Reunited: Tabby & White Cat Female

  • Dog ID 130327
  • Status Reunited
  • Registered 10 Jun 2018
  • Name MITTENS
  • Gender & Breed Female Cat (Spayed)
  • Age Adult
  • Colour Tabby & white
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged No
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 04 Jun 2018
  • Where Lost From Llwynon Rd, Six Bells
  • Lost In Region Wales
  • Lost In Post Area NP13
  • Date Found 13 Jun 2018
  • Where Found I found Mittens at 8am this morning in the garden of Mr Williams (the man who took her to the vet & claimed he hadn't seen her since).
  • Found In Region Wales
  • Found In Post Area NP13
  • Date Reunited 13 Jun 2018
  • Other Info Mittens was taken to Riverside Vets in Beaufort on 04/06/18 by a gentleman who claimed she had been straying in the area for months and he had been feeding her. She was scanned for a chip but unfortunately I hadn't updated my phone number so the vet allowed the man to take Mittens home with him! They won't give me his details due to the data protection act and he has not contacted me on my number which the vet passed onto him. Mittens is a much loved part of the family, I handreared her and she is
  • Phone 1 07944770058
  • Phone 2 01495321007
  • Listed By Kat1970
  • Views 840
  • Alerts Sent 216
  • MITTENS Poster Image
  • MITTENS Extra Image


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Great she is home, I would also make sure you have some photos of Mittens that show her whole body in case this happens again.
Fab. news. So pleased Mittens is back where she belongs. Stay close now pretty Mittens. I would now keep her in for about three weeks, or she may go awol again. Not easy I know, as I have had to do it myself once. I would still keep scented items of Mittens in the garden Your scent too) when you eventually let her out. Good idea about the collars too.
Sandra and Murphy cat
Very pleased you have Mittens back home. Cats need collars for various reasons, to let other people know they belong to someone and not a stray, to put an id tag on with phone number in case of emergency and also to put bell on so birds can hear them when hunting. If you buy from a reputable seller they will be safety and snap open if caught on anything. 🐈
DogLostJenkins-Admin for Found Dogs
Great news - so glad you have her home now - great idea about the collar :) As I said before, please ensure that your contact details are updated with Petlog. Welcome home Mittens x x x
Happy news! I found Mittens about an hour ago in the front garden of the man who took her to the vet & claims to have not seen her since! She was sitting there by a bowl of food on his front step! She is now safely curled up on my son's bed and is grounded for the foreseeable future. I'm just about to order her a personalised collar with "do not feed me" on it and an id tag. I don't usually put collars on my cats for safety reasons but I think this is the only way to stop people catnapping her 🙈 Thank you so much for all your comments and suggestions 💕
If he knows mittens has an owner and his keeping her then he has stolen her need to some proof he has her.
have you shared on facebook?
I thought at the time it was odd to take a cat to be scanned for a chip to a vet 8 miles away when there is one just up the road who could have done it. It's pretty obvious now that he wanted her checked out, probably by his own vet! I can't believe he lied and pretended she was a stray and I'm really offended that he obviously thought she wasn't looked after.
The police won't give me a crime number as, in their option, a theft hasn't occurred as cats are free to roam and all the man has done is feed her! I've updated my details on Petlog & have also asked CPL to put details on their website. It gets worse though.... I got the man's surname off the police - a Mr Williams - so my friend called at the only mr Williams we knew in the area. He was out but his neighbour was in the garden & said it wasn't that Mr Williams but another one 2 doors away who is relatively new to the area & feeds cats. It transpires that Mr Williams' partner lives yards away from me and was the lady I caught feeding chicken to Mittens about 3 weeks ago and asked her not to! She told me at the time that Mittens follows her partner home (who I now know to be Mr Williams) and he feeds her too as they thought she was a stray kitten. I explained at the time that she is so small because she was handreared. So basically Mr Williams took her to the vet and lied to them that she was a stray because he knows full well she has a loving home. It seems he took her for a health check so he obviously thinks we don't look after her! And as he knows full well where she lives WHY did he just let her go when he brought her back to his house with a clean bill of health??? I suspect he's embarrassed that he took someone else's much loved and perfectly healthy cat to the vet. Also, I even pushed a note through his partner's door yesterday morning explaining what had happened & asking her to give me a knock if she's seen Mittens. You'd think she would have come to see me to tell me it was her partner who'd taken her to the vet. I'm even more angry now that I know all this! I've pushed a note through Mr Williams' door. I'm normally a very quiet, laid back person but not when it comes to animals.
I suspect that is what the bloke who has her is doing.....keeping her indoors....I hope he hasn't done something really stupid like lost her...perhaps the vets should ask him if he is happy for his details to be shared with mittens owner rather than passing on details for him to contact her...
nalamissing. God idea`s, but if it works, I would suggest owner keep Mittens indoors for a month, or Mittens wi go to the gent again. Paws xd.
DogLostJenkins-Admin for Found Dogs
Kat1970 - sorry about the problems you are having. Can I ask if you have now contacted Petlog and updated your personal details?
It may be worth putting your hoover contents and some of her dirty litter in the garden in case she is just outside her territory and needs to find her way home. I'd also put up lots of posters as well as leaflets...bit gobsmacked that the vets wrote to you and said tehy'd scanned her but didnt keep her vets always post found animals on facebook and hold onto them for a few days. Have you rung the local cats protection branch and registered her missing with them?
Even though the gent who has her, the cat belongs to someone else and he should return the cat to it`s owner. It could be that the gent who has Mittens has probably been feeding the cat, and encouraged it to stay.Either way this is theft. Surely the police can help here?. Hope this case is resolved in favour of Mittens legal owner. Paws xd. Keep us postedLast edited: 2018-06-11 16:11:04 by janiejewel1649
I'm just thinking back to when I found a dog a few years back. I took him to my local vet to be checked for a chip and they tried ringing the owner but the number was wrong so they actually got one of the staff to drive to the house to let them know their dog was at the surgery and they kept him there until they could pick him up. I know vets aren't kennels or catteries but they obviously have cages so why couldn't they have kept Mittens for a few days until the 2nd class letter had got to me (and that annoys me too - 2nd class, like as if that's all Mittens is worth). I've fostered cats for a few rescues and was often asked to pick cats up who had been at vet practices for days or sometimes weeks whilst they were trying to trace owners.
The vet contacted me earlier and doesn't think they did anything wrong by giving Mittens back to this man. She said they told him that she lived close to him and he said he was going to put her back outside his house to find her way home. I know they are bound by the DPA but I can't see how it breaks confidentiality by giving him my address so at least he could have brought Mittens straight to me instead of supposedly just letting her go. The vet said because she lives so close to this man they assumed she wasn't lost - which she wasn't until this happened! She has been going around a few houses in the next street getting fed but i asked those people to stop ages ago. I know cats will keep going to a house if they know they're going to get some fresh chicken every time! The vet more or less told me it's my fault for not updating my phone number on Petlog.
as the vets have told the guy Mittens has an owner then he needs to give her back...not exactly a nice thing to do to keep someone else's pet....was Mittens registered to you at your address?
DogLostSarah - Twitter Co-ordinator & Area Co-ordinator, Cambridgeshire
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might be worth contacting local press too....
If you have a crime reference from the police please email it to doglost who will update this to stolen, also worth ringing doglost and seeing if their police coordinator will help put pressure on them to get his details from the vets.
Just reading these comments. Absolutely disgusting behaviour from the Vets, we can all make mistakes I really hope you get Mittens back xxxx
Ps - I forgot to say that until he took her to the vet she had been coming home as usual but since then we haven't seen her. We are really upset as she is our little baby. My teenage son is going through a really bad time & this is just adding to his problems 😢
I've just sent an email to the vet to complain that they willingly handed over a cat who is microchipped to me to a complete stranger. I've also reported her as stolen to the police. I was out looking for her again last night until almost midnight. I'm off to push leaflets through doors now.
Or you go to the vet and insist they ring him while you are there and hand the phone to you to speak to him...
No laws about cats, but if he claimed she had been straying and has lied to get her then he has stolen her....go to the police.
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Alerts sent to helpers in N4,11,12,13,,22,23,24.
Surely this cant be right. If cat only lost recently. How can vet give cat to finder so quickly??

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