Rainbow Bridge: Silvery Grey Schnauzer: Giant Male

  • Dog ID 30069
  • Status Rainbow Bridge
  • Registered 29 May 2011
  • Name BASIL
  • Gender & Breed Male Schnauzer: Giant
  • Age Adult
  • Colour Silvery Grey
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged Yes
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed No
  • Date Lost 28 May 2011
  • Where Lost From Home, As the front door was opened Basil ran out.
  • Lost In Region Rainbow Bridge
  • Lost In Post Area E13
  • Date Reunited 01 Jun 2011
  • Other Info Basil is a friendly dog however he is extremely nervous and as a result he is usually reluctant to approach people or to be approached
  • Phone 1 07930170424
  • Phone 2 02074764352
  • Listed By emma0787
  • Views 3471
  • BASILPoster Image
  • BASILExtra Image


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DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Basil's Mummy - that is so lovely. And, that says it all. Basil is waiting for you, watching over you from heaven until you are reunited, never to be parted again. God bless you. x
My darling daughter Emma you did bring basil boy home. I know it was not easy for you to break the news to me over the phone, as you had to tell me nan had past away also. All i wanted was to give you a hug Emma & say God says when its our time. I am Basil`s Mummy. I want you to all know, your words have given so much comfort to me during the early hours this morning. My heart sank when I got home yesterday, as I hoped it was a dream & Basil would be waiting to dart at me with lots of cuddles as I walked in the door.He made coming home so nice, he was so soppy, funny & cute. My beloved, beautiful basil boy had made his was to the rainbow bridge where he will run free. I am truly devastated, I am sure you will all understand my heart is broken, yet I feel so lucky to have with me some wonderful memories he has left with myself & many others, darling Emma you did bring my baby home, please dont think you are to blame. It was my angels time to go and be set free. his spirit lives on. basil boy thank you with all my heart for simply being the sweetest, lovable & funny dog. Simon13 thank you so much for supporting my daughter & helping her. once again thank you all... R.I.P basil boy I love you with all my heart.. always & forever xxxxx
So very, very sorry to hear about Basil - RIP lovely lad xx
So very sorry for you all.Sending lots of love xxxx
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Bless you, Emma.
Thank you all for your thoughtful msgs, I hugely appreciate all the time and all the advice i have been given by u all during this terrible ordeal, and I know my family will . I'd just like to thank all the dog lost team for being an amazing source of help and support, Simon13 for being an absolute gem and postering with me late into the night (your a true gent simon and i'm very grateful to have met u, your beautiful dogs and to have a had such a kind and genuine man give me guidence... Thank you), Kimmybear for helping realise I did do my best and I DID find Baz and to all the other people who have commented and you have all shown me there's still lots of good people out there. From the bottom of my heart i thank u all.

R.I.P Baz Boo
Run free over Rainbow Bridge beautiful boy
Love you always xxxx
Every dog owners worst nightmare, how I sympathise with this family. So very sorry to lose your wee dog this way, night night handsome Basil, run free at The Bridge. x
Jack Russell 4
Run free at the bridge little man xxx
DogLostMajorjet (Jan) - Area Co-ordinator Liverpool/Merseyside, North West
Emma, so sorry you been reunited in this way, Rainbow Bridges are everyones worst nightmare. Thinking about you, your mum and Basil.

Run free at the Bridge and sweet dreams Basil. Jan x
DogLostMajorjet (Jan) - Area Co-ordinator Liverpool/Merseyside, North West
Emma, so sorry you been reunited in this way, Rainbow Bridges are everyone worst nightmare. Thinking about you, your mum and Basil.

Run free at the Bridge and sweet dreams Basil. Jan x
DogLostJumanji - Co-ordinator.South.Yorkshire
i can only begin to imagine how devastated you will all be feeling and my thoughts are with you xx Rest in peace lovely Basil xxx
Oh no, how awfully sad. I am so very sorry. My thoughts are with Basil's family at this terrible time. Run free at the bridge, beautiful Basil xx
So sorry to hear this very sad news and my thoughts are with your family, Basil son run free at the bridge, my Bazil will be there waiting for you, have fun running free forever boy xxx
I am so sorry for your loss.My dog June got out of an open gate and was killed by a car.The shock is terrible and the guilt and blame resounds in your head,I know.Accidents are just that,accidents.It is no-one,s fault.Life can be very cruel sometimes.Take time to grieve,weep and cry but you will come out the other end with an understanding that things happen beyond our control.Basil is with God now and he is safe.Again I am so sorry for your loss.xxxx
Please tell your mum we did our best. Was trying to get word to minicab firms as they are out on the roads and hence why I needed placenames. We have to be quick in an urban town. Maybe show your mum this page it might help show how others cared. Stay strong.
I can't imagine what you're going through - I can only echo what Kim has just said - I'm so very sorry. xx
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Emma, I am SO very sorry! I feel for you, as this is an awful situation to be in. Do the best you can, and give your mum time to heal - it will be very hard for both of you. But, you both need to know that Basil was probably knocked out, so he wouldn't have suffered. I don't know why these things have to happen, I wish they didn't. I lost my dog in a similar way and your mum will probably be in shock for a while, but hang in there, she will pull through. You can show her how hard you tried to find Basil and you did find him! You know what happened and where he is; I know it doesn't stop the pain, but it is better than not knowing - for all of you. Basil is safe in the arms of God now - Emma, you found him. God bless you, your mum, dad and Basil. With love, Kim x
My thoughts are with Basil's family, run free at the bridge little man xx
Oh no - so sorry Emma - Poor Basil. RIP at the bridge. Liz xx
DogLostJackalee - (Kathryn) Area Co-ordinator, Greater Manchester
Emma, so very sad to hear about Basil. Run free at the bridge little one xxx
So very very sorryh to hear this about Basil who is now in Gods care. RIP sweetheart and playh at the Bridge. Night nightxxx
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
So very sorry to hear this sad news, my heart goes out to you and your family, run free over Rainbow Bridge xxx
Deepest condolences, i am so sorry to hear about basil :( xxx
My sympathy to you all, so sorry x
Emma so very, very sad for you - my heart goes out to you and your parents.

Emma so very, very sad for you - my heart goes out to you and your parents.

Oh Emma, I am so so sorry. Was so wishing you had a happy ending. Thinking of you at this awful time Emma x Sleep tight precious boy xxx
Thank you for all your help and support in trying to find however I received the devastating phone call today to say Basil ran out onto the A13 on Saturday and didn't make it to the local vet. He died at 5:30 on 28/05/2011 and I have no clue how to break my mum's heart :(
Posters in rear windows of as many cars as possible is always good. They will be seen further afield and when parked (in supermarket car parks etc) will be seen by other car drivers - leaving & returning to their vehicles. Some of these will be folk who don't normally see posters in pedestrian areas and might just jog a memory.

Sure that Basil will soon be back home where he belongs.
Also guy's regarding placenames -

Relevent streetnames are : Applewood drive, Cumberland Road, Prince regents lane, New barn St (last seen on)

Relevent area's- Plaistow, Canning Town ( Basil has walked to on occaisions), Custom House, East Ham, Beckton, upton park
These are the closest surrounding area's I can think of so definately possible locations where he might be xxxx
Last edited: 2011-05-31 21:00:41 by emma0787
Still no joy as yet but having spoke to jayne today and getting her much needed help notifying the microchip company, i'm feeling much more positive now. All avenues have been covered in terms of local authorities and so forth. Just gonna get postering the rest of Newham and get mum's dog back :) Thanks for all your kind encouraging words everyone, definately hopeful xx
Have added #Plaistow and #London as placenames on twitter.
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Emma, just keep postering. Once people see the poster, they will remember him and you will get a sighting. Then you are half way there! x
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison Co-ordinator
area he has escaped from Is
Applewood Drive PLAISTOW
Have put on twitter as #E13............where is home? Really need placenames please.
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison Co-ordinator
Basil is now on system as missing and they have taken Emma mobile plus the doglost number with ID as above.
There have been no reports to petlog as yet of him being picked up.
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison Co-ordinator
Spoken to Emma to check re chip details. As she does not have them she did not know how to report him as missing
. AS doglost have pin access to obtain details i am phoning for them to trace using name address and full postcode. Once they have found the number he can be reported as missing. They may or may not take Emma number as contact but i know they will take doglost so at least they will have something on records.
I will also be able to check if any found calls have been reported to them.
At the moment the lines have been engaged for over half and hour but will just keep trying till i get through. CJ
you have my No Emma. Anything I can do I will not too busy tomorrow so can be avalible
Keep strong Emma, I agree with comments on here e.g. parents house and bank holiday. I bet you have news Tuesday/Wednesday. Liz xx
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Emma, deep breath, okay? You can find him. Poster everything, everywhere! This is the most important thing you can do. Put posters in the eye line of motorists; poster all parks and grassy areas where dog walkers go. As mentioned previously, do you live close to your parent's home? Dogs are very clever. If not, its most likely he'll hang around your area, somewhere. Any nice bushes, away from traffic, a park, a stream, a food source? Double check the authorities - some dog wardens don't work weekends, so if someone's found him they may keep him till Tuesday. You can do this. Come on little one, time to come back.
Thanks for all your advice and help everyone, No joy as yet but I have contacted and reported our loss to all the local authorities in the surrounding area, Battersea Lost Dog organisation, local pounds and also a couple of local vets. Once again thanks so much everyone, ur all my beacons of light in the darkness xxxx
Just back from putting up posters with the owner. Have advised here of nos for local pounds and vets. Hopefully we will get news soon
Just checked on the ads to see if anyone had found her - nothing at present.
I will share on my facebook page, i hope Basil is home very soon...
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
local helper out with owner now putting up posters. thanks...
Don't know how far you live from your parents home but he may well be heading in that direction, so probably worth postering and checking along the route he might take.

If you have access to your parents home check the ansaphone as that will be the number stored on his identichip.

Also remember it's Bank Holiday weekend so whoever has found him will be limited in what they can do until Tuesday.

Really hope he's back safe & sound very soon.
shared on facebook, hope he is home soon x
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
poster e mailed to helpers in E3,6,7,12,13,14,15,16.
Please Please help!!

Basil is not my dog he belongs to my parents who have gone on holiday and i desperately need to find him before they come home as i'd really like to avoid a public execution!! Jokes aside, we all really love him and i desperately want him home because i know he probably very scared.
Any time or information is greatly appreciated. Thanks Emma xx

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