Lost: Red/ Ginger Hungarian Vizsla Male In East Anglia (CB8)

  • Dog ID 160637
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 25 Sep 2020
  • Gender & Breed Male Hungarian Vizsla (Neutered)
  • Age Adult
  • Colour Red/ Ginger
  • Marks & Scars Just had heart surgery has been shaved under his belly and chest and has a canular drip it.
  • Tagged No
  • Microchipped Unknown
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 25 Sep 2020
  • Where Lost Dick White Referrals, Station Farm, London Road, Six Mile Bottom, Cambridge
  • Lost In Region East Anglia
  • Lost In Post Area CB8
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info Ozzy slipped his lead whilst at Dick white referral centre, he has just had heart surgery. He is away from home so cannot make his way home.
  • Phone 1 07494870701
  • Phone 2 07811340695
  • Listed By Christine
  • Views 27246
  • Alerts Sent 199


Sightings and Information

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If there are no confirmed sightings, how do you know he is in that area
I'm sure that behind the scene you (experts in different areas) are following many different plans and pursuits to try to find Ozzy without scaring him. I'm certain I'm not alone in wondering what places have been monitored and checked as there have been so many helpers. I just wonder if some private reclusive person who does not do comnputers, a country person, may be looking after him, or perhaps he is keeping to waterways by night? one dog we found in the past had been living feral in a wood after the campers had left and survived to be happily rehomed - I know so many people are doing the sensible thing and trying not to scare him, just wish he could be found safe very soon.
Still no confirmed sightings after 24 days. Poor dog.
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
UPDATE: EVENING OF SUNDAY 18th OCT (taken from Ozzy’s Facebook group)

Hello everyone,

Firstly a huge thank you for just still being here with us. We’ve had a challenging week in the admin group with lots of us having a bunch of other pressures and commitments - both family and work related so apologies for keeping you waiting for our regular updates.

Sadly our poor boy is still flipping out there and still evading us. It’s incredibly hard on those who love and miss him as I am sure you will all appreciate and we need to keep hoping and working to get him home to Chris and Rick and his furry siblings.

💕💕💕 So we’re sending huge love to them and they to you this Sunday evening. Thank you for being here, for supporting them and for helping us keep the group positive. 💕💕💕

Firstly and most importantly we need sightings and swiftly reported ones. Tough as it is if they are not Ozzy despite raising our hopes, they are the only way we can focus more intense activity to find and capture him.

So we’ve put up lovely new banners this week.

We’ve had your help again in replacing old posters and in trying to get new areas flooded with them. You’ve all attached them to your wheelie bins so we should see those in streets this week. Hopefully you have them in cars and in windows too. Please take them with you on walks and put them up in more remote places, car parks, gates and stiles, etc.

We’re going to get some larger ones done and start postering roads and junctions between the villages now to help reach those travelling through, and bus companies etc are also responding positively.

We’re still in touch with the dog warden, highways, network rail etc. All the basics are being covered. We had good news when the search and rescue people came in with ropes and climbing gear to cover some really deep and hard to reach areas of embankment near the fast roads to ensure the worst had not happened.

The track and trap team and Les with the drone are still following up and reviewing every possible option.

There are still supplies at DWR of posters, leaflets and plastic covers and fixings so please do pick some up if you see a place that isn’t covered. We will crack on behind the scenes with covering social media in new and possible areas as needed and give you a heads up if you can get involved or help in any way.

Again, thank you. We hope you’ve had a peaceful Sunday and you’re well and keeping safe yourselves. Please keep the love and support coming for Rick and Chris who need your good wishes and uplifting thoughts now more than ever.

Team Ozzy xx
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
UPDATE from Ozzy's owner (15th Oct)
So today Rick and his brother are out postering and putting banners up on A1101 and we are also working on a couple of possible sightings, not confirmed, plus believe it or not some strange dog poo in an unusual place !!!

So don’t forget it’s not just sightings we need, although desperate for them, it’s anything unusual that could mean that he’s held up in an area.
Also we’ve had a lot of rain so if anyone has time it’s worth checking posters all still in place and in peoples faces! If you walk somewhere or drive and don’t see a poster we would love you to put one up? Quiet roads/footpaths all good places but please do not put yourself or anyone else at risk!!!!!

We need to make sure that through the power of social media and your amazing help that there isn’t a person out there that doesn’t know about our boy in case they are the one person he pops out on.
I’ve said it before but we are overwhelmed by everyone’s help, love and support and know it’s only a matter of time before he’s home curled up with us, it’s what keeps us going.

Thank you all so much - we are indebted to you all forever!!
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
Media coverage for Ozzy...
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
Hi all, it's Tag him Tuesday! Download What3Words today!

So to keep you up to date on where we are with our Ozzy. After the initial sightings/scentings, he was scared off from where we believe he was hiding. We are following up all leads that come in but are not losing sight of the fact he may still be very close to Six Mile Bottom or may loop back as they often do.

We have cameras and food out for him and a track and capture team advising on every move we make. We're using a K9 tracking dog, drones, and keeping searches very low key in order not to push him further away.

We've done all the basics - police, highways, network rail, vets, the dog wardens, and zillions of local businesses, organisations, landowners, etc. and of course social media groups with the help of you all. There are posters all over the area, covering more than a hundred villages and towns, we've got banners arriving to add to those and be visible to motorists. The vet practice has done and continues to support and help every step.

I'm sure there will be tons I am forgetting and I'll pop back and add to this list as you remind me but the amount of work that the generous local people of Ozzy's Army and you all in the wider online world have given through sheer kindness of your hearts is truly moving. We know you all want him home (nearly) as much as Christine Goldsmith does.

We think he's keeping very rural, away from people. We need you to pop posters in plastic covers on any walks you use in the area. Any handy place that other dog walkers, cyclists and riders might see. Also please keep an eye on the ones in your villages and let us know if they need replacing. There are supplies at DWR and volunteers to help if needed.

Because need fresh sightings! This is now the lifeblood of the search. We can't fingertip search the whole of East Anglia, we need to follow these leads and clues and ensure we don't miss any now.

So today:

• Download What3Words

• Put the number in your phone

• Keep quiet and distant but take a pic if you can

• Send it to us as fast as possible any time of the night or day.

As always, thank you, thank you.

ps. Wherever you are you can keep Chris and Rick's spirits lifted by holding positive thoughts for their boy in your mind and if you're inclined, you can join those who spend a moment at each quarter of the clock - 3, 6, 9 and 12 - when they happen to be awake or free to do so to look at a photo or video and then visualise a happy reunion. We'll take any and all help we can so pray, hope, cross your fingers, wish on stars, and visualise as strongly as you can... let's get Ozzy home.
Still no confirmed sightings... yet no one actively searching apparently. If he is laid up somewhere waiting to be found, doesn’t bare thinking about.
First of all, what a fantastic job everyone is doing and so many angles covered with experts, just a thought - a long time ago my sister's dog went missing (following being scared) weeks went by, posters etc then out of the blue someone mentioned a 'new dog' a certain (slightly eccentric), elderly lady had, it turned our she lived in a cottage in a wood and did not keep up with news etc. She was reunited.
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
UPDATE MORNING OF WED 7TH OCTOBER (taken from Ozzy's facebook group)
Morning all
So, we’re in a funny place at the moment. Ozzy is proving to be a proper ninja and much much too good at hiding. We are desperately in need of sightings so, as those in the Ozzy’s Army local chat group will know, we’ve once again covered another area in posters but the fact is that he could be anywhere in the search area from Six Mile Bottom outwards.
The challenge is getting ahead of him if he’s on the move and staying in such rural areas but we are doing everything that can be done. So we thought it would be good to remind everyone of what has been done and what you have all contributed to and supported.
80 strong on the ground search of immediate area
Thermal drones
Tracking and scenting with a trained K9 search dog
Tracing and trapping team are involved
Cameras are monitoring any areas we think he may appear
A team waits for movement alarms on these cameras 24/7
Mapping of sightings, pattern analysis - all this goes on in the background
Postering of multiple areas
Media contacts resulting in radio and newspaper coverage
Social media campaign ongoing - and new things to come
Dog wardens, police, and network rail all contacted
Vets, shops, pubs, schools, dog walkers, gamekeepers, stables, studs... the list is endless and growing all the time.
We will keep you involved and updated. We’ll call for help whenever you can support another push. But please keep it high in everyone’s awareness.
Most most, important now, we need sightings. Verified sightings. Ideally with photographic evidence. More on that shortly. Look out for the See Me - Snap Me message.
Thank you.
Team Ozzy xxx
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.

A message from Christine Goldsmith... (Ozzy’s owner)

Day 12 and still no confirmed sighting of my precious boy. As you can imagine we are living a nightmare which we can’t wake up from at present and want to get off this rollercoaster of emotions but the only thing that will do that is to have Ozzy safely back in our arms.
We think it’s a possibility that he may be heading a North and at present we are following something up near Mildenhall so need to get more media coverage/ posters out that far for people to keep a look out for him.
It is so important to remind everyone NOT to search for him but report any sightings immediately to my number. Do not approach but if able see where he goes.
Thank you to you all - without you I don’t know where we’d be - I’m not giving up hope of having him home safe and sound.


So if you can help postering in the Mildenhall-Lakenheath area then please join Ozzy’s Facebook group for further details x
Day 11, still no confirmed sighting. I just Ozzy isn’t laid up somewhere, waiting to be found. Thoughts with the owner, family and of course, Ozzy.
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.

Morning all

Today’s update follows on from the absolutely stunning achievements of Ozzy’s Army this weekend in adding another 100 villages to the poster coverage that we had already achieved in the immediate area. We honestly cannot thank you enough for the hard work and dedication and kindness you have and are showing, it’s wonderful.

So, tracker dog Hettie has confirmed Ozzy’s presence, the capture team are doing their bit and watching these places closely 24 hours a day. What we’re waiting for (not so patiently if truth be told - we know you feel the same) is for him to show himself. The posters tell people what to do. You know what to do if you see him out and about.

However, our focus this week is to spread the word online (more of that later, we are hatching the plans now) but one thing you can help us with right away is reporting any online or secondhand sightings you may pick up in the virtual world.

It’s really important we get these sightings or reports without delay too - any one of them could be Ozzy - so if you see a post about a dog that you think could be Ozzy, just call. Don’t PM or post about it - call us - anytime, 24/7, so that we can follow up right away.

Thank you, thank you!
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
FROM Ozzy’s owner....
A quick update from me. Firstly though a time to say thank you to the wonderful Ozzy army!!! The admin team have been amazing and the poster team - well what can I say but a huge thank you!!! So many thank you’s to be made when we can all celebrate him home safe and sound.

We have had a couple of possible sightings overnight and the wonderful Teri and Kerri who have caught hundreds of dog’s in the past are on them as well as doing so much more behind the scenes. They are an amazing pair and I have every faith that they will bring Ozzy home due to their experience and expertise.

So sightings a must, but straight through to me so I can get Teri on them ASAP.

I am remaining positive due to all the wonderful people who are helping that he will be home soon back with his mum and dad and his pals and then he’s grounded for life!!!!

Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart xx
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.

Hello Team Ozzy

Thank you so much for bearing with us and supporting so stalwartly today when we’re inevitably looking back to the wee small hours of this day last week when we first learned that Ozzy had escaped. You’ve helped so much to keep everyone focused on the progress that is being made and the plans going forward that will see Ozzy reunited with Christine and Rick.

So, today Ella and Hettie came again and confirmed Ozzy’s recent presence in key locations. However we’ve had a hiccup too in that one of the places he was thought to be hiding has been searched - with all good intentions of course so no recriminations please - again it’s not our job. The reason I’m sharing it is that he’s now not visited somewhere that was a safe haven in the last day or so. This is of course exactly what we were warned of and we’re now also following the trail further away to see if that’s what’s happening.

This is why it’s so very important that we don’t get impatient and that we stick with the programme and hold off from searching unless we’re asked to do so.

We’re working on a plan to expand the area of interest and we’ve got new supplies of posters and an A5 leaflet version and we know we can call on you to help when that plan has been shaped.

So watch out again for a call for new Ozzy’s Army tasks and areas - and remember that we need to keep things local. Ideally we want to avoid adding new activity and scents in villages he may be frequenting and we know you’re on board with this.

Chris wanted to let you know that she was really cheered today by posters posters posters wherever she went. You’ve done an awesome job. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ozzy boy, we’re coming for you. Time to hand yourself in and come home lovely lad!
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
1st October - Update taken from Ozzy's facebook group.
Just a quick afternoon update, as the work towards finding our lovely Ozzy continues…
We say “OUR” because collectively we have formed the most fantastic community over the last few days, and Christine and Rick are both fueled by the passion and positivity shown by everyone right here on this group, to keep going and not be disheartened or distracted from finding their gorgeous boy.
We have a HUGE thank you to say to the poster volunteers, there are 1000 posters going up already, we can’t thank you enough.
The focus for us now is allowing the fantastic tracking, capture and drone teams that are engaged, the space and time they need to get results. That is why you will see us repeatedly urging for possible sightings to not be made public but sent immediately to Christine.
We have had several private messages regarding police, network rail and all local vets. All have been informed and are being monitored.
Now, that only leaves one more thing to say….
C’MON Ozzy… time to come out and play!
No (confirmed) sightings and no searching at the moment for a dog that’s fled immediately post op heart surgery? Isn’t it time to do a finger tip search field by field?
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
From Ozzy’s owner...
Just to say no more news at present. Desperately need CONFIRMED sighting of my beautiful scared boy !!!! The waiting is desperate and as you can all imagine we can’t focus on anything else or operate normally at present but just knowing you are all in this with us and all the love and supportive messages we’ve received truly helps. Some have asked what keeps us going - the truth is a picture of us Sunday afternoon, fire lit and curled up on the sofa with Ozzy home - safe and well xx
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
UPDATE taken from Ozzy's facebook group. WED 30TH SEPT
Hello all,
A reminder that today is a day of INACTION with regards to being on the ground - letting Ozzy calm and gain confidence so we can see and find him.
Behind the scenes however is a different story. We’re monitoring all the stations and following up all possible leads.
We have the new local poster arriving tomorrow which is aimed specifically at helping people in the area know what to do if they see him. We’re organising where these need to go and the wherewithal to get them up today and will ask for help this afternoon to plan the actual campaign of postering so watch out for that please.
There is no need to print as we will have printed copies and covers available tomorrow. More on that soon.
Thank you again! C’mon Ozzy!!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/817335529077107/?epa=SEARCH_BOX
Not verified sightings but similar description.
Has there been any sigtings
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
SuzeeBee, there has been tracker dogs out (not Jenny) and they did pick up scent. This area is being closely monitored.
Helen, have Jenny and Tiga been contacted ? The scent is quite old now but could be a chance.
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
Taken from Ozzy’s Facebook group.

Sorry for the late update everyone. We’re all a bit done in if we’re honest.

Here’s the latest update for our lovely ginger boy.

Nothing conclusive yet but it’s been a really positive day. Chris has headed home feeling much more confident that we’re getting closer to her Ozzy. We’re making some adjustments to the watch we’re holding for him and now we have to wait.

We know that’s rubbish and we don’t want to but we have to. He may just be beginning to venture out and this is the critical moment when he may be spotted and we can find the little ninja.

So, the lovely Teri is on watch. Dog mum Chris is resolved to take a little time out and give him space until we think it’s the right moment to deploy her. Sorry Chris, I’ve made you sound like a guided missile, but she will be shooting down as soon as there’s any news, but will have a little time with Rick and the rest of her slightly anxious pack tomorrow.

The key focus for the rest of us is postering again with the new reminder to SEE STOP ACT so we get any sightings reported direct to the phone numbers. Then we can deploy the right resources in the right places.

Thank you everyone for the continued support, it’s hugely appreciated. Chris sends love to all and asks for ongoing prayers. Let’s all hold that vision of him visiting the food traps and eating so we can get pretty pics of our boy.
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
UPDATE From Ozzy’s owner...

Okay folks. A plea direct from Christine and her lovely hubby Rick about their boy.

If you’re local please please please resist the urge to chase up this ‘brown lab type dog’ sighting yourself. It may not be Ozzy of course but we are checking it out.

But Chris really feels she cannot entrust this to anyone else. She asks directly and simply that you don’t just pop over there to look.

We know everyone in Team Ozzy will respect that. And of course if he’s in flight mode and runs, we really really don’t want any one feeling responsible for that!

We know you will share this desperation to ensure he’s not scared off if it is him. We can’t stress enough how important it is that there’s not suddenly lots of new activity around.

So we will update as soon as we can. Please keep everything crossed now but take a deep breath until we know if there is reason to get excited.
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
There has been a sighting of a brown ‘Labrador’ in the area, Ozzy’s owner is aware and looking into this.
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
Sharing Twitter.x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
UPDATE: Mon 28 Sept (from Ozzy’s Facebook group)

Hi everyone, here’s today’s news.

Nothing to report so far from the cameras which went out last night. The setup is really good. Any movement triggers an alert to a mobile which is brilliant but they require a little adjustment in hopes of avoiding the two minute alerts for bunny rabbits tonight. Dogs only need apply please!

On the advice of capture and tracking experts, Teri and Ella, all efforts are being made to minimise disturbance around the target areas and especially near the trap.

Thermal/Infra red camera drone help from Search and Rescue have travelled to help and is just arriving now and with some orientation help from Les again hope to take advantage the cooling air of the early evening to find a hopefully a warm Ozzy hiding somewhere. And the weather is perfect for flying today so that also is really lifting our spirits.

Chris is on the ground again but will be coming and going so that she can also be with Rick and the rest of the pack who are very concerned about Mum of course. The vet team are taking turns to monitor the cameras and also replenishing the food and so on.

So, it’s a waiting game for a day or two if he is still in hiding. The hope is that when it all settles down he will gain a bit of confidence and come out and about in search of food.
I can’t post on the Facebook page, but.a thought that might help. A few years ago an old countryman helped find a missing dog by simply walking a bitch in season in the area he was thought to be. He was spayed, but didn’t matter, he appeared!
Any updates please?
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
Sunday update:Taken from Ozzy's facebook group.
Hi everyone, just a few things to keep you all informed...
Firstly, we are now working with the tracker team and a canine capture team in terms of having solid expert advice on how to proceed, and we’re doing this by the book because we will not risk losing Ozzy further.
Christine has caught and rescued a lot of badly abused and stray dogs in her time in Cyprus and is very very aware of how they behave so fears that anyone will be allowed to chase him or do silly stuff are unfounded. Chris is in fact doing the hardest single thing possible and staying away so that her fear and anxiety for Ozzy don’t set him off moving away if he’s settled in the area. I know we’re all imagining how tough that is.
We’ve got a trap out, and are taking advice on how to deploy the rest of the tools of the trade that are going to help us find and recover him. The fact he’s hiding and not running is very very good. We have night vision cameras being secured and deployed and a DWR team set up to watch them and the trap around the clock.
So search is off for the foreseeable and it’s a quiet and dedicated watch to catch and recover him with really targeted actions at the right moments if other clues (and we hope sightings) arise. When he is recovered he’ll go immediately home and no risks will be taken with him managing to escape.
We really really do appreciate all the help and support and love and efforts shown and made on behalf of Ozzy. This is just to help managing the time of everyone involved and make sure that everyone gets the news as quickly as possible.
Thank you, thank you, thank you xx
Hi Following and hoping Ozzy is safely found soon, I know this may sound obvious but is there a way of using a 'scent' dog (perhaps ex police or similar) to track Ozzy.
I am member of Christine's Admin Team helping co-ordinate efforts - does anyone have access to a (very) large trap please? We have one in location but need two more? We can arrange transport if that is a problem. Six Mile Bottom. Thank you! We are on the SAR Drone FB group but no success sourcing one so far
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
UPDATE from Ozzy’s Facebook group..

Morning all, today is trapping day. The team will check our hotspots and get cracking on catching our boy. Christine has support and now the advice of specialists for capturing a dog in flight mode - remember he was a rescue in Cyprus so wary anyway.

So Team Ozzy, all of you have a hard task today - to do nothing. We’ve got to wait, stay out of the area and hope that familiar smells and food will bring him out and to us.

We hope of course that further mass searches won’t ever be needed. I’ll update you with any news as soon as I get it and Christine knows she can call on a fabulous extended group of friends if needed.

Thanks and keep praying, keep hoping and keep everything crossed for today! C’mon out Ozzy baby, please.
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
Media coverage for Ozzy..
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
Taken from Ozzy's facebook group....URGENT UPDATE
Please stop all searching. Stand down Team Ozzy! We need to keep the area clear and quiet. We have positive news from tracker and now it’s imperative that there are no more searches for him. We are now laying traps, food etc!
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
UPDATE 26th of September (from Ozzy's group).....
Slightly longer post to give everyone a heads up and say a more fulsome thank you for this morning. It's incredible how many people have turned out as part of Team Ozzy and what an amazing job was done yesterday - everybody knows about him! Everyone. You are just amazing, thank you.
We're falling back to DWR to have a break, refreshments and a meeting.
A tracker dog is engaged for this afternoon and they are a crack team so we need to clear the ground and give the dog the best chance at success in finding our boy.
We are looking at pairing this with drone search as the dog may push Ozzy out into the open, and with putting out traps in places identified as hot spots.
So it all gets a little more complicated now but let's see what we can do this afternoon and get Chris her darling boy back safe.
If anyone is still out there, please be careful about trespass. We really need the local landowners, farmers, gamekeepers etc onside. The gamekeepers used night vision last night to watch for Ozzy so they've been brilliant too. And Hall Farm is off limits for the moment please so let's respect their needs too.
Thank you so so much for such sterling efforts. If you could wish him back we know you would xxx
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
From Ozzy's owner.... Can I just say a huge thank you to everyone - I am overwhelmed by the offers of help and love being sent. As you can imagine we are devastated but still clinging to the hope he will be found safe and well!!!! The latest is we heard police we’re chasing a dog on A11 last night. We don’t know if it was him but but if a coincidence. The dog apparently darted into the bushes and no sign since !
We are starting to search again at 8am so if anyone is able to join us that would be amazing? I just want him back in my arms safe xxxx
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
Details shared to DogLost.co.uk Facebook Group X
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
Media coverage for Ozzy..
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
Meeting at 0900 at Dick Whites:
Dick White Referrals
Station Farm, London Road
Six Mile Bottom
Cambridge, CB8 0UH

The search will be fully coordinated from there
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
Dee, thank you for offering, it may be best to contact the owner direct to find out what areas need searching as I know people are out looking for him x
Please be found safe Ozzy.
Shared on fb to Haverhill dog owners and lost pets Haverhill.
Do you need help searching? I'm only 20 minutes away.Last edited: 2020-09-25 11:09:06 by Dee
Shared to Lost and Found Pets UK and to Sky's Angels on FB
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
Facebook group for Ozzy...
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
Details added to Dog Lost Cambridge Facebook group and other groups in the area.
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
Region altered to East Anglia.
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