Stolen: Reddish/Brown Border Terrier Female

  • Dog ID 138712
  • Status Stolen
  • Registered 29 Dec 2018
  • Gender & Breed Female Border Terrier
  • Age Adult
  • Colour Reddish/Brown
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged Unknown
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Investigating Force Police Scotland
  • Date Lost 28 Dec 2018
  • Where Lost Teviot Smokery near Kelso, Scottish Borders
  • Lost In Region Scotland
  • Lost In Post Area TD8
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info Lost with her daughter Beetle, (doglost ref 138714). Finders fee till end of December 2019
  • Phone 1 07989513946
  • Phone 2 07885712165
  • Listed By George
  • Views 12744
  • Alerts Sent 250


Sightings and Information

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DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer - Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
From Georgie:
28th December 2020..
Two whole years since Ruby and Beetle went missing, 730 days.
Ruby and Beetle vanished completely whilst out in the countryside on the 28th December 2018, disappeared without trace or sight. Many of you have been with me from the beginning. I sat here and wrote a daily blog of how I was feeling, what we were doing to try and find them, the frustration we encountered, the money you all helped me raise to offer a substantial reward, the emails we all sent to media, the National newspapers we managed to get our story in, being interviewed and highlighted on Rip off Britain about the failure of microchips to pet owners. As our story unfolded which was over 12 months of utter hell, the highs and lows, the things we uncovered, the places my husband was taken to and things he witnessed, the emotional rollercoaster, the hoax phonecalls, the mental abuse and torture of dog theft took its toll, its life changing, I have learnt valuable lessons throughout this journey.
We have a massive 17 thousand group members here in Missing - Ruby and Beetle, sitting at the kitchen table yesterday, Ed read an article out to me that dog theft is still on the rise it is up 250% on last year, every day dogs are stolen, the owners then enter into the darkest days that only someone who has had their beloved pets taken will understand, the emptiness, feeling of helplessness, the sleepless nights, a severe overwhelming shock.
I have previously wrote how the situation engulfs you, takes up your every living moment, you get sucked into a hole and feel yourself drowning in what is your own misery. I hit rock bottom, the friends who stuck by me could only watch this happen and offer their support, they knew I wasn’t coping but they also couldn’t do anything to help, as much as I was suffering I’m sure they were too.
Last New Years Eve, I wrote a post on here thanking everyone for their support and help, without turning my back on Ruby and Beetle I felt the time was right to start living my life once again, put my children first, friends and family had taken a back seat on this journey and it wasn’t fair to them. I had given 12 solid months to this campaign and trying to find my two little dogs. Whilst I will never give up hope of being reunited with one or both of them, unfortunately it now lies to fate. Not a day goes past that I don’t think about them, Ed called another dog Ruby last night, the children mocked him, they haven’t disappeared from our lives, but time is a healer and life does go on...
Please share this story for others living this torture to understand it does get better..
Thankyou to each and everyone of you who continue to look and support this campaign.
(This was the last photo taken of them both) 😢
DogLostJenkins - Administrator
I have checked the facebook site and its not Ruby and Beetle. The two dogs were found in appalling condition - a lurcher and a pup (chihuhua size.
Two dogs found . Look at east Cork Ireland lost and found pets.for picture and info. Hope it's ruby and Beetle
Hope Rescue
42 m ·
Female Border Terrier crosses approx 1/2 years old
Found: Pontyclun
Currently doing their 7 days at Hope Rescue, Llanharan.
If this is your dog, please call the Centre on 01443 226659.
(proof of ownership is required, and charges will apply)
If they are not claimed, they will move into the ownership and care of Hope Rescue after 7 days. Hope Rescue
42 m ·
Female Border Terrier crosses approx 1/2 years old
Found: Pontyclun
Currently doing their 7 days at Hope Rescue, Llanharan.
If this is your dog, please call the Centre on 01443 226659.
(proof of ownership is required, and charges will apply)
If they are not claimed, they will move into the ownership and care of Hope Rescue after 7 days.Photo on teir web page x
Dog found in Epsom, gender not confirmed.
Please look on Epsom & Ewell Dogwatch for photograph. Dog has been taken to a Vet and Dog Warden aware
Female found Burnley. On Village Vets & Meadowbank's FB page. Handed over to the Dog Warden.
Tel 01244 548866
Female found. Listed on Village Vets & Meadowbank, Buckley.
She's been handed on to the Dog Warden.
Tel 01244 548866
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer - Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
It appears they are local dogs - Comment from my share to local community group:
"They were from Woodhall. Had a word with Jill who confirmed they got loose yesterday morning."
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer - Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
Admin - can we have fresh alerts to NE65 and surrounds please.
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer - Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
From Georgie via MISSING - RUBY & BEETLE FB group:
"I have received a photo and location of 2 Border Terriers that resemble Ruby and Beetle and were seen very much on their own yesterday morning around Sharperton. (See maps to follow.)
The lady was travelling to Holystone and at the Sharperton junction in the field on the right hand side between the Sharperton Junction and the Bridge, she saw the 2 little dogs.
I would like to either rule these 2 out of our enquiries or look into this sighting further.
They most probably belong to a local but as they do resemble R&B in colouring and coats etc.. I need to rule them out. Could any group members in this area please share this post and tag friends or Border Terrier owners to help rule out this line of enquiry. I would appreciate your help very much. They must belong to someone? Thankyou"Last edited: 2020-01-27 10:25:53 by GeoffA - Area Volunteer - Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
Ruby and Beetle featuring on BBC1 Rip Off Britain on Monday 20th January 2020 at 9.15 am.

#findrubyandbeetle #rubyandbeetle #ripoffbritain
Rip Off Britain, Monday 20th January 2020, 9.15am featuring RUBY and BEETLE
Let’s get Willow home posted on her page on Wednesday that they are going to be featured on Monday mornings programme.
Well I have news for you all... SO ARE WE... 😊
A very cold day in November at 7am Ed and I met with a TV researcher and producer from the BBC, on behalf of Rip Off Britain. I have kept this a secret as I was told to, although I have been desperate to share this news with you all. Today I received confirmation that we will be featured, along with others, on the programme highlighting Pet Microchipping and the failing system.
I the can’t thank this group enough for how proactive, determined and persistent you have all been. I’m sure you will all welcome this news and hopefully, definitely we are going to reach a new audience.
DogLostWill - Area Volunteer - Dorset, Hampshire & North West
Featured on The Blog for Dogs

*NEW* £20,000 * FINDERS FEE * - ONLY UNTIL END OF DECEMBER - for info leading to the safe return of Ruby & Beetle. If they have been separated then £10,000 each. There’s a new poster which can be seen on their web site - you should be able to screenshot the poster from there - PLEASE PLEASE can all members share this new info everywhere you can - on all social media platforms and any other way you can think of. Really trying to help get them home for Christmas - back with Georgie, Ed & family, where they belong. Please help share far and wide x
Please take a look at these two dogs found running down the road in Nottingham even if its just to rule them out.
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator - Cornwall & Area Volunteer - Durham & Ireland
If there are any members/volunteers in the areas of Stonehaugh, Bellingham & Otterburn areas who could help poster/leaflet in public areas for Ruby & Beetle that would be great. There is a suggestion they could be in that area.
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator - Cornwall & Area Volunteer - Durham & Ireland
Please can extra alerts go out for these 2 in the areas of NE48 & NE19 (Stonehaugh,
Bellingham, Otterburn ) Thanks
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer - Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
Ruby & Beetle have their own feature in the current issue of The Countryman's Weekly (13th November).
Border terrier pups for sale in Dragons Driving - the mother looks like one of yours not sure which one is which - please look
Rhumba, can you post the relevant fb link on this page ( or details about the Facebook post) ? In addition to ruby and beetle there are several other missing border terriers that they could be......Xx
Two border terriers found 3/11/19 in north east on facebook. Are these Ruby and Beetle? x
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer - Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
Another plea in local media:
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer - Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
Ruby & Beetle in local media again:
Ruby & Beetle’s owner thinks there is a possibility that they are not together - therefore please all keep looking at any single Border Terriers you see. There is a long description of Ruby on the web site - also lots of photos of Ruby on her own - you can zoom
In - one particular distinguishing feature is a band on her tail and also a pea sized lump between her eyes which you can feel under the fur, but can’t see, she’s now 6 years old. Please keep sharing for Ruby. There’s a huge reward for info leading to the safe return of Ruby and / or Beetle x
My tweet about the new web site has been seen by more than a MILLION people on twitter this morning. Lots of new visitors to this Doglost page & new members to the Facebook group too - please share to new people if you can - use #findrubyandbeetle - web site can be found at :-www.findrubyandbeetle.comLast edited: 2019-10-06 19:33:36 by .
Ruby & Beetle now have their own web site - it pulls together all the photos, newspaper articles, support on Facebook & Twitter, videos, you can listen to Georgie’s voice describing what happened when they went missing. Please share this web site to new places, the aim is to reach people who are not on social media and may not have seen them before - some people use the internet but don’t have Facebook & Twitter for eg. There’s a YouTube channel where Georgie has put a huge number of photos , there are also pages which show just Ruby and just Beetle - this is to cover the possibility that they may have been separated, which of course, we all hope hasn’t happened but every possibility needs to be covered. There’s also links to this Doglost page for posters to be printed & a selection of other posters to share too. Please share to someone new today. Please help us find these girls - their family are broken x www.findrubyandbeetle.comLast edited: 2019-10-06 08:46:31 by .
‪£10000 CASH FINDERS FEE - increased to £10000 for info leading to the safe return of Ruby & Beetle - see twitter / Facebook 🐾 please keep sharing Last edited: 2019-09-14 11:38:55 by .
Vale Vets Devon
9 hrs ·
2 x border terrier type dogs.
Found on the old Tiverton to Cullompton road.
If you have lost a pair of terriers ( no chip!!) please get in touch. Dog warden has been informed.
01884 35558
Please share! FROM FACEBOOK xx
2 BT's have turned up in Ashton Pound, Dublin, but they look too pale. Just in case, here is a link to pics
DogLostSharon - Social Media Volunteer
Huge Thanks to Scruffy Little Terrier for featuring Ruby & Beetle's Appeal

Please Read & Share
DogLostSharon - Social Media Volunteer
Just in case Please check this found Border Terrier
Not sure if anyone is looking at these but here’s one look at mum
DogLostSharon - Social Media Volunteer
Could this found female Border Terrier be Ruby or Beetle?
JustineQuirk - Media Co-ordinator
Ruby and Beetle appeared in this months' Dogs Today magazine
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer - Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
Help Find R&B Gathering - Bamburgh Beach, Northumberland Sunday March 10th 11.00 - 12.00
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer - Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
Bumping ahead of Scotland v Wales Six Nations Rugby - Wales supporters please spread the word.
Just making sure that the owner has seen this SIGHTED BT in Wales 🐾
Extra alerts sent to helpers in CH4,CH7,LL11,LL12,LL13,LL14,LL20
New information on FB

The information that I’m about to tell you has played on my conscience since I received it on Sunday. You may understand my Monday Mornings post after you read what I’m about to tell you...
A very proactive group member was filling her car with fuel on Sunday in Cumbria, her vehicle like many others has the Missing Ruby and Beetle posters on the windows. A man approached her looking at the posters and asked her if these were the 2 Border Terriers that the travelling community was talking about, she replied with maybe, he told her to bombard Wales with leaflets and posters, she asked him if he knew something and he turned as he walked off and told her to BOMBARD Wales with the leaflets..
We still don’t have a huge following in Wales, I have sent out some leaflets to a few who asked after Monday’s gentle post but I think this Man may know something, he didn’t need to approach this lady or even talk about Ruby and Beetle but he did...
I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place for what to do for the best, I just want to find my little dogs and without this groups help I can’t...
we need their profile spread throughout the Wales and the country..
No repercussions, just tell us you found them...Last edited: 2019-03-08 17:39:52
There are some walks planned to highlight these two on March 10th - see events page on their group
Pontefract;Bamburgh;Portobello Beach;Gravesend - and others may be added too
JustineQuirk - Media Co-ordinator
Ruby & Beetle have been featured in this month’s The Paw Post
DogLostSharon - Social Media Volunteer
A comment on Ruby & Beetles post in our national FB group suggests you check the dogs in the photo on this link
DogLostSharon - Social Media Volunteer
Ruby & Beetle are featured in Dogs Today Magazine
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer - Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
Appears in Countrymans Weekly 6 Feb
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
DogLostSharon - Social Media Volunteer
Tweeted as #STOLEN @DogLostUK
Sharing on twitter and instagram for Ruby & Beetle, paws crossed 🐾
DogLostSharon - Social Media Volunteer
A comment on the article below says: I saw two border terriers just like these running down a road in West Sussex on January 14 . I notified Chcichester District council. They probably aren't the same dogs but you never know
DogLostSharon - Social Media Volunteer

DogLostCJ - Police Liaison & SE Regional Coordinator
Status changed to Stolen. New poster can be shared. Will x post to doglost stolen FB and send out twitter alerts with photo.
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer - Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
Have added posts to DogLost North West and DogLost Durham Also bumped existing posts on a couple of Cumbria / Lake District groups by adding group link as comment.
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer

Georgie Bell
38 mins
Missing 33 Days... WE NEED TO FIND THEM !!
I have been up since 6.30am and spent nearly over an hour answering messages, sending emails and shouting at kids to get ready for school, and I forgot I hadn’t wrote this mornings update...
I spent yesterday talking with magazines about Ruby and Beetle having been stolen and placing ads in classifieds. 🤞
Reaching out to those who may not be on Social Media is the reason behind this.
I also answered lots of calls from people having spotted two Border Terriers running or with people, describing them to me etc..
Ruby & Beetle were the same size , no difference in height, equally matched, very similar. My good friends struggled to tell them apart..
Thank you and again my PLEA AND REQUEST...
Thankyou.. 👌👍
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer - Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
They are in the Daily Record today
The reward for their return has been raised,please share their new poster from their FaceBook group in the hopes this gets them home
I have just read the Southern Reporter article too .
SURELY the local Police should be investigating this account of the 'unusual gentleman'?
They need to be asking if There is any cctv at the Visitor Centre etc .
Plz Ask the police for a CRN ( Crime reference number ) so that an Officer will be assigned to investigate the Suspected theft . Article reads:
There were reports of a really unusual gentleman on the day of the disappearance at Harestanes visitor centre – we just live along from there – and this lady sent me a message to say he made them feel very uncomfortable by making a big fuss of their dogs. The timings would link in with that.

Read more at: edited: 2019-01-14 11:02:03 by #stoppettheft
I did report Ruby and Beetle as stolen to the Police, they weren’t very supportive.
Any advice from others..?
DogLostSharon - Social Media Volunteer
Just read the article mentioned below, can Ruby & Beetle be reported stolen, given what the local lady said about the guy making a fuss of her dogs and making her feel uncomfortable.
Also an interview on Radio Borders
Excellent publicity for them in The Southern Reporter
Ruby and Beetle have their own group now on FaceBook
just sharing from kent and sussex group
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
Sharing Twitter.
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer - Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
From OP via Facebook (22:00 1st Jan):
Alnwick Friends and Families... KEEP SHARING THIS POST.
I’ve just had a phone call...
We believe Ruby and Beetle have been seen at Hobberlaw Farm near Alnwick.
This will tie in with the sightings near Rothbury.
Please could you all share this post and keep an eye out for our Border Terriers..
Share, Share, Share...
Any sightings please ring 07989513946 or 07885712165
Let us get them home for Frankies Birthday... 🤞🤞🤞🤞"Last edited: 2019-01-02 09:25:23 by GeoffA - Area Volunteer - Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
Wasn’t them 😔
DogLostJenkins - Administrator
Two border terriers have been found at side of Dundee Road in Perth
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer - Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
Already posted to DogLost Borders Scotland and neighbouring DogLost Northumberland.
Will add links & poster images to posts and send standard advice sheets.
DogLostSarah - Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambs Twitter Co-ordinator
Details shared to Facebook Group & Tweeted @DogLostUK x
Photo cropped. Refresh page to view.
DogLostJayne - Admin & Regional Co-ordinator - Wales
Alerts sent to helpers in TD5,6,8.

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