Rainbow Bridge: White With Black Ears And Face Patches Jack Russell Terrier Cross Female

  • Dog ID 40754
  • Status Rainbow Bridge
  • Registered 27 Jun 2012
  • Name ACE
  • Gender & Breed Female Jack Russell Terrier Cross (Spayed)
  • Age Adult
  • Colour White with black ears and face patches
  • Marks & Scars Smooth haired Black ears and face White flash running down centre face Black spot on base of tail
  • Tagged Yes
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed No
  • Date Lost 27 Jun 2012
  • Where Lost Beckenham Place Park (Kings Meadow), the River Ravensbourne playing fields side of the railway track. The wooded copse in the centre.
  • Lost In Region Rainbow Bridge
  • Lost In Post Area BR1
  • Date Found 04 Jul 2012
  • Where Found On the railway line at Ravensbourne. She had been hit by a train several days ago. The railway man has brought her body back this morning.
  • Found In Region Rainbow Bridge
  • Found In Post Area BR1
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info Missing since 3.30 on 27/06/2012 possibly STOLEN. May have got disorientated and lost whilst chasing squirrels. She is very friendly. Might have got her collar or harness caught in undergrowth. CASH REWARD for information leading to her safe return. If anyone knows anything about where Ace is or who has her, please call the confidential freephone number.
  • Phone 1 07957 140 464
  • Phone 2 0208 289 2689
  • Listed By WalkieswithAce
  • Views 8759
  • ACEPoster Image
  • ACEExtra Image


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Now your bowl is empty
And your feet are cold
And your body cannot stop rocking
I know
It hurts to let go

Since the day we found you
You have been our friend
And your voice still echoes in the hallways of this house
But now
It's the end

We will be with you
When you're leaving
We will be with you
When you go
We will be with you
And hold you till you're quiet
It hurts to let you go

We will be with you
We will be with you
We will be with you
You will stay with us
So sorry to read your special little man Ace (wonderfull name) didnt make it home its tragic. I can only imagine your pain and sorrow right now but our thoughts are with you. Picture Ace now at Rainbow Bridge running through the meadows in glorious sunshine with his play mates just running and playing happily until you meet again. RIP Ace. RIP Your friends dog Christine xxx
So, so very sorry to read about your loss. My heart goes out to so much. This morning at 3am my friends beautiful dog was hit by a train at a bridge also called Rainbow Bridge (in Berkshire.) I'm praying they are all together now in heaven playing and running around. Thinking of you and your family at this sad time xxx
DogLostAnnieSparky - Area Volunteer, West Lancashire
So very sorry to hear about Ace.....you were amazing in your search for him.
We must keep campaigning for fencing and security on railtracks....there are too many of our lovely dogs lost in this way.
RIP little Ace now safe at Rainbow Bridge xx
Millys Mum
Ace's Dad - thank you for posting as I'd been thinking about you both. It's good to hear that you will be campaigning to get Network Rail to ensure that their railways are made more secure and safe because, let's face it, they charge enough.Last edited: 2012-07-06 17:56:04 by Millys Mum
Aces Dad
Thank you all very much for your kind words and support and I would like to say how proud I am of my wife's determination to find our little Ace - she never gave up hope and that kept us both going during a long week of hunting high and low.

I wish the end result could have been different and we are both very devastated but rest assured it has made us determined to help other people who may lose a dog in our area and to try to campaign against Network Rail to improve the conditions of railside fencing.

Sleep peacefully our little Ace - we will miss you forever x
Erics mum
I hate these railway tracks .... So very sad and sorry for you, but so glad that you now have closure even though its hard to get your head round ............ happy hunting little girl RIP ........ xx
Yet ANOTHER lost to the railways. It is disgraceful how many are lost this way. I am so very, very sorry, and my thoughts are with the family at this distressing time. Run free at the bridge, dear little Ace - lots of squirrels there to chase xxx
DALMATIONPB - there is already a campaign in place if you would like to help support it to make Network Rail more accountable for fencing and security on the tracks and also for better treatment and reporting of any injuries or fatalities on the line. They say they only have 1 per month, but we KNOW this to be different, so if you feel strongly about it, perhaps you can all support Cassie's National Campaign for safer railways for dog and owner. Full details here http://www.change.org/petitions/national-campaign-for-cassie-s-law-for-safer-railways-for-dog-and-owner - and again, deepest sympathies to Ace's family xxx
I am so very, very sorry to hear about Ace - RIP beautiful sweetheart - play free over the Bridge xx
DogLostSpringerMad - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Oh am so sorry to read this. My thought are with the family of this lovely little girl xx
In Ace's memory can we not create a petition to ensure that all fencing by railway lines in Beckenham Place Park is restored? Im not sure how this is done. It is the least that we can do.
I'm so very sorry you didn't make it home little girl. Play in the sunshine until your family come. My thoughts are with them at this very sad time. xx
I was was surprised when I searched the Lost Dogs Section of the site this evening and could not find Aces's details. I assumed that she had been found. I am so sorry to hear this very sad news and can only say that I am thinking of you at this very sad time. I must admit that I complained for weeks to have fencing replaced by the railway line last year. Its so sad. RIP Ace... xxx
Can only imagine the despair and heartbreak you are feeling. My thoughts are with Ace and her family
So very sorry to hear that the railway line has taken another life - run safe, run free little girl, with the sun on your back and a breeze in your face. Makes Cassie's Campaign for better fencing and safer tracks all the more important as another little girl is lost. Sincere condolences to her family, RIP Ace xxxx
Run Free Ace sweet girl xx My thoughts are with her family at such a very sad time xx
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Sophie, one more thing. Ace is no longer lost - she is found. She can rest now, knowing that you have found her. Sending thanks to the rail worker - I wish they were all like him. x
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Sophie, I am so dreadfully sorry. My heart really goes out to you. Please know Ace would have gone to heaven quickly and without pain. I cannot give you reasons why, I am still trying to figure this out myself, but I do know God takes his special ones quickly and very often far sooner than we are prepared for. Right now you have a long, hard road ahead, but you will get there because Ace needs you to. Ace will never really leave you, ever, she just had to go now because she already earned her little wings. She will wait patiently while you continue to earn yours and then you will be together, just as you always have been. This time, you will never part ever again. This I truly believe. I am also concerned because this was in playing fields and another lack of fencing. Please, everyone who cares about this issue, go to the DogLost noticeboard and sign the National petition for Cassie's Law, for all our dogs, everywhere and especially for sweet Ace. Do this is her name. God bless you sweetheart and your loving family, always. xxx
DogLostJulie - Social Media Team, Surrey
Such a tragedy blasted railways again I am so sorry for you but at least you have closure and know what happened. God bless. Julie x
I am so so sorry your gorgeous girl didn't make it home safe to her loving family, run free and play forever at the bridge sweet Ace xx
DogLostJux - Area Volunteer, South London
Ace you left too soon, but I am so happy you had a wonderful life with your mummy, you were so loved and you knew that, you felt it, your photos show how secure and content you felt. RIP Ace run free at rainbow bridge x
So sad to hear this news earlier today, truely devastated by this tragic outcome after all the hardwork you have done.
Only saving grace is least no scumbags got hold of her.
Run Free pretty girl and go play with all our beloved babies over the bridge Rip xxxx
So very sorry to hear another one has been taken by the railways. Far too many are going this way.

Bless you Ace! Run free little one. xx
Safedog Crash Tested Car CratesBaggy Dog
Very sorry to hear the news. I had feared bad news as you'd done amazingly well letting everyone know and still had no sightings but at least you had hope. At least you'll have closure now. RIP - Ace obviously had a happy life with you. x
Millys Mum
Sophie - I'm so very sorry to hear the awful news about Ace. We loose far too many of our beloved dogs on the railway lines and it's about time National Rail started to make them more secure. I had renewed hope after we spoke this morning but now this sad news - I'm heartbroken for you. However, how very kind of the railway worker to bring her home to you. Thinking of you both. Rest in peace Ace - sweet dreams pretty girl... xx
Hi everyone - I've just had the terrible news that Ace has been found dead on the railway line at Ravensbourne. The railway man has brought her body back. He said she'd been there a while and had been hit by a train. Obviously we're devastated but at least we know what happened. So sorry to give you all bad news when yesterday we had some hope. Thanks for the bottom our our hearts for all the support you've given us through this past dreadful week.

I will be contacting the railway and insisting the fences are checked thoroughly and all holes blocked so no-one else has to go through what we have been through.Last edited: 2012-07-04 12:44:32 by WalkieswithAce
Millys Mum
Hi Sophie - it was nice speaking to you this morning and good to hear that Ace really is now THE best known and hottest girl in town. It was interesting to discover that we'd met before! It was also good to hear that your day was well spent yesterday and hope this brings about some vital information as to Ace's whereabouts. You even put my own mind at ease regarding the railway line when you said how very secure it was along that stretch and also how dense/thick the shrubs and brambles were alongside the fencing. I meant to add (however unlikely) that, as far as I know, the railway track maintenace is contracted-out to a company called Malla Rail, although this may have changed in recent months/years but I suspect your railway contact would be able to confirm this. It does seem much more likely that someone has Ace and so I hope it won't be long until she shows her lovely face. I also meant to ask whether you have decided to put an ad in next week's News Shopper (or maybe it's appearing this week). This paper has been instrumental in getting at least 2 dogs back home, to my knowledge, and I'm certain there have been many others over the years. I reckon it's certainly worth a try. As Baggy Dog has already said, their cut off day for ads is Monday morning and we always say to ask for the Missing ad to appear on the 'Announcements' page rather than for it to be tucked away in the 'Pets' section at the back of the newspaper. Hope to see Ace 'in the Blue' very soon.Last edited: 2012-07-04 11:33:54 by Millys Mum
I know from recent history with a neighbours dog that if the council pick up a dog in Lewisham Borough they take them to a centre in Ladywell, then transfer them to another centre near Sevenoaks. Unfortunately I do not have any address or contact details though. I hope that this helps.
Safedog Crash Tested Car CratesBaggy Dog
Poster delivered to Eden Park vet. Receptionist said someone had asked about Ace, so she would display poster. Don't give up hope, many dogs found after several weeks, months or years. Keep the pressure on now. X
Millys Mum - I'm trying to find out where wardens take dogs to once they've been in the pound for 7 days, as the council won't give me any info. Want to keep all ends covered, in case Ace got handed in and worse case scenario they couldn't find her chip details. Just in case - it would help if I didn't have so many places to phone to check on daily, if I knew which rescue places specifically to target? I hadn't realised there were so many.
Dog Walking Bromley
We are spreading word via twitter, email, FB & posters, have tweeted to Lewisham postcodes too, which have also been Rt'd. Back at BPP today, will carry flyers with me. Jane
Hi Baggy Dog - thanks we haven't got to Eden Park yet so that would be great. Getting more and more desperate :-( though - it will be a week tomorrow.
Safedog Crash Tested Car CratesBaggy Dog
Very surprised that there's no sightings. My niece put Ace on Twitter on Sunday and had several re-tweets, spreading the word. If you haven't done Eden Park vet let me know and I'll do that.
I have just come back from Foxgrove club and saw the poster inside, everyone in there tonight knows about ace, I also took detours round the area incase Ace might be out sniffing food. Told a few more late night dog walkers round there .

I have not seen any posters along the main road beckenham hill road going into south end road, was any put up there ?

Have you put a poster in Eden park vets ?

I am checking gumtree and other free ads constanty, we just gotta make her to hot to handle , the whole of beckenham and bromley will know about her soon so hopefully it won't be long till she turns up x
No sightings, nothing? Someone must know where she is?
I've just updated the photos as the extra image was taken about half an hour before she vanished.
@alostsong - I've emailed Tower Hamlets (thanks for the email address) and Canary Wharf Security just in case. Still no news.
Dog Walking Bromley
I don't know if you have done this, but have you given out posters to pet shops/vets in St Mary Cray/Orpington/Catford/Lewisham as well as Bromley/Beckenham? You can also email vets the poster & they will print & display. Another good thing to do is give the poster to local cab firms, so that the drivers see it. My friends dog was found this way. Hope News Shopper help. Jane.
Hi Dog walking Bromley - thank you :-) I didn't hear back from News Shopper after phoniong them on Friday, but I emailed them last night so I hope they'll help me today. I will call again later to follow up the email.

There are a few more kennels I'll phone today and the dog wardens again but I'm running out of ideas. I'll track the number for Friends of BPP down and see if there's a groundsman or anyone who can help. Thanks Sophie
Dog Walking Bromley
Also look at this Dog lost at BPP on 29/6, says something about it being seen at a market in SE6? You could call the owners. http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog_blog.php?dogId=40568
Dog Walking Bromley
Hi, I have tweeted about Ace & FB'd about her on my Dog walking page, my personal page & my husbands plastering page. I am at BPP at 12ish today & will keep my eyes peeled. Did you have any luck getting her into the News Shopper?
@WalkieswithAce There's a foot tunnel at Greenwich that is unsupervised and has stairs down, though! It's highly unlikely, I guess, but a possibility.
Hi @alostsong - having looked at a map, it's pretty unlikey it was Ace as she'd have had to have crossed the river to get there as we're on the other side, South East London.

Oh well, roll on Monday when there's sure to be some news. Thanks again all.
Safedog Crash Tested Car CratesBaggy Dog
It's possible of course that the harness may have come off ... don't give up hope ... lots of reunion stories on here, but I once helped find a dog who'd been on the run for two weeks, bit skinny but otherwise OK. Glad that your job is dog walking so you can be searching as you work. Good luck ... would be great to have some sightings soon.
@WalkieswithAce Sorry I couldn't do more, if it was your Ace :( No, the dog I saw had no harness on!
@Millys Mum - you are a superstar! And I can't believe I was a proof-reader - just shows what sleep deprivation can do to you - I'm not functioning on 4 cylinders. It is fabulous to see how such a network of people can pull together to spread the word. truly goes to show 'word-of-mouth' works. We've met people all weekend that have said they had heard about Ace's disappearance before we'd even told them.

@Alostsong You have done a great thing because even if the dog you saw wasn't Ace, I'm sure it is someone's dog on the loose and now someone will look out for it and get it home and safe.

Were you able to see if the dog had a black harness on? It's a skiiny one - on the photo at http://www.dogwalksbromley.co.uk/app/download/5786104902/MISSING+ACE-page-001.jpg - from a distance it could just look like black markings on her chest. I will call the tower hamlets warden tomorrow to see if anyone's caught or handed her in - Battersea know and as she's shipped they'd contact us if she came in, I'm sure. I am crossing everything right now.
First and foremost I want to apologize and say that I don't want to get your hopes up, but this morning (at around 11am) I saw a stray dog in Canary Wharf (coming up from Marsh Wall) that could have been Ace. It definitely looked a bit like a Jack Russell and was all white with black ears/face but did not have a collar on at all. I followed it for as long as I could to see if it would stop running, so I could maybe catch it or at least take a picture but it just kept on running and I lost sight of it at a crossing in Upper Bank Street. I informed a Canary Wharf Security guard, who was walking the area, about it (he said he'd make sure the other guards would keep their eyes open) and also the Council Dog Warden (environmentalhealth@towerhamlets.gov.uk) but haven't heard back from them yet.

When I saw this post I wasn't sure what to do (first time I spotted a stray dog) as it might not have been Ace at all, but I thought it's best to let you know after all.

Good luck and I hope you will be reunited again soon!
Hello, I only heard that Ace went missing whilst walking my dog in Beckenham Place park this afternoon. I am a regular attendee at the park and live in the area. I have now sent a link through my network of friends on FaceBook. I am sure that we will get a positive result.
Millys Mum
You've worked hard to deliver all those posters - at least it stayed mostly dry with a bit of sunshine thrown in. I hope all your hard work pays off and that it won't be long until you start to receive those oh so important calls. You've certainly made Ace the hottest and best known girl in town! I haven't heard about travellers at Crystal Palace but, if I do hear anything, I will let you know. Sorry to be picky but the DL poster still doesn't read right. It actually says: There is a YES - 100 POUNDS CASH REWARD NO QUESTIONS ASKED FOR SAFE RETURN REWARD FOR ACE STILL MISSING'S safe return. If you have time and can be bothered, you need to remove the word YES and also the dash, put NO QUESTIONS ASKED in brackets, remove the words 'FOR SAFE RETURN' as it appears twice and perhaps put STILL MISSING in brackets and then read the wording again by viewing the poster. I would do it myself not able now as now longer a co-ordinator. Also your mobile number would be easier to read if it appeared as 07957 140 464 as many people could misread it if in a hurry to call you. I wonder if someone has come across her and has taken a shine to her but may not have seen a poster. I know it sounds odd, but so many people these days, jump into their cars and drive everywhere and, if someone does have her, they may be keeping a low profile by not taking her out. Have you dropped a batch of posters and A5 flyers into your local Royal Mail sorting office for posties to carry with them on their rounds? They would be more aware than most, if a new (perhaps yappy?) small dog has appeared on their round. I know the one in Beckenham is at Elmers End (near to Tescos) but I don't know about the one that would cover Catford/Lewisham/Bromley, etc. Fingers and paws crossed, as alwaysLast edited: 2012-07-01 18:52:56 by Millys Mum
I heard today that gypsys are in the area, arrived last week? Possible camp in Chrystal Palace. Not saying there's a link but a fella I spoke to today said his dog went missing and was returned by travellers as they knew him, so when they found out it was his dog... Anyone know anything, please contact me as there are still no sightings of Ace and we want to follow up any leads we can. thansk
circulating on twitter every few hours.
Thanks Millys Mum & Baggy Dog. I've edited poster - hope it's OK now. Just returned from leafleting c.800 houses all around BPP but still no news. I am exhausted and finding it hard to keep optimistic!
Millys Mum
Sophie - all you have to do to get the DL poster to read correctly is to type: 100 pounds (do not use the £ sign) and then presumably you can add in brackets (no questions asked for safe return) or you might have to add that bit to the 'Other Info'. Although you have your own posters, unless you alter the wording, other DL Helpers will probably be using this version. Only you, DL Admin and DL co-ordinators can change the wording on the poster. Baggy Dog - thanks for pointing that out.Last edited: 2012-07-01 13:53:43 by Millys Mum
Hi all if anyone needs other posters - this has more info and photos -http://bit.ly/MhImUb The DogsLost one was done on no sleep so has some glitches in. We're leafletting the area today in hope of shaking someone out of the woodwork. Fingers crossed as we are so so worried she's been stolen by dog fighters. She's too friendly and timid to be used to fight but I hear dogs can be used as bait for attack dogs. please do everything you can to help find Ace. xx
Safedog Crash Tested Car CratesBaggy Dog
Took poster to pet shop in Upper Elmers End Road. Notice that there's a slight glitch on the reward bit - it's obvious but could do with tweaking.
Hi Millys Mum - sorry I missed your calls last night - we were invited for some food at my in-laws so we were out. Good to hear your dog training pals already heard. News is spreading. We're leafleting the streets on the far side of BPP tomorrow. Further into Downham and some of the council estates in case anyone knows anything. Beginning to wonder if she's been stolen as there's not been one sighting.

Hi Ellejay - brilliant and thanks for this help - we haven't covered the park at the Pitch & Put (not sure what it's called) yet so if anyone is heading that way tomorrow there will be dog walkers out and about and it would really help. We go there some weekends but will focus on closer to home. Checked woods, park and golf-course again tonight and no sign - left chicken out and waited for 2 hours, but nothing.

Research indicates that dogs that go missing mostly stay within a 2 mile radius so we're focusing on that for now, and then when that's covered we'll spread further. I have 1000 A5 flyers to door-drop tomorrow. It's going to be another long day but at least we're doing all we can.
I have been around clock house area tonight and spread the word , drove all round farnaby road round side of bbp and along main road, maybe she had travelled furthur afield so need to get posters out side of main area.

Will go to the park next to millwall training ground nr bbp tomorrow morning and look their and tell more dog walkers.

If we can get her well known ( which is already happening ) maybe an elderly person has taken her in and does not know, so posters are the key ..
Hey. So sorry to hear your lovely dog is missing. My Layla went missing this time last year from Croydon for 7 days. It was the longest and hardest 7 days of my life searching day and night in all weathers whilst a few weeks pregnant, the worry and stress was awful. I really hope you are reunited with Ace soon. I no longer live in the area but will spread the word on FB as I have lots of doggy and horsey mates from around Bromley and West Wickham. Good luck x
Have crossposted on Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre's page. They are in Biggin Hill, Kent. The link has had another 80 shares from our page so fingers crossed someone's seen her.
Millys Mum
Hi Baggy Dog! As far as I know the News Shopper cut off time is 11.00/11.30pm (well that's what I've got on my Lost/Found W4W document) although, of course, that may have changed. I know that not everyone gets it delivered these days but I still think it's the best local newspaper to try and certainly by doing so, there's nothing to loose. With National Rail (as much as we don't want to hear any bad news) just make sure you badger them on a daily basis. Unfortunately not all NR crews work the same. If I was you, I would try to establish what time the crews do their maintenance work and I would make sure that I was there at their meeting point armed with flyers! Of course, we don't want Ace to be running around near to the railway but railway embankments do tend to be a good source of wildlife/food. But Sophie, as you so rightly say, no news is good news. Hoping that Ace is starting to feel peckish by now, that she is tiring of her mini adventure and that she will break cover. It's a nice warm sunny evening and so she might show her face once all the golfers and walkers have gone home.
Hi all - Ace's Mum here. We were up at 4.30 and did 3 hours on bicycles while quiet all around the area again but no sign. Returned to BPP and beat down and through as much undergrowth as possible so we're now pretty sure she's not trapped in bushes or brambles.

Have been to Bromley to run off 1000 A5 flyers which we will start to door drop tomorrow. Will go back to stake out Beckenham golf course at dusk with some food as we saw fresh dog paw prints in one of the sand bunkers early this am. Looked like the animal had been chasing a bird, so it's worth doing as she's going to be hungry. Pretty sure it wasn't fox or badger tracks.

And thank you for all the new phone numbers to follow up. I have a reference number for National Rail as reported it on Thursday. called back today and there's no reports. I was told that train drivers have to report animals (dead or alive) on the track immediately, so no news is good news as they say.

Will let you know when further developments, and thanks again.
Safedog Crash Tested Car CratesBaggy Dog
Sorry to hear that there's no good news yet. Another suggestion is the News Shopper - I think the cut off time is Monday 10am (Millys Mum will correct that if it's wrong!) Shame there's been no sightings, but maybe that's because she's keeping her head down in the park.
Millys Mum
I don't know if you are already aware but The Friends of Beckenham Place Park's Visitor Centre is open on Sunday afternoons between 1.30pm & 3.30pm and so it would be good/best if you could speak to one of the volunteers direct to ask about the lie of the land and any possible undisclosed hidey holes that Ace may have come across when she disappeared last Wednesday. They would be the experts on this. Good Luck for this weekend!Last edited: 2012-06-30 14:32:38 by Millys Mum
Millys Mum
Sophie - have spread the word at this morning's dog training & agility class (some were already aware). Have spoken to next door neighbour who helps run the Foxgrove Club but he just confirmed that they are already displaying posters! I also had a nice prompt return email this morning from the Kent Search and Rescue group who confirmed what I ready knew and that was that they only search for children and adults but he did say that he would ask the rest of 'the gang' just in case they knew of a group or individual who could help. I had another thought and that is to contact the Chairman / Committee of the Friends of Beckenham Place Park (which you may have already done). I was thinking that they would be the most knowledgeable about the park and would probably be aware if there were any badger setts (or is it sets?) and fox dens and tunnels. Also, have you contacted Network Rail on 0845 711 4141. Make sure that they give you a reference number. I know it's not a nice call to make but hopefully this will rule out any railway incidents. I know that our railway lines are more secure than other areas of the country as we use the third live rail system and so it's more imperative that the fencing is secure. If you haven't made contact with Lewisham's dog warden service, I have an out-of-hours service number for them which is (020) 8314 6000 (presume this is still current). Another call to make is to both Bromley & Lewisham Council's street cleansing departments (Bromley's is 020 8313 4557 but I don't have the number for Lewisham Council) but they won't be available until Monday morning. Of course it's unlikely that Ace has been injured in a RTA as they would have contact details for you. I don't recall seeing it but I assume you've already contacted Battersea and provided them with a poster. If Ace has gone to ground and got stuck it may take a few days for her to loose a bit of weight and back out the hole. Last edited: 2012-06-30 14:38:30 by Millys Mum
thanks ellejay - At this rate she's going to be the most famous dog in Bromley LOL. Most people seem happy to put up posters - even the lady at Shortlands railway ticket office - said she wasn't allowed but she'd do it anyway (a fellow dog owner!). I also postered Animal Magic the pet shop and the Shortlands Railway Pub yesterday but not done Sundridge yet. Friends have postered Harvington and Kelsey parks for me but I've not done anywhere in Beckenham yet, so if anyone can cover that area it would help. Pubs are good places too - lots of people and some are dog-friendly too. Anywhere that's open near a bus stop and later at night (kebab shops etc) as lots of daytime shops have shutters down when they close.

We're off to BPP again to try and probe through more undergrowth then we'll stake out the golf course tonight with food. Fingers crossed - I'm not giving up. Thanks again everyone who is helping. You are all very kind.
You are doing everything right, with this much exposure she is sure to be found soon.

I went up bbp this morning with my dog and had a good look round, told a few dog walkers, 2 already knew so word is spreading . Do they let posters go up in the beckenham spa leisure centre , as loads of people go there everyday just a thought .

I will see if I can get some posters and will target round sundridge roundabout incase she had headed that way, also short lands etc.

We will get her found .xx
Forgot to say, here's Ace's Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/walkieswithace
Hi all - thanks for all your wonderful suggestions - it's keeping us going and hopeful. I am free all day weekendays so have been out every day from morning til night postering and telling people.

I have posted 60 dog lost posters so far, including all exits and entrances to BPP, Golf course cafe and Foxgrove club. Ace's vet is Foxgroves so I posted there too. Have also covered Homebase, lots of shops in Downham incuding post offic, Macdonalds, cobblers, fishing tackle shop, kebab shop, butchers and of course the pet shop. Bromley also has posters in most pubs, done yesterday (thought there would be lots of people out last night, being Friday).

Popped in to Catford police station - they gave me number of Animal Welfare in Wearside Road, will follow up/visit to see if they have Ace.

I am working through another list of contacts and will get the mini posters as want to door-drop as many houses backing on to the farside of BPP (Brangbourne Ave) - already knocked on a door of someone with an GS Dog poster in window.

We went out at 4.30 this morning on bicycles back through park, all round the gold course again. We did see paw prints about the right size, in one of the sand bunkers so will go back tonight with some meat and wait to see if she is there.

Brilliant idea about the search and rescue - please keep me posted on that - I know you will :-)

I am also searching for sales and founds on the free listings. I am on FB and Twitter so have all of that covered. I do dog training with Gypton Dog School at Coney Hall on Mondays and the ladies know she's missing and are circualting details, but I will go on Monday to tell all Ace's class-mates we need help.

Ace is actually my work dog - ironically, I'm a dog walker, pet-sitter and boarder so she's got her own website www.walkieswithace.co.uk

Please keep looking! I'm not going to give up until I find her.
Millys Mum
Just looked it up, BPP covers 214 acres.Last edited: 2012-06-30 01:35:46 by Millys Mum
Millys Mum
Sophie - meant to say don't forget to request the mini-flyers as these are quite invaluable. You will need to speak to DogLost Admin to have these sent to your email address.
Millys Mum
Hi ellejay - you're up late (the same as me)! I was going to suggest that Ace's owner pops into the Foxgrove Club because, as we both know, it's very dog-friendly. I can certainly ask my next door neighbour, who helps run the club, to put a notice or two up. I have just sent a email to Kent Lowland Search & Rescue in the hope that they might be able to help or point us in the right direction (although they usually search for children & adults, I suggested that they might use it as a training exercise). I just thought it was worth a try! And so it was St Mary Cray where Dylan was located and not St Paul's Cray as I stated - I knew it was one or the other! I'm hoping Ace will find her way home by the weekend or show her face to another walker (I wonder how far Beckenham Place Park is from her own home) but I hope that the regular walkers of BPP can organise a large search during the weekend. I've been wondering just how many acres the park covers. I don't 'do' Facebook or Twitter and so can't help on that one. It's also good to read that Baggy Dog has passed a poster to our Last Chance Friend. BTW, I believe the 2 dogs found in Croydon Road Recreation Ground was during the Jubilee weekend and bank holidays.Last edited: 2012-06-30 01:30:25 by Millys Mum
SOrry I have missed this, here to help now.

Posters need to go up all along the main road towards to homebase nr bbp , also beckenham high st , let's get her well known in beckenham .

Please check all free ad sites, I will look daily , I will also go over park and look through hedges etc, millysmum can we tell the foxgrove club about her?

If you think she may have got stuck we need as many people as we can over there looking so need to target dog walkers.

As said our little one ended up in st Mary's cray and was put up for sale on gumtree so dogs can go out of area.

Really hope she home soon, I will spread word on twitter and Facebook , if you have facebook can you make a page for her to get locals round here to look for her.
Thanks Millys Mum & Baggy Dog - will follow up on your input. I am distraught as no sightngs so am worried she's trapped somewhere in undergrowth.
Safedog Crash Tested Car CratesBaggy Dog
Just seen on Twitter that the Bromley Dog Warden found two dogs in Croydon Road Rec ... breeds not mentioned :( but may be worth a call? 08444 828 337. I guess you're in touch with them but thought it worth a mention.
Safedog Crash Tested Car CratesBaggy Dog
Sorry to hear about Ace. I've just printed a poster & delivered it to my friend who runs the Last Chance shop in Bromley, frequented by dog lovers from all over. Hope she's home soon.
Millys Mum
I've sent an email to Helper, ellejay (hope she's around)who also lives close to Beckenham Place Park but ellejay always recommends checking the following websites on a regular (at least daily) basis: Gumtree / Pets4Homes / epupz / ukclassified / preloved. ellejay found her mum's missing Yorkie via one of these websites - dog run out house and ended up at an address in St Paul's Cray and so it just goes to show what can happen and how dogs can 'travel'!
Millys Mum
Jayne/Admin - would you also send email alerts to Helpers in the SE6 postcode as it borders Beckenham Place Park. Thanks!
Millys Mum
Sophie - I've just called your landline and left a message on your ansafone. I live in Beckenham & heard about Ace yesterday afternoon from the owner of Sidney (or maybe Sydney) the Staffie or Staffie cross (Sydney's owner might be called Mike but could be wrong). I happened to be at Foxgrove vets this afternoon and saw 2 of Ace's posters in the waiting room. Well done for doing that because, as you probably know, they provide 24/7 cover for all local vets and have a really caring team of vet nurses. Please feel free to give me a call as I have some local contact numbers and suggestions. Unless I hear to the contrary, I will take a poster along to dog training/agility classes tommorow morning at Lower Sydenham. Just to let you know DogLost can also provide mini-flyers (4 to a page) which can be photocopied onto brightly coloured paper - orange is good. These can be sent to email addresses as requested and then handed out to 'all and sundry' and that way, when someone spots Ace, they will have her contact details to hand, rather than having to return to a poster. I expect you may be out looking for Ace and so will keep my fingers crossed for a swift return.Last edited: 2012-06-29 20:40:00 by Millys Mum
circulating on twitter.
hi - please leave photos as they are - they are more recent than the ones with the bandana and my friends say they don't resemble Ace. She was wearing a black and red collar with coloured stars on, not the red bandana. Thanks - no news of her yet although I have posted up posters in as many places as I can think of. Sophie (Ace's mum)
Thanks Jayne, Sophie's Sister here.
I have a couple of links to some better quality photos:
Crossing everything for her safe return.Last edited: 2012-06-28 13:57:25 by MissGosh
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Alerts sent out to helpers in BR1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.

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