pet store?
Very normal to chat about the pending new arrival in such places whilst choosing bedding,toys, food etc.
DogLostkaren14568 - Area Co-ordinator, West London
Just got a result with a Pet Trade Publication that I deal with for work - the Editor is going to run a story about Bluebell & Balou - the two local puppies stolen so close to each other. Will be on their website and in e-mail newsletter to the whole Pet Trade next Thursday if our pups aren't 'in the Blue' by then!
DogLostkaren14568 - Area Co-ordinator, West London
Baydogs - I have it on my Facebook Page if you find me - Karen Harding, with Bluebell and her 'owner' 5 year old Bella as profile pic!

Thanks Karen! I watched it last night but the sound was really quiet. I'm going to see if I can amplify it today and watch it again. Hopefully this will bring lots of useful info.
DogLostkaren14568 - Area Co-ordinator, West London
I recorded it and video'd off the television for you - here's a link:
Did anyone manage to get a video of this for those of us who were unable to watch it?
DogLostkaren14568 - Area Co-ordinator, West London
Bluebell just been seen on ITV - hopefully see at 6pm tonight too

At least she's featuring on ITV London Website:

Diana1000 - have spoken to owner of the other Puppy Stolen - Balou - they are in Hatch End, about 10-15 minutes away from Bluebell, so possibly linked. Very sad situations
Another different breed puppy gone missing during house burglary in Harrow, possible connection???
Thanks Baydogs. My friend is the breeder and lives quite a long way from Bluebell's owner so the other puppies are spread far and wide. It is very strange that these puppies can so easily be stolen. It is worrying to think that you are vulnerable and being watched. Hoping so much that little Bluebell gets back home safe and sound. Something has got to be done about these criminals. I would rather lose everything in my house than my dogs. Why don't the authorities see this. Pets are so much more than belongings.
*** 3 DAYS LEFT for Bluebell's Thunderclap***
Please support and share.
How many litter mates does Bluebell have? And has anything suspicious happened yet regarding any of them?
I ask because a few years ago a Vizla pup went missing, called Rembrandt. His ID here is Lost 71181 if anyone wants to read the whole story. He was stolen, though this was before Doglost made a distinction in the headers between Lost and Stolen. Anyway, I'm mentioning this case because Rembrandt's sister was also targeted (unsuccessfully) and Rembrandts owner came to this eventual conclusion .....
"I am told that several gun dog syndicates exist across the country, and that they ask for dogs to be stolen to order. My garden is so private that likely the thieves knew Rembrandt was there before coming to the house. This means that whoever stole him likely had the address and details beforehand. Only three databases hold this information: the Kennel Club, the Kennel Club's Insurance Company, and the Microchip Co. The breeder too: but I know his breeder, and she is a darling. Either the information was hacked or sold."
I know Rembrandt is a gun dog breed but Frenchies seem to be one of the targeted breeds at the moment.
Just how secure ARE these databases I wonder.
There seem to be a lot of pups being taken at the moment,and the thieves seem to know where to go and are in and out FAST.
Just something to consider.Last edited: 2017-01-10 22:44:14 by Baydogs
Keep making Bluebell "TOO HOT TO HANDLE" Hope she is home son, Paws xd.
DogLostJan -North West and Police Liaison Coordinator
Shared to doglost North West facebook groups x
Baydogs - I also asked the ??? on Bluebell's Groups Posts/Images
I first thought maybe a Female Shoe but then, as i zoomed in, realised a slightly pointed reflective trainer type ?
Was about to search Sports Websites !!
DogLostJenkins-Admin for Found Dogs
From PAW Helping Dogs in Need facebook - ITV News will be doing a story on Bluebell at 6 pm on Wednesday 11th January.
DogLostkaren14568 - Area Co-ordinator, West London

Just had this posted up: have messaged owner - I have photo, very simikar, perhaps more white on chest though

Helen CaneThings for sale or FREE to collector in Brighton and Hove
18 minutes ago
Email me at for more information and pictures
Anyone here knowledgeable on trainers? I've been looking at these videos again this morning and it looks like the second person is wearing trainers with reflective strips on them. Means nothing to me but might to someone who is into trainer brands?
Help bring baby Bluebell home on @ThunderclapIt // @IAATA2016

PLEEEZ Click Link & Support
Alison / Karen - The Dogfinder already 'follows' me on Twitter (we follow each other for a while now !) but He has not Posted anything new since Nov 2016
I will 'tag' Him in a #HelpFindStolenFrenchie Tweet / Thunderclap Tweet - & see if He replies
Following on from Hazel's post earlier, the videos that she speaks of can be viewed here-
You don't have to be an FB member to watch them.

At first, I was inclined to agree with Hazel - the first a lass and the second a lad despite the very well groomed brows.
But, having watched them repeatedly I'm now not so sure; I have known lasses from "tough backgrounds" walk that way. These are usually girls who have learnt to "act tough" to protect themselves.
Walks like that may also be due to a physical injury.

Also, it looks like the first person was the one who actually did the breaking in. If that one is a girl, and the second is a lad, it generally follows that the one with greater strength would do the business to the door. But it seems that the second one stands back and waits.

I'd say they are both known and somewhere on the system. The first person seems more confident than the second and probably not new to this kind of thing. The second person almost walks into the parked car on their way out due to looking over their shoulder.
Did the first person leg it so fast that the cameras didn't pick them up?

Only my own opinions. Someone will know the truth!Last edited: 2017-01-10 01:09:59 by Baydogs
This has been posted on gumtree, free blue bulldog puppy 10 weeks old, but I think it's a scam as the photo has been taken from a general French bulldog site on the internet
Will share publicaly on Facebook and Tweet for Bluebell x
I think you are all doing brilliantly. Xxx
Thanks Alison :)
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
I have sent an email to Freddie12 asking for help.
Thanks Karen.
nicolapicola also works in the West End - she has commented on that page. Don't know if she can be tweeted though.
DogLostkaren14568 - Area Co-ordinator, West London
Good thinking Baydogs - yes, Freddie12 was brilliant with Tricky's owner - I remember

I'll tweet him and see if he could take a look for us
No, I'm wrong. @thedogfinder was his Twitter tag(or whatever you call it)
He's called Freddie12 here.
Here is the link to the pup he helped before-

I wonder if he could help?
Jayne,there is a member here, I think he is called The Dog Catcher or something like that. He lives outside London but he may have contacts in this area. He was absolutely brilliant when that street performer's pup went missing...
Could he be sent an alert?
DogLostkaren14568 - Area Co-ordinator, West London
Does anyone know of anyone who works near Oxford Street? This is a real long shot, but I received this message today. Carly is aware, but I'm trying to find someone who can check out the area:

Not sure if this info is of any use, hubby was in Oxford street Friday 6th morning 9am -12 noon saw small dog, not sure if it was a pug but said was grey/blue colour, opposite side of John Lewis Oxford Street near McDonalds. With a well dressed beggar sitting on the pavement.I nearly killed him when he said he did not take a pic, I am always telling him that. Hope it is not a wild goose chase. Will check out the same area again next Friday when I am up in town to check if they are still around.

DogLostSherlock-Area volunteer Gloucestershire south
If you haven't already done so, take a look at the video clearly showing the face of the second thief but also shows them walking....I am of the opinion the first is a female and the second, with his plucked eyebrows is still a male, looking at how he is walking. Regardless, plz make the video go viral as someone, somewhere will recognise xx tweeting and sharing loads!
sharing to groups x
DogLostkaren14568 - Area Co-ordinator, West London
Doglover, you're welcome. Are you on FB - we can tag you in the threads if you are
DogLostkaren14568 - Area Co-ordinator, West London
If anyone can e-mail me too with any links, I'll ensure that they get sent to Carley either by e-mail or FB messenger . . .

I am local to family, so able to help with anything nearby
French bull dog
Thank you for the links i put them up originally on twitter
i don't think it is here she bluebell has a little white chin
and body structure different but lead has been given to police

im not get messages straight to my email were not sure why yet
you can get me on 07949037616 just incase but in gonna keep checking
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
Karen14568....Thankyou. x
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Thank you Millypod. I have sent your message on to our police coordinator.
DogLostkaren14568 - Area Co-ordinator, West London
Doglover - thank you - I've posted on all of Carly's posts on Facebook, left her a voicemail yesterday and messaged her tonight. We're now friends on FB and she's calling me tomorrow. Will see if I can help once I've spoken with her. Bluebell is certainly all over Facebook, Twitter and on all local Newspaper Websites - we need more eyes and ears on the streets. If she gets too hot to handle, they may just let her go anywhere . . . .
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
I have shared with DL FB Page, Twitter & Public. I hope Bluebell is safely back at home soon. X
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
Carly Jenkins ‏@carlyjenkins123 8h
8 hours ago

man on the CCTV seen with blue puppy yesterday @ 3:30pm at feltham adsa please can u check this out and there CCTV immediately @metpoliceuk

Thank you Jayne.....I was not aware of that ..x
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
West London News-
DogLostSherlock-Area volunteer Gloucestershire south
Getting lots of shares and RTs for of the criminals looks like a female to me....well manicure eyebrows....and what about the frame and shoes. She could be the partner of a known police thief so hope they are checking their database xx.
Karen....I do not think Carly is watching this site can you add your details to one of her post s....or send her a text message .. thank you x
DogLostkaren14568 - Area Co-ordinator, West London
Will share this link around on all Facebook Posts that we had already shared. Carly, I'm local to you - any help or info needed, please feel to contact me - 07774 724 797
Can a Thunderclap be set up please? Retweeted again
Soooo many Retweets for Her, Millypod
Let's Hope She is made 2hot2handle
#HelpFindSTOLENFrenchie xx
Her Mum NEEDS Her Home
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
Sharing Twitter.
Sue - onestopalldogs
French bull dog
This is the imagines of the guys involved and pictures of blue bell
Though the text that accompanies the CCTV image asks if anyone recognises the man in the image, please look at the eyebrows and the shoes.
I have included Harrow Borough Police - altho they say the site isnt monitored 24/7
I DO Hope they see & Retweet @MPSHarrow
I have shared many times - xx
ThankYou Jenkins - I will add to a tweet Last edited: 2017-01-06 16:59:01 by #stoppettheft
DogLostGillyP - Administrator, Head Office
Photo added to show chest markings
DogLostJenkins-Admin for Found Dogs
Here's the link to the CCTV photos on facebook
I've just seen this Twitter post, when searching for which Police Force operates in Harrow area.

Harrow MPS ‏@MPSHarrow Jan 4
Puppy stolen in a burglary #belmont area. Suspects seen driving off in a dark people carrier. Please retweet and get this puppy home

I will Retweet - ask them for CCTV too
I will also Tweet them this Link - ask for CRN
Last edited: 2017-01-06 16:44:18 by #stoppettheft
Extra photo of Bluebell showing chest markings submitted to Jayne
Shared Twitter
Put a link here to the facebook page please French bull dog.
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
put the link on but do keep updating doglost as not everybody is on FB...
French bull dog
Yes I have a picture of her markings how do I add a picture!

No nothing else taken just puppy

And how can I attached my face book to here Sony guys can see all imagines?
Does Bluebell have white markings on her chest please? If so, what shape?

Any other items stolen that made lead to this pup?
Owner if you see this...please check all selling sites daily....Gumtree...Preloved have shared to Paw Helping dogs in need. Hope you get her back soon. edited: 2017-01-06 15:46:58 by Doglover
Am sharing to
I cannot find any CCTV to Post tho'
Does anyone have a Link plz ?
Bless her , hope you find her soon x x x
ohhhh, gosh - poor Girl ( & Owners)
Was it someone who had been to the house to 'buy' Her maybe &/or seen Her photo on Facebook/Social Media ?
I've said before, I would always ask for Photo Driving Licence -proof of a very recent address & photocopy them ,before i allowed any viewing of my pups
Let's hope this beautiful girl is now made #2hot2handle & is soon back home x

Great. Let's make this girl RED HOT!
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Yes CCTV footage of the suspects...have forwarded to CJ to put on the FB page...
Once you have your CRN, please email to doglost and Bluebell's details will be updated to STOLEN.
Do hope that she is soon safely home.
Do all the things below on the Admin post, create a designated public facebook page for her, share share share and make her TOO HOT TO HANDLE.
Watch the selling sites like Gumtree and Preloved etc.
Any CCTV of this?
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Alerts sent to helpers in HA0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. NW9,10. WD8,19,23.UB5,6.

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