Reunited: Brindle Greyhound Male

  • Dog ID 27396
  • Status Reunited
  • Registered 13 Jan 2011
  • Name MOSES
  • Gender & Breed Male Greyhound
  • Age Adult
  • Colour Brindle
  • Marks & Scars Moses is a rescue greyhound who has had a sad life. Very timid and wary of strangers.
  • Tagged Unknown
  • Microchipped Unknown
  • Tattooed No
  • Date Lost 12 Jan 2011
  • Where Lost near Holwell, Dorset
  • Lost In Region South West
  • Lost In Post Area DT9
  • Date Reunited 14 Feb 2012
  • Other Info I was taking him for a walk when he was suddenly spooked and pulled out of his lead and ran off. He was clipped by a car and we have been unable to find him anywhere.
  • Phone 1 07816 311542
  • Phone 2
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  • Views 8758
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Sightings and Information

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Jackie last...been off a couple of days with a family funeral, couldn't believe it when I saw who was in the blue...A big welcome home Moses, what a Valentines gift for his so pleased for you all. Bet you can all sleep better tonight...To Michelle and Jon..see miracles do happen one day it will be your Oscar ... well done to everyone involved in catching this wee will of the wisp xxxx
That is just the very best news!! I've been checking this page every day and nearly had a heart attack when I just opened it and it has gone "blue". Well done to you all for the hard work in getting Moses back - am absolutely delighted to read this :)
YIPEEEEEEEEEEEE! Well done evryone, fantastic job.
Tears here too Michelleand Jon - so pleased this boy's safely home! Have a long and happy life gorgeous! xx
Fantastic news Well done everyone involved for not giving up and have a wonderful life and learn to trust your kind people now. x
Michelle Oscars mum
WELCOME HOME MOSES. Well done everyone who has help to get him home, you must all be so relieved and over the moon he is finally back where he belongs. You have brought tears to my eyes because I know there is still hope to get our babies home even after 13 months. Don't run off again Moses be a good boy and stay where you are loved.
What a happy ending! This must give such great heart and hope to all those poor owners searching for their lost doggies. Well done all you out there!
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
At last!!! I could hardly believe my ears when one of Moses's fans called me this morning. i will always remember watching him in my wing mirrorswhile I sat patiently waiting for hours for him to go for his supper whilst blocking his escape route with my car or the shock on my son's face when Moses jumped over his shoulder as he dashed to shut the gate. My son is 6ft 4!!! Moses managed to leap between Spindle, my son and other helpers as they tripped over each other to get the gate shut but he was faster than all of them. Sleep soundly tonight Spindle, you so deserve it.
So happy that this naughty boy is safe at last, and his team of supporters can give a sigh of relief. Well done Spindle and everyone who helped.
Thrilled to hear Moses is safe at last! He has been giving Spindle and her team of fabulous helpers the runaround for many months, and has just stayed one step ahead of them!! He is a proper Houdini !! He has evaded capture on many an ocasion , he has been netted, drugged , darted by vets , but to no avail , cornered, jumped people and high fences, ignored the attentions of a honey trap ./bitch in season , all the while being fed yummy food by local people trying to entice him , then running off. all of which has been very very frustrating for Spindle and her team, but not any more !! He was given food with a sedative that actually worked , and was able to be picked up asleep and taken to safety.
Quigley's Mum and Dad
This story gives me hope. Congratulations on a job well done. Quigley, follow moses!
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
Brilliant news.Well done to everyone involved and not giving up.
Stay safe now Moses.x
Alfies mum
What fantastic news, his story will give so much hope to others. Welcome home Moses x
Fabulous! So pleased for the owners. Stay safe now Moses x
Wow, what fantastic news!! Well done to everyone who has worked so hard and not given up x
Woohoooo!So ,so pleased for you all who have been sooo commited to this boy....just the best news ever! Well done! Well done! and WELL DONE!!
Welcome to civilisation Moses!!!.XXX
This is just the best news, I'm so pleased for Spindle and all the helpers who have put their heart and soul and more into getting Moses home safe and never gave up on finding him. A Massive BIG welcome home Moses xxxxx
DogLostESSJ - Area Co-ordinator Rutland
First chance i have had to get on here since hearing the fantastic news that Moses was safe. After speaking to Spindle on so many occasions, and hearing the heartbreaking news time and time again that he had "slipped the net" it was just so fantastic to hear from her today that he is safe. He Will now have his chance of a wonderful new life after he has been rehabilitated and he so deserves it after the amount of time he has been out. A big well done to Lynn and all of her helpers,his owner and the lovely people feeding him for not giving up on him. Welcome home gorgeous boy xxx
Wendy Hassell
Absolutely brilliant news! What commitment from his rescuers. Enjoy the warm Moses x
How amazing & heartwarming to hear that Moses is safe after all this time! I saw his name come up but couldn't believe it was really him _ I double checked that it didn't say Rainbow Bridge & then opened the page. Well done to everyone involved in watching him & keeping him safe for all this time. xxx
I have tears in my eyes....this is fantastic news....13 months wow. Well done everyone xxx
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Brilliant news..tx for updating Spindle and to everyone who has helped.
After 13 months it give me such a buzz to say that this boy is now safe. It has been an endless challenge to so many of us, which culminated in getting him to safety late yesterday. Big thank you has to go to the people who have worked tirelessly and never given up on him. He will be rehabillitated, which is obviously going to take some time, but it will happen. Welcome into the warm Moses.
It is still all in progress. He is fine, been long slog, could write a journal on it but I will not give up of him, nor will his owner.
Still checking every day to see if there is any news on Moses. This guy has touched my heart and I just wish I lived somewhere near so I could help get him safely back. Just hope he gets caught soon before the weather gets any colder, poor chap.
Wow just read the postings on here. Hats off to all of you trying to catch Moses, your patience will be rewarded very soon. C'mon boy time to go home x Good luck x
DogLostReynard - Area Volunteer, Wiltshire
No I dont think so,,,,,,,,I think its still in progress!
DogLostjenny4 - Area Co-ordinator, West Hampshire
Has Moses been caught yet ?
Moses is fine, work being done on his capture. Will update when have more to put on here.Last edited: 2011-09-13 11:22:30 by Spindle
Just quick update, he is still out there. We are monitoring him closely and have plan. I wont give up on this dog,need to get him in before another cold winter.
Still fingers crossed Moses will be back home soon! Any news?
Yep Lizzy he is. Attempts to catch him in one location have been made. Now trying to find out where he is during the day. Not giving up on him its just one huge rural area fraught with problems. He is being fed so not at risk at the moment.
How is Moses - still around I hope. Liz xx
Sheila he is fine, still loose but aim to put a stop to that in the very near future. Plan all set for his capture. Been extremely hectic but will update as soon as more news.
Wondered if there was any news on Moses? Fingers crossed he is okay and still around - just hope he is caught soon!
Moses is still around, very clever dog avoiding being caught. We are monitoring his movements carefully, he looks fine, saw him twice last night clear as day. He is not even thin. We will keep on till we get him.
texted to request update. Moses would not go anywhere near the trap, think ex racing days came to mind. Believe he is still out there.
hi there, there is a male brindle greyhound at strayaid,, with a black collar on but it is very far away from you. I thought i would still share just incase he has been taken out of the area. Natalie
Harry's Mum
Any news on Moses?
Good luck - so pleased he is still around - hopefully he'll be back safe and sound soon.
Naughty boy..... You will be caught Moses!!
For those watching Moses's thread. Little minx is still around, not been near trap but we are closing in slowly. Fingers crossed in next couple of days we may have him.
Little minx did not come the night we went there, I swear he was around somewhere listening to us. time and patience on this one I think.
Keep checking to see if there has been any developments on here. So hope your plan works. Can't wait for Moses to move to the blue page!
Been with Poochpal to visit the place Moses is eating. Plan of action now organised, lets see what happens.
Will do all we can.
Fingers crossed you can catch Moses. Been checking on here every day and hope he is safe again soon.
Making contact
Moses is alive and well, positive sighting. has been regularly eating badger food left out by elderly lady in Bishops Caundle. Despite offering food and female company have been unable to catch. Does anyone know where I can beg, borrow, steal or buy a dogtrap?He has been religiously goung to the same place every evening at 6.30.
Sent text to owner to eiminate found dog at St Giles Taunton.
Texted owner for update on Moses.
Hi,no news or sightings. Moses has a black collar on. Had a text from my son on the school bus to say his friend had seen a 'brown dog' in a garden. Spent entire morning walking footpaths calling, whistling, carrying revolting smelly food and managed to attract every dog in the area, but havent seen him at all. I honestly think he has gone out of the area or has been taken in by someone. Have placed ad in BMV so waiting for phonecalls.
Will follow up comment by Val.
We saw a dog very similar to the picture, is it possible he is in Somerset. We tried to gently attract his attention but he was very scared and ran down the middle of the A39 main road. He had no collar on.
Oh dear, come on Moses.
Bumped because of sighting today. Owner going there tomorrow. Good luck.
Hi, sorry havent posted, my father in law is in a hospice. Searched all week to no avail. Friday had message that lorry driver had seen a woman pick up stray brindle greyhound a few miles east of where we live. said she was taking it to vets, rang everywhere within 40 mile radius and no joy. Today had phone call at 9.00a.m to say was in garden in Bishops Caundle but ran off. Have called on all houses in area, questioned dog walkers, no sightings. Going out all day tomorrow with his brother. I will find this dog! very hard with conflicting stories though, all well meaning but which are accurate. Thanks to everyone who has texted and emailed, apologies if I havent replied. Will post with any news. And due to stupidity on my part missed deadline for BMV.
didnt see him in bmv this week. would he join in a game of chase with another lurcher/greyhound? if theres any more sightings im happy to take my guys out, posted on fb last week as i have friends that own stables that way but no luck
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
I have driven round the area this morning and given fliers to Kings stag garage, Bishops Caundle garage and pub, a postman, farmer, gamekeeper and someone who rides horses in the area. Hope there will be more sightings soon.
What a shame he is still out there, please can we have sightings. Friday may bring news of him.
Have spoken to gentleman who saw him on Saturday in Caundle Marsh area. He said he appeared to be 'playing' near two jack russels who were being walked by their owner. Have made enquiries as to who owns Jack Russels in area. Am not convinced this was Moses as it seems out of character. Am hoping the Blackmore Vale magazine may produce success when it is distributed on Friday. Also contacted national Greyhound Rescue in case he comes onto their books at all. Have been out every day on foot and by car. Very demoralizing.
Requested update on Moses from owner.
Good luck for tommorrow
DogLostMajorjet (Jan) - Area Co-ordinator Liverpool/Merseyside, North West
scruffybag, great there has been a sighting and thanks for updating us. Keeping everything crossed he is back home soon. Good luck. Jan x

BUMPED due to sighting.
A sighting! I received a phone call this morning to say was seen in a field in the Caundle Marsh area yesterday. Have been out again today for several areas extending search ares. Getting flyers printed and will do a house to house drop in area. Also will get map and search all barns and buildings. Nest I made and food left has not been touched.
Have put Moses on twitter + will circulate.
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Poster e mailed to helpers in DT2,9,10,11.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Bumped now we have a similar phot for the posters. Stay safe Moses, we want to help you.
Have been out for 6 hours today on foot and by car. Have left urine trails and food and his blanket in a safe spot near where he was last sighted.
Team of people out now looking with the dogs brother on lead, hopefully that will give him confidence to make a show.
Hi is there any greyhound you could borrow to wall round I worked with them for over 10 years an find they tend to follow there own kind you could try walkin round if you see him do not make eye contact with him keep walkin an stoppin an lookin at thiings make your self seem interestin have some tasty food with you like chicken or liver cake an if he's followin you drop small bits for him as you walk then sit down if you have another greyhiund with you talk gently to that an hold your hand out with food in for him it maybe easier to catch him usin a slip leadxx
Will contact and advise.
bumped due to sighting last night - if you see him again do not try to chase or grab at his collar - crouch down low and talk gently to him, do not make direct eye contact but keep him in your periperal vision offer some smelly food such as liver cake / pilchards / tripe and gently toss towards him - when he gets close enough to pick your scent up hopefully he will ' click' and allow himself to be approached.

i will email scentling advice to you which you can use to try to keep him in the area sighted last night, good luck - good to have seen him though
Spotted at 9 last night, alive and well near Bishops Caundle. any advice as to how to catch him much appreciated.
Have just phoned all local landowners, dare I presume no news is good news?
Thank you all for you kind words, I am bereft. I have phoned North Dorset Dog Warden, vets, police, shops in surrounding villages and pubs and garages. We have searched all the surrounding fields, and I have knocked on peoples doors. Any news good or bad would be so much appreciated. Thank you for your support, best wishes Hadz
I know we have some dog wardens who are very active in helping owners and doglost get dogs back home. It is so nice to hear and see you post WDDC Dog Warden. Good luck to you all.
Dog WardenWDDC Dog Warden
Hi I've just spoken to you on the phone regarding Moses. I will let you know of any information i recieve immediatley. Will pop over to the area shortly and have a look for you. It may help for you to contact the local farmers in the area and perhaps the North Dorset Dog Warden. Please contact me should you need any help.Last edited: 2011-01-13 11:16:42 by WDDC Dog Warden

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