Lost: Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer Female In South West (DT2)

  • Dog ID 132282
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 25 Jul 2018
  • Gender & Breed Female Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer (Spayed)
  • Age
  • Colour
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged Yes
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 24 Jul 2018
  • Where Lost Moreton , in the fields by Woodsford Lane. Still being sighted in the wider area.
  • Lost In Region South West
  • Lost In Post Area DT2
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info
  • Phone 1 07905106035
  • Phone 2 07539640891 07770910363
  • Listed By Gnasher - Area Co-ordinator, East Dorset
  • Views 20443
  • Alerts Sent 102
  • INCA  SIGHTEDPoster Image
  • INCA  SIGHTEDExtra Image


Sightings and Information

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DogLostMe n my girl - Administrative Volunteer
Please see sighted only found ID 140921, could this be Inca. EDIT. NOT Inca and lost dog has now been reunited.Last edited: 2019-02-28 07:13:06 by Me n my girl - Administrative Volunteer
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
We have been aware of another sighting Thursday 21st February which was followed up by placing cameras and food in the area but sadly it looks as though Inca may have just been passing and has not returned.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Bumping Inca's page due to feature in the Dorset Echo

Read the article on the blog for dogs ( link in quick links)
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
I haven't up dated Inca's page for a while but we know she is still out there.
In Friday 4th January we had 2 confirmed sightings back in the area from where she first went missing but appears she was just passing through. Cameras are in place in the hope it will show us how often Inca passes through the area.
Both reports were that she looked fit and well.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Bumping Inca's page due to the most recent sighting in the Druce, Puddletown area on Sunday 2nd December. Again just a fleeting glimpse of a large light coloured dog with a very straight tail eating pheasant food before going off into the trees.
There is a shoot in the area today and although guns don't normally worry her the amount of people and dogs are likely to move her on again.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
No further sightings despite helpers walking the area daily. There have been a couple road kill deer in the area that have been untouched so it looks as though Inca has moved on again.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
I have sent you an email Lyn, we will be in the area this afternoon and would love to meet you. Thanks again for report g the sighting.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Thank you so much for this update, we have been waiting for another update and will be in the area regularly hoping that she is seen again soon. I will try to contact you direct for more details.
Lyn Parr
My daughter and I were walking our dogs at Cull Peppers Dish today near Affpuddle. My daughter hadn’t seen what Inca looked like before but she saw a dog matching Inca in the woods in front of us. I then saw it too. It did look like Inca from a distance. We then heard voices and assumed the dog was with them. The voices we heard then passed us and it was 3 walkers not dog walkers. So we returned to the location we saw the dog and saw the same animal run across the woods in front of us. We didn’t have time to take a photo, and it was too far away. About 30m away and up an incline. After our dog walk we went back again but didn’t see her again after that. It was about 15.45pm on Saturday 27th October. I hope this helps in done way. We are going back tomorrow to have another look.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
A farm worker on his way home 6.00pm Wednesday crossing the road at the southern end of Puddletown Forrest.
He was unaware that Inca was missing at the time but has said he will let others know in the area to look out for her or evidence that she shelters locally.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
A few sightings of a similar dog living wild in Puddletown Forrest but unfortunately none reported directly to us by the people who have seen it so not able to confirm which areas of this huge forest it has been seen. Posters are up in all parking places, if anyone has more information please call or text the numbers on the posters. Inca has lost weight and could be mistaken for a lurcher and looks more grey than in her photos.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
The area of Friday's sighting has been walked by her group of followers over the last days, no further sightings but the now familiar 3 Or 4 excited barks were heard yesterday afternoon.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Inca spotted again this morning in Affpuddle woods but as usual still on the move and although a few people walking quietly in the area she was not seen again.
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
Shared to our national FB group and tweeted @DogLostUK
I will Tweet the appeal for info. as to the sightings nr Puddletown, I do hope it helps x
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
After nearly a month of no sightings it looks like Inca has moved from her original area. 3 weeks ago we were told of a large light coloured dog with a rabbit in it's mouth near Puddletown but at the time were unable to find out exactly where.
Incas' owner travelled back from Kent on Tuesday, while here he was also told of another sighting Sunday evening close by and yet another of a dog feeding on a deer carcass in Puddletown Forrest, possibly the deer which was killed on the bypass last week.
If anyone has any information please call the poster numbers above, we need to know if these sighting were Inca or if not her then to be able to rule them out and continue to search other areas.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Thanks Sue, owner has confirmed this is not Inca.
Sue - onestopalldogs
Please check female dog found on StrayAid
Ref MB088 18
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Possible sighting not far from Puddletown which is being followed up. Very vague, unfortunately I haven't been able to speak to the person who saw a large light coloured dog with a rabbit in it's mouth. Not known exactly where or which day.
It is so important that sightings are called in as soon as possible to any of the poster numbers.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Inca has possibly been seen crossing roads during the early days, crossed from Moreton side into the woods next to the Woodsford road and also someone saw an animal cross near Cullpepper dish carpark one evening but too quick to definitely identify as her so always worth looking out when driving.
Done the same circuit this morning through Marl Pits Wood to Pallington Clump, also going the other way through Affpuddle Forest at first light. No sightings. Would Inca likely steer well clear of roads so little value in doing the circuit by car for any visuals? Was the last confirmed sighting and location still 2nd Sep?
Walked all the way through from Marl Pits Wood to Pallington Clump and beyond. No sightings. Walked for hours and nothing I'm afraid. Will continue the search. Asked several other people and they hadn't seen anything. Is she likely to now stick to lower ground, near to water etc?
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Posters checked and replaced where necessary this morning and lots of people out walking. Thank you to whoever has updated "Still missing and dates" on some of the posters, a good idea. 😀
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Inca is most likely to travel at dusk and dawn from one safe place to another. She could have several dens under cover along her route as it is not known that she has just one place.
Re posters, as there are posters already in the area these will stay till she is found rather than continually updating them. The posters are printed by volunteers direct from the website who do so at their own cost.
Thanks. Can the posters in local shops also please be updated, including Co-op and Premiere in Crossways as well aa other locales such as Owermoigne Petrol Station, the Garden Centre and Wool as these all surround this avast area? As the days are starting to get shorter now, would Inca likely travel in the dark, or would she be expected to be in her safe place when it is dark?
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
The last sighting was 2nd September around the area where several paths meet at the western side of Pallington Clump. We appreciate everyone wanting to know the most likely places for Inca to be but as she has previously followed a very long route taking her across to Oakers Wood, Wool, back to Moreton then up to Pallington Heath we cannot predict where the next sighting may be. The MOD at Bovington are aware as are all the campsites in the area. Wessex FM is a good suggestion but the more people walking the woodland the less likely she is to settle in one area that she considers to be a safe place. It really is best that it is only the regular walkers stick to the main paths and look and listen rather than going into the thicker cover and risking moving her out of the area altogether. I will try to get more posters out to replace any damaged. 80 fliers were distributed over the weekend to walkers and cyclists and at the dog show held at the Walled Garden.
Lots of walking at various times of the day, no more sightings I'm afraid. Had some feedback asking if there can be a refresh of all the missing posters in all the strategic points (so gates, barriers, in all the locations that she may be. Know this is a really big area to cover but a lot of people simply didn't realise that she was still missing. Can there be a 'last seen' and 'poster last updated' date. Also, have you contacted local radio station Wessex FM that covers this area so they can let listeners in the area know and publish on their media (website etc). Lastly has anyone contacted the MOD as they have quite a large patch of this area.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Thank you Charliethecav, I have walked the woods most days and did so again today around Pallington Clump and up over to Southover Heath, another great helper covered Marl Pits wood this afternoon.
I have now spoken to most of the surrounding landowners as well as the Forestry Commission and have access to all areas for the use of a humane dog trap when we track Inca down to any particular place that she chooses to settle. We just need those sightings.

Can I just remind everyone, if Inca is seen please do not call her or whistle, follow at a safe distance and call the poster numbers giving exact location and direction. If she is resting when seen crouch low turning slightly away and toss food to see if she can be coaxed to you.
We live in Crossways and do the forest walks frequently. We did the walk in Affpuddle Forest last night and this morning, going deep into the Forest and spoke to loads of people that thought that Inca may have been found.
Everyone still looking for her, and lots of people out at different times of the day covering different areas of the Woods. No more sightings I'm afraid though but will keep you updated if hear anything.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
No more news I'm afraid although fresh paw prints in mud were found in an isolated part of the woods in the area the barking was heard Sunday night.
Today's walk, met a local horse rider who often rides in the woods who was not aware a dog was lost there so will be looking out on future rides.
DogLostGnasher - Area Co-ordinator, East Dorset
Everything crossed for Inca x
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Further update, while walking in one of the furthest points from roads etc we heard a few startled barks. Too dark to see far into the woods but no one else about so assume this was a dog on it's own.
Sue - onestopalldogs
Re Shared to @onestopalldogsLost Facebook and Twitter
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Again bumping Inca's page due to being seen twice this afternoon in Afffpuddle woods.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
No more positive sightings but a possible one further failed in Wareham Forest today. Walked the area with owner this afternoon but no more sightings of a lone dog but now started postering that area.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
It seems that Inca moved back to the area she was lost last week but since being heard rather than seen on Wednesday 8th has moved on again. Likely to be following the route previously taken moving north towards the Culpepper Dish area then south east towards Wool.
Do we have an updated map with the Wool sighting on? Off in that direction on Saturday
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
It looks as though Inca has now arrived back almost where she first ran off from. Another person has today reported seeing her heading for Wool last Friday but they didn't know about her at the time. She has certainly covered some miles.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Anyone who is helping search for Inca DO NOT GO ALONE!!!
This is not far from the search areas.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Thanks Jayne, I don't know the area well so not able to say exactly where but I think the person said Maggot Wood, (Coombe Wood) If anyone local knows more please can they update here.
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Alerts sent to helpers in BH20.
Shared to Lost and Found Pets UK group on FB
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Bumping following report of a similar dog seen in woodland near Wool.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Yes, some of the local helpers are following but the owner and a lot of the helpers don't use Facebook. There is also a very long thread running on the DogLost Dorset Facebook group.
Desperate for new sightings.
Is anyone following posts on this Facebook page?? https://www.facebook.com/HelpFindIncaInMoretonDorsetDT2/
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
It's not possible to put images on here but there is a thread with more information on the DogLost Dorset Facebook group.
Is it possible to put up one of the satellite images with the two sightings on?
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Bumping Inca's page due to recent sightings in Moreton Forest and neighbouring wooded areas. Inca has been seen on 2 occasions by local people walking spaniels, this is a breed she is familiar with at home but each time she has stood and looked, decided she doesn't recognise them and wandered back into the vegetation out of sight.

The owner has returned and is taking advice from Slovakian pointer society as well as people who know the area well, we just need more sightings reported to be able to plot her movements to find which area she has chosen as her safe resting place.
Keeping an eye out for Inca when I'm walking my dog in the area.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Owners have been given the advice and carried out scenting as well as all other advice given but Inca is in her element with the massive areas of Forrest to explore. She was seen last night but after standing and looking at the searchers from a distance stroked back into the ferns and gorse following the deer trails. Owner was there within minutes but by then she had moved on again. No sightings reported today but many local (and not so local) people have spent hours walking and looking.
Have scenting advice been given to the owners in the hope that it will bring her back to base, if not owner should contact HQ for advice
Good news that Inca is still in the area. Would an extra pair of eyes / legs be helpful or a hinderance?
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Another sighting tonight further out from original area but heading back towards Woodsford Lane. Owners have been out again with the help of local people who are bring amazing.
DogLostGnasher - Area Co-ordinator, East Dorset
Everything crossed for good news today. Great news she's staying close
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Inca has been seen tonight in fields off Woodsford Lane, advice sheets sent. Steve will be back out early in the morning so hopefully Inca will be home soon.
DogLostGnasher - Area Co-ordinator, East Dorset
Just to confirm the chip company do have the mobile number.
That's a good idea Julie G, thank you, I will pass that along
Julie G
The new address thing all sounds a bit complicated. I would advise owner to contact new occupants of their old home in case someone gets in touch. Presume they have a mobile so could perhaps call chip company to explain.
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
Sharing Twitter.
Sue - onestopalldogs
Shared to @onestopalldogsLost Facebook and Twitter
Surely if they contact the chip company with a mobile number. Or can't you do that?
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Post copied from Dorset Facebook group.

Lost in Moreton this morning!
Inca went missing on a walk in fields very close to the caravan park in Moreton (Woodsford Lane). She is chipped, however due to a recent housemove the information will be out of date.
If seen or recovered, please call Steve on ‭07905 106035‬.

Thank you!

*EDITED TO ADD* Steve has been in contact with every local vets to give them his updated details. Their housemove is very recent and they are currently holidaying whilst their move to their new house is going through, hence having no new address or home telephone number to update with the chip company. 🙁
DogLostSarah - Twitter Co-ordinator & Area Co-ordinator, Cambridgeshire
Details shared to DogLost.co.uk Facebook Group & Tweeted @DogLostUK x
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Alerts sent to helpers in DT1,DT2
Sorry to see that INCA SIGHTED is missing.
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