Reunited: White Bichon Frise Male

  • Dog ID 141378
  • Status Reunited
  • Registered 11 Mar 2019
  • Gender & Breed Male Bichon Frise
  • Age Young Adult
  • Colour White
  • Marks & Scars Cavachon
  • Tagged
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 11 Mar 2019
  • Where Lost Cairngorm Mountain near Loch an
  • Lost In Region Scotland
  • Lost In Post Area PH22
  • Date Reunited 13 Mar 2019
  • Other Info Ben is a Cavachon
  • Phone 1 07921358553
  • Phone 2 01463 418872
  • Listed By Fiyoung
  • Views 4377
  • Alerts Sent 30


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oh my! What a rescue! Fabulous. And probably in the nick of time. Well done Ben for staying strong in horrible conditions. And a huge well done to the rescue team. What a joyful end to something that looked very bleak. xxx
Ben's owners are rasing money for the organisations that helped in his rescue, link here
Pretty sure it’s an Airy Vest
it's wonderful to watch that Rescue Video - we were, are all in floods of tears , again & again ( we have to watch it more than once don't we ?😂) .
HUGE thankyous to Everyone Concerned & HUGGZ for Ben - what a Super Resilient Boy for Staying Safe on that Ridge. We can't imagine how we was feeling, all alone in the dark on that super cold icy ridge. 😣
Stay very safe now gorgeous Boy xx
Are the Manufacturers of His LifeSaving Jacket aware of this 'miracle ' I wonder ?.
Marianne Some lovely photos here x
Just watched the video - huge respect to the guys to rescue this little doggy - thank u - he must have been scared so glad he’s back safe and sound - a nice bath and hot meal and cuddles will put that to rest - owner must b overjoyed
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
Well done to all involved in the Rescue and Searches.

Welcome home Lucky Ben. xx
Brilliant skills shown by all involved in the rescue and fantastic news for Ben's owners.
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Click on the blog for dogs in quick links to see the latest news ( and photos) From will love this! I did!
DogLostNicky - Area Coordinator, Herefordshire & Shrops, Volunteer Bucks
Fantastic news so pleased x
In all my years I don't think I have ever worried quite as much about someones elses dog as this one - the hairiest rescue yet - to be able to watch the rescue on video was quite something, what brave guys the Inverness Helicopter Rescue Team are - risking their lives to save Ben. It was all fate and Ben's guardian angel was on his side when the clouds cleared today. Really, what are the chances of this all coming together - here is the video link for anyone that wants to share it - - we should also publish a link to donate to these guys, seriously good work today. Sending good wishes to Ben's owners too, this really must have been the worst experience ever, I'm just so chuffed that he is safe, and home. What a story. Welcome home Ben xLast edited: 2019-03-13 16:19:13 by .
Marianne From Marine Coastguard FB page x
Congratulations to the entire Inverness Coastguard helicopter crew who took part in the rescue of Ben, which I have just watched on You Tube. I am sure that he would not have been able to survive much longer in those conditions, and think his little coat adding a layer from the snow landing on him may have just prolonged his strength. Massive congratulations to you all, we are so lucky to have such trained personnel to risk their lives to help others in distress
Inverness Helicopter Crew deserve a medal, well done to you all.
Today whilst out on essential training, our Inverness Coastguard helicopter crew were presented with an ideal opportunity to test their winter flying skills.
A little dog, who had been missing for 48 hours in the terrible weather conditions of Storm Gareth, was spotted on a narrow ledge with a 200ft vertical drop below by the Coastguard helicopter crew.
The Inverness helicopter crew – Captain Simon Hammock, Co-pilot Roger Sherriff, Winch Operator Rob Glendinning and Winchman Mark Stevens, were undertaking some essential winter training with another Winchman Kate Willoughby visiting from Humberside Coastguard helicopter base at Stag Rocks in the Cairngorms.
To put their winter skills to the test, the two Winchmen were dropped off at a nearby bothy to undertake essential medical training in the snow.
The remaining helicopter crew flew off to simulate a refuel and as they circled 1000ft up Loch Avon in the Cairngorms, a nearby section of cloud cleared and they happened to spot the dog perched precariously on the ledge.
The helicopter crew noted the position, went back to collect the two training winchmen and returned to the stranded dog. The weather had luckily presented them an ideal window of opportunity to use the rest of their training time to rescue the dog!
Little 'Ben' was terrified and cold, so it was flown to the nearby Glenmore Lodge who then rushed it to the Strathspey Veterinary Centre. We have since heard that the dog is doing well and has been happily reunited with its owner.
This is the best news for the week, stay warm and safe Ben, now your family can get some rest.

Video footage of little Ben's rescue x
What a relief! This is my local area and I know how changeable the conditions are on the Cairngorms. Great job everybody involved in his rescue, support your local mountain rescue team wherever you are!
Fabulous news. An elated for owners, and of course Ben. Good he is okay. Well done to all involved in Ben`s rescue. Stay close from now on Ben:-) xxx

Pheeew What a relief. All our prayers were answered. So pleased for Ben & his family, what a nightmare this must have been for them.
Well done to all involved,you all deserve a medal !
Thank you!! XXXXXXXX
Fantastic update. Stay safe in the warm once you get home! Well done to all those that have helped him to get safely back.
DogLostJan -North West and Police Liaison Coordinator
Reunited photo added as second photo.Please refresh page to view x
This has really made my day, ...the very best news this morning, hope the wee man gets a good report...if I'm nearly in tears (and at work - but I couldn't wait!), goodness knows what his owners are like! Ben what a super resilient little dog you are. Super kudos to all who helped get Ben safe, you are just amazing. To Ben's owners from so far away..hopefully happy tears and wishing many years of joy to you all to come x
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Great news!
DogLostJan -North West and Police Liaison Coordinator
Fantastic news. Ben is currently with the vets x
Just seen this update from Fiona:
BEN HAS BEEN FOUND!!!!! WE HAVE JUST FOUND OUT!! HE IS GETTING CHECKED OUT BY VETS BUT SEEMS OK!! Please share and let everyone know!!!! I'll update with photos when I can

Just the best news :) Last edited: 2019-03-13 12:43:30
Prayers For Ben & His Rescuers today
The Weather 'up there' changes so rapidly doesn't it? - yesterday was apparently fine for skiing, but today it is too bad for Drone to Fly in the Rescue attempt .
Last edited: 2019-03-13 12:43:59
DogLostMax - Area Coordinator, Cornwall, Volunteer Durham & Ireland
Hoping & praying for good news today.
Just seen on FB that experience climbers have volunteered to try and rescue Ben, but it depends on the weather and owners won't know until later today.
Praying for good news today Last edited: 2019-03-13 12:43:44
I’m with you Bo, a very sleepless night with a lot of prayers for little Ben. My friend said the snow was light overnight which is better than forecast. Of course there must be risk to life and what you say is right about MRT but at least they would be better equipped and more knowledgable than the owner (i assume, although owner must be a very experienced climber) to make that decision . I did see the Army have a team out training on the mountain and I did wonder if they could work in conjunction with MRT. Let’s hope for news today. Hang in there Ben. We are all rooting for you pal 🐾. Also sending positive thoughts to the owners who must be going through hell at the moment. I contacted everybody I could find last night and hope to God that prayers were answered and you have help today. Stay safe guys 🐾Last edited: 2019-03-13 07:17:15 by .
Hope Mountain Rescue can help here. Please stay safe Ben, until you are found. Try to find shelter, until, hopefully a Mountain Rescue dog will find you. Good you have your coat on. Paws, and fingers xd. And prayers said.
Years following DL and this was the first time I’ve had a sleepless night thinking about a little dog on his second night on a mountain ledge in the most horrendous weather. People on FB have the audacity to question why a MRT team aren’t out there, for the same reason the owner left him when he was 10 feet away. The risk to life. . If I was religious I’d be praying for a miracle.
Please stay safe precious little Ben until help reaches and your owners have been on my mind since I saw your owners, I can't imagine the distress you must be going through but you're in a lot of our thoughts and hearts.... and hoping that there's a team out there who will do their utmost to get Ben to safety asap and back where he belongs with you. Take care and however difficult right now, try to remain positive x
Praying Ben keeps safe until he can be rescued. Never underestimate how resilient and clever a lost vulnerable dog is. Good to hear he has his coat on. Just hope the weather does not cause Ben to try and move from the ledge.
Absolutely heart breaking for owner having to leave him there.. not sure if I could have done that

Last edited: 2019-03-13 12:45:21
Stay safe Ben until your rescuers can get to you Xx
There are so SO many of us Willing beautiful Ben to get through the night, somehow find shelter under the ridge
All our Positive Thoughts & Energy are Hopefully Helping keep him safe xx Last edited: 2019-03-13 12:45:39
Winds are gusting up to 100 mph at the tunnel mouth now and up to 60mph at base station. Heavy snow is forecast throughout the night and in to tomorrow morning.

Poor dog -
Hope a drone won’t frighten him though? Now owner has pinpointed location I just hope they can manage to access the ledge somehow, as you say it’s all weather dependent. Paws crossed for this very hairy situation. Please god 🐾
DogLostjenny4 - Area Co-ordinator, West Hampshire
Drone SAR are working closely with the Owner to get help up there, the weather is very bad at the moment, am praying they can help xxx
Looked at #cairngorm on twitter and tweeted every1 who has used that hashtag today / yesterday, assuming they must be nearby and might have the sort of equipment and expertise that might help you. Praying for change in weather and that help will come. Pleased to see he has a jacket on. Hope he’ll sit tight and wait for your return . Hang in there Ben, we are all rooting for you 🐾 PS if any of this is not helpful just say on here and I can delete anything I’ve done. Feel helpless & wanted to try and do something, anything, to try and support you from afar, Thank you. Last edited: 2019-03-13 00:21:10 by .
Hello to Ben’s owners. I have tweeted out for help to see if there is anyone who might have enough experience to help you get Ben to safety. I’ve tagged lots of locations on Instagram and also noticed there is a British Army group doing training who climbed to the summit today: these guys may have right equipment and techniques, you never know, I’ve tweeted them . I’m just desperately trying to think of ways to help you from afar. Will wrack brains some more. Really feel for you guys so much. Hugs 🐾Last edited: 2019-03-12 21:03:33 by .
Literally praying for your lovely dog tonight. I’m not sure what I can do to help you as you now know where he is. Really hope that the weather will break and that you can get to him with a rescue team at first light. Paws crossed for your boy 🐾Last edited: 2019-03-12 20:28:13 by .
I hope mountain rescue can help and that you get your lovely dog back safe.
XPOST from owners post

My husband has been up looking for Ben all day before the weather got too bad. The good news is that he found Ben and he is where we thought, he is alive moving about but he stuck on a ledge to the right of diagonal gully. My husband tried to get him to climb up or jump down but he wouldn't come. It was too dangerous for him to scramble down or get too him. The winds became to high so we have to leave him there. This breaks our heartso please if you don't have anything helpful/nice to say please don't comment. Thanks for all your help, support and kind words we really appreciate it. We just have to hope our boy god's on until there is a break in the weather xLast edited: 2019-03-13 12:46:29
DogLostJan -North West and Police Liaison Coordinator
I have sent link for Cairngorm Mountain Rescue to owner.Mountain Rescue are brilliant in helping x
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
Jean, of course it's OK, thank you. x
Sharon, i have crossposted your comment to Ben`s owner`s fb page to make sure it is seen. Hope that's ok xLast edited: 2019-03-12 14:47:52 by JEAN
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
Was Ben lost on the actual mountain? As I've just been on the website & it seems they have cameras set up in different areas on the mountain, so if he was lost there it could be worth contacting them
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
Shared to our national FB group and tweeted @DogLostUK
Shared to Home Safe Dog UK x
Alerts sent to helpers in PH22,PH24,PH25
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer, Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
Following comment from OP I have corrected Post Area lost to PH22 - can fresh alerts go out please Admin? Thanks.
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer, Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
Owner's post already shared to DogLost Highlands & Islands.
Have added website link and link to location.
Lots of advice already given elsewhere regarding scenting but will also send standard advice sheets.Last edited: 2019-03-11 21:54:19 by GeoffA - Area Volunteer, Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
Alerts sent to helpers in IV2,IV13
Photo cropped. Refresh page to view.

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