Lost: BLACK AND TAN Kelpie Australian Female In East Anglia (CB6)

  • Dog ID 114568
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 04 May 2017
  • Name JACK
  • Gender & Breed Female Kelpie Australian
  • Age Young Adult
  • Colour BLACK AND TAN
  • Marks & Scars White lightning-strike-shaped vertical streak on her chest. Slightly paler area on the top half of her left iris. Visible only very close up.
  • Tagged Yes
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed No
  • Date Lost 01 May 2017
  • Where Lost Fields between Little Thetford, Stretham, and Fish&Duck Marina, Cambridge.
  • Lost In Region East Anglia
  • Lost In Post Area CB6
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info She cannot swim, so probably staying on the same side of River Ouse in which she went missing. Friendly with people and other dogs, but extremely likely to bother livestock.
  • Phone 1 07707 028181
  • Phone 2 07554 062478
  • Listed By imccartney
  • Views 19960
  • Alerts Sent 385
  • JACKPoster Image
  • JACKExtra Image


Sightings and Information

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Belated birthday wishes. Jack. Hope you are soon reunited with your owners. Please keep sharing for Jack. All xd.
JACK turned 6 years old on the 8‎th of ‎September
Belated #HappyBirthday JACK 🎂🎈… wherever you are
Possible sighting yesterday afternoon, near White Cross Rd. Two animals were seen - one black, one brown. Brown one could possibly be Ben (DogLost ID 149737). Moving along a hedge in the fields. No humans could be seen anywhere.
Ben's owner is aware, and I've left a comment on his profile.Last edited: 2019-12-17 17:14:08 by imccartney
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
There has been a possible sighting of Jack near Wilburton today (16th of November)
Ani is aware and is checking the area.
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
It would be brilliant if this Jack after all this time, I will bump her page up to the top for you Ani x
Possible sighting, posted yesterday in a couple of local groups. The person was unsure if the dog was male or female.
"Driving back from Cambridge along the A10 we just saw a dog about half a mile before Willow Grange pet shop, he was at the side of the road but by the time we turned round and went back he was a speck in the distance running across the fields. He looked like an Alsatian/German shepherd type dog and we are pretty certain he had a red collar."Last edited: 2019-10-22 17:28:46 by imccartney
DogLostSharon - Social Media Volunteer
Shared to our national FB group and tweeted @DogLostUK https://twitter.com/DoglostUK/status/1121960079262089216
DogLostSarah - Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambs Twitter Co-ordinator
Thank you Justine have shared and added to posts x Come on Jack time now xLast edited: 2019-04-23 20:36:38 by Sarah - Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambs Twitter Co-ordinator
JustineQuirk - Media Co-ordinator
Jack’s fresh appeal features on Scruffy Little Terrier’s blog today

DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Hoping to give the wheels a kick, because new residents might have moved in the area, or people might have assumed Jack has been found already.
Last potential sighting of her was end of Sept, near Hermitage Marina (Earith) along B1050. No new sightings since, but this might mean she’s just got better at avoiding people, or has moved further afield. I assume she’s still alive, since no dead dogs have been found in the area.
If anyone spots anything looking like a medium-large black and tan dog, without an obvious owner around, please call/text 07707028181, or message this page. Even if you’re not sure it’s the same dog (her appearance would have changed somewhat by now, and she might appear more brown), please let me know. I’d rather have 100 false leads, than miss the one real one.
Also, in the unlikely case that someone has found her and is keeping her, there’s a very large reward for her safe return.
Thank you.
DogLostSharon - Social Media Volunteer
I have reshared with DL FB Group, Twitter & Public. I hope that Jack is safely back at home soon.X
DogLostJayne - Admin
Alerts sent to helpers in CB6.
DogLostMe N My Girl - Administrative Volunteer
ADMIN can fresh alerts be sent please, I've checked postcode for yesterdays sighting still CB6 postcode.
Oh I do hope it is your Jack and you can get him home.
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
From Jack's owner ......As I was posting yesterday about the anniversary of Jack going missing, I was waiting for a reply from a potential sighting. I'm happy to say, the lady just confirmed, that the dog looked like Jack a lot (as much as one can tell from ~100 meters). The sighting was on the first kink of Grunty Fen Rd, after you leave Witchford.
DogLostSarah - Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambs Twitter Co-ordinator
Tweeted again for Jack x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
From Jack's owner..... It's a year to the day Jack decided that chasing muntjacs and rabbits is more fun. She hasn't been seen for over 4 months now. I haven't given up on finding her alive, but common sense means she could as well be dead.
Now Spring is here, and more farmers and dog walkers are out and about, if anyone happens to find her, regardless of her condition, I would like to know.
Thank you.
Thank you, I hope it will jog people's memories, too.
really hope the news story brings some more sightings. Come on Jack, show yourself, so you can get home and snug. x
Sue - onestopalldogs
Re Shared to @onestopalldogsLost Facebook and Twitter
DogLostSarah - Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambs Twitter Co-ordinator
Jack is in the Ely News
Fingers crossed for you!
Thank you very much. Messaged the poster, waiting for reply.
My gut feeling is that it isn't Jack, but she has been missing so long, her looks will have changed a lot.
Hi,there has been a post put on Facebook page called Cambourne Infomation with a dog found in Boxworth tonight. Worth a look on the page,the dog has some Similar markings to yours. *Has now been posted on doglost Cambridgeshire Facebook page.Last edited: 2017-11-22 23:20:04 by Elw
Hi Blinky000, I checked, it's not Jack unfortunately. This dog was already claimed by her owner. Thank you so much for keeping an eye out for Jack! X
Is this the same one? http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=121930#.WhGeLMunzqA
fingers crossed you are in luck soon. Guess she is in survival mode now. x
DogLostSarah - Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambs Twitter Co-ordinator
Another possible sighting of Jack on 1.11.7
Similar looking dog (lady said a bit lighter in colour) seen this morning around 10:45, in a field just to the south of the bridge crossing Great Ouse, on Twenty Pence Road.
@Skywalker99 I spoke to Ray just yesterday. I need to get her to come to one particular place, before anyone starts trying to catch her. I've been laying stink trails and moved the trail cameras to the new sighting places, but nothing yet.
@GeorgyPorgy I did post on quite a few groups in the wider Cambridgeshire and Norfolk area, before I managed to narrow her whereabouts down to the west of Ely. If she is reluctant to cross bridges (it seems that way), then the furthest she would go is Mepal.
Have owners been in contact with ray Dedicoat (www.raydedicoat.com) for advice on how to trap her?
Georgy Porgy
Just wondered if it might help to resend alerts as been a while since last done. Don't know if potential sighting area in different postcode?
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
2 potential sightings of Jack this last Sunday (17th)., one in Grunty Fen in the morning, the other near the river in Aldreth, both sightings were of a very thin-looking dog x
Georgy Porgy
Are their any updates on this one?
Georgy Porgy
Keeping everything crossed ! Good luck x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Message from Jack's owner.....
We have eventually tracked Jack to a location and are ready to trap her and bring her home. The location will be kept secret for obvious reasons however if anyone is able to help with her capture and can spare some time trap watching in shifts can you please contact me . Volunteers are needed in the Ely area please x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Sighted this afternoon (11th of August) near Coveney. owner is heading out there with a portable BBQ.
The latest poss sighting added to our PAW post https://www.facebook.com/groups/PAWhelpingdogs/permalink/532196717123167/
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Possible sighting on the 4th of August at 7:45,am on one of the back roads between Wilburton and Witchford.
Hoppe a srearch will bring some news of Jack`s whereabouts. Sadly an too far away to help/ Paws, and fingers xd.
Can anyone local help please? ...
Appeal made on Jack's Facebook page for help with postering the area where she went missing ...
"Hi Everyone,
This map and area where the blue line outlines, is where Jack went missing from. It is extremely rural and there are many places she could find to hide away with the River being a guaranteed water source.

We desperately need some local people who would be willing to help poster the area and the any areas surrounding here within 10 miles.
Obviously due to Jack having been missing over 2 months now, time is very much of the essence and we need to get posters and awareness up FAST so would appreciate as much local help as possible to get this girl safe.

If you are able to help please comment below or leave a message on the group.
Thank you so much in advance :)"


DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Possible sighting of Jack in Beck Row a few days ago.
Page bumped up because of this sighting x
Sorry, forgot to add, I've spoken to the local dog warden and they can provide a trap. I would like to make sure it is her, before I contact them to ask for it.
I have 3 trail cameras set up in the area and leave dry food scattered in the area, as well as some wet food in front of the cameras. I've also been marking the territory with my wee.
It was me who spotted a black dog/fox shape last night. Can't be sure because it was twilight and it was a good 80-90 meters away. Unless there is a black fox in this area, it's likely it was Jack. I moved one of the cameras closer to where I spotted it (her).
Imccartney. It would be agood idea to set up a feeding station near the possible sighting and make enquiries about a large trap.
Possibly spotted last night at dusk, same area
DogLostSarah - Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambs Twitter Co-ordinator
There has been a potential sighting in the last week of Jack in a field north of Stretham.
Hi, I'm Jack's owner. No news yet, but I'm waiting on someone to contact me about a black & tan dog found in Waterbeach.
I have spoken to farmers in the area, both to ask them to keep an eye out for her, as well as warn them. No-one said their livestock has been worried, so I assume that means she is either dead, or has been found by someone and kept, for whatever reason.
Or she might have moved into a different area.
I have contacted Ramblers and Birdwatching groups in Cambridgeshire, asking them to contact me if they spot anything.
Any news on this please?
The dogs owner should advise all farmers in the area about this lost dog. If it sees sheep or other stock, it is liable to try and "work" them which could have a sad outcome! If push comes to shove, all dogs will swim so best to look on both sides of the river for her, just in case.
Sue - onestopalldogs
Shared Facebook and Twitter
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
Sharing Twitter.
DogLostSharon - Social Media Volunteer
I have shared with DL FB Page, Twitter & Public. I hope Jack is safely back at home soon. X
DogLostSarah - Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambs Twitter Co-ordinator
Tweeted @DogLostUK
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
I will E-mail general information including contact numbers for vets in the area.
Keep safe Jack until you are found x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Details added to Dog Lost Cambridge facebook group and other groups in the area.
DogLostJayne - Admin
Alerts sent to helpers in CB6,7,24,25.
Sorry to see that JACK is missing.
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