Lost: Black And White Cocker Spaniel Male In North East (HG4)

  • Dog ID 41352
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 19 Jul 2012
  • Gender & Breed Male Cocker Spaniel (Neutered)
  • Age Adult
  • Colour Black and White
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged Yes
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed No
  • Date Lost 29 Aug 2012
  • Where Lost From Home Near Galphay, Ripon, North Yorkshire
  • Lost In Region North East
  • Lost In Post Area HG4
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info Please look out for these two brothers! One was wearing a Blue Padded Collar and the other had got a Dark Thin Leather Collar when they went missing. MICROCHIPPED, TAGGED and NEUTERED! Sam Doglost ID119399
  • Phone 1 01864 502070
  • Phone 2 07802789297
  • Listed By Misty
  • Views 11607


Sightings and Information

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Six years today since they went missing- we live in hope
Just seen post by Sharon - trying to get contact details
Found in Leeds https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10214342305245146&set=gm.2079024572126593&type=3&theater
Saw this spaniel for sale. https://www.donedeal.co.uk/dogs-for-sale/male-cocker-spaniel/18272299
Saw this pop up on Facebook (Lost & Hound - Search & Capture Team) from someone at Allenheads NE ...
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10156015835433083&set=gm.1591216387613679&type=3&theater at leigh dogs and cats home on Facebook
Please check out this advert.
Barney and Sam featured in the DogLost column in the November issue of Dogs Today and will be promoted through our social media outlets.
Always looking out for Sam and Barny. Would love to see these two boys home very very soon x
Hope, and pray that these dogs will be reunited with their owners. Paws xd Someone somewhere must know where these dogs are.
Sue - onestopalldogs
Shared to @onestopalldogsLost Facebook and Twitter
Sam has his own page now, this is so that their microchip numbers can be recorded separately as this was preventing any changes to the page, Sam's page is 119399 x
5 long years without these two lovely boys. So very sad for the owner. Are microchip details still up to date for both dogs?
Missing for 5 years. Owners still searching:-

In 55 minutes it will be exactly 5 years since we last saw the boys. We all still live in hope that they will be returned to us one day.
Red Alert
Could owner please check https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=346168965576104&set=gm.1558826841043879&type=1&theater
Lesley Brown
A bit far, but worth a check. Fingers crossed your boys are back soon x
elfie 2575
58547 can you check this dog roaming not yet cought very similar
elfie 2575
could you check this not good pic https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152039953976515&set=o.493861757302854&type=1&relevant_count=1
Have a look at Dog ID Found 48068
to check out the black and white one. Good luck
In regards to the possible lower Whitley sighting it may also be worth contacting Acorn kennels who cover the nantwich/Cheshire area with a poster and also send one to Beeston Auctions as they have regular markets and horse sales which people travel a fair distance to x
We have set up a page on facebook to help us find our two boys. Please, please take a look and click like and share with as many friends and family that you can. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Find-Barney-and-Sam-Missing-From-Ripon-North-Yorkshire/481308935247601?ref=stream
be sure to register them lost with the council as a warden may have dropped them at private kennels and the kennels won't call you even if they are chipped etc as they make money from bordering them! this has just happened to me xLast edited: 2012-10-24 20:08:24 by LAURA&DAWN
Is anyone going to the Stow Fair tomorrow? (in the Cotswolds)If so it would be great if anyone could find the time to hand out some posters x
So sorry to hear your boys are still missing Misty - will keep looking out for them! x
Spoke to Stockton kennels yesterday I got the impression they had a few spaniels. I know your boys are chipped however still worth a call. Good luck stolen Tays mum x
Sorry and sad that your boys are still missing, hoping they are found safe very soon x
The sighting in Coundon Village has been proved not to be one of our boys.
Look out tomorrow for an article in the Darlington and Stockton plus their free papers will also be running with the same article.
Today- Warrington Guardian have also run an article for us, following the possible sighting a couple of weeks ago.
The search continues.
DogLostMinigirl - Area Co-ordinator, West Yorkshire
Bumped as these boys are featured in the Northern Echo today! well done owners and thank you Northern Echo.
The Northern Echo appeal has produced a possible sighting of one of the dogs in the DL14 area between Coundon Village and Sainsbury's.
This sighting has been of a dog matching one of the boy's description being out in the area on his own for the past week or so.
The area dog warden has been informed.
Please could poster alerts be sent out to DL14 and surrounding postcodes.
Everything crossed for more news later
I think I know where you're talking about now Misty... not right on my doorstep, but have walked around the area and know where you mean. I have to visit Warrington on Sunday, so will take a minor detour and stretch my legs in the Higher and Lower Whitley areas. Will take posters and fliers too.

It's quite rural, so not going to be lots of people around, but Chetwode Arms at Lower Whitley is quite a busy pub, so will see if they will display a poster. Think there are also a few fishing ponds, so will see if I can find any anglers to talk to.

Looking at the vet list - there is a vet in Appleton Hall which I guess may be the one you've spoken to? - Appleton Hall Veterinary Clinic.

Can I also just check - you noted below you have sent poster to Chelsea dogs home - did you mean Cheshire Dogs home - this would be the local one. Do you want me to drop in there whilst I'm in Warrington - I will be visiting Grappenhall and I think it's only just up the road.

Anything else you'd like me to target - just let me know...
The lady who called says that the area is not Halton, but Raddle Lane, in Lower Whitley, just off the A48. it is close to a very small and expensive housing estate of no more than 30 houses. But is also close to livery yards. We live on a Livery yard so thought it a strong possibility it could be out dogs.
The lady has also said she has put posters out in the area and outside the house where they were seen. Plus she has also put one in the local Post Office as well.
Unfortunately we have not received any word on them.
I hope the Warrington Guardian will be of help and I have also posted on facebook groups in that area as well.
Someone somewhere must know where our two boys are?
DogLostMinigirl - Area Co-ordinator, West Yorkshire
Thanks Sue- really hoping this brings news of these boys.
Owner is continuing to poster and spread the word and has secured some appeal articles in the Darlington and Stockton Post and the Warrington Guardian. They will update on the days the features appear.
Really hoping for news of them very soon
Lets hope the advertisement helps get these boys home x
Advertised in this weeks Countryman's Weekly magazine.
The lady who called to say she had seen them in the Warrington area, said she had been back and had not seen them since. She also said she had a look on Doglost and believed there was a strong possibility that they were the same dogs. Both seemed to be happy, though playing in the road. We have spoken with a local vets assistant and she said that the area is called Halton. Again she had not seen any dogs like ours in that area and her parents who live there had they confirmed no one had and spaniels.
The Halton radio put out a call on Friday but no response and the Dog wardens in Warrington and Halton have both been notified via the council as have Chelsea Dogs home who also have put up a poster.

We also had over the weekend two possible sighting - one ten miles away which turned out to be two spaniels belonging to a local farmer and the other was a Hoax call made by a 13 year old boy. Whose mother has rung twice to apologise. As you can imagine are hopes were raised and dashed.
We must remember that they could be anywhere.

Thanks to everyone for their help
I live in the WA4 area - have printed off posters and will be out after work spreading the word. Paws crossed these fellas are home soon. x
All xd for a very safe return.
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Alerts sent out to helpers in WA1-8.
I have friends on FB in Warrington, will post to my page again. Wishing these boys were home safe, come on lads be seen xx
I have family in Warrington so will ask them to poster and keep a look out for these gorgeous boys. Hope they are home soon x
DogLostMinigirl - Area Co-ordinator, West Yorkshire
Bumped for possible sighting of the two brothers in the Warrington area of Cheshire.
Please could posters alerts go out to helpers in WA4 and surrounding areas
DogLostAnnieSparky - Area Volunteer, West Lancashire
Glad you checked bazil.......good he was claimed, looked very sad and we can rule out now. Sorry these boys havnt been found yet :( Hoping its very soon and the sighting brings some news x
Thanks AnnieSparky. I have just looked again at this Kennels dog and it now says he has been reclaimed xx
DogLostAnnieSparky - Area Volunteer, West Lancashire
hi bazil...thanks for looking....I thought the same. It was also with one having a blue collar.

The contact details for the kennels are:

Council Kennels
Corporation Road
CH41 4JZ

Telephone:0151 606 2003
Hi AnnieSparky, I have looked at the dog you mentioned below and I am not sure, I think the face and bib markings look different. Hope owner can take a look to rule out x
Barney 'n' Ozzie's mum
Any more news yet?
DogLostAnnieSparky - Area Volunteer, West Lancashire
Sorry this is a long shot as the kennels are a long way from Ripon but just incase there is a similar dog on the Wirral council website:


Kennel Reference: 212024619
Gender: Male
Date Found: 10 September 2012
Where Found: Higher Bebington , Teehay Lane
Collar and Tag Details: Blue & white nylon

Hoping these lovely dogs are found soon x

Brilliant news, hoping this is one of these lads and he is found soon along with his brother. Good luck x
This comment was posted by owners on a FB page:

"We have just had word of a possible sighting of one of them near Hell Wath nature reserve in Ripon. About 4 miles way from us. Unable to verify - but told two people were trying to catch it. We intend going out at dawn to look. Fingers crossed"

I've bumped the page - fingers crossed too :)
thank you vision, owners checked that and its not one of her dogs, thank you for thinking of them.
Thank you Charlie's mum for your help x
Charlie's Mum
I've shared the FB post with the South Yorkshire English Springer Spaniel Rescue and asked if their supporters will share to too. Hopefully it will reach a wider area. They have also posted it onto the www.itsaspringthing.net site. The kennels that they use to house their rescue's also takes in strays from the York area, so they have promised to keep a look out. Hope this helps
Can you please take a look at this link

The missing date is wrong, it should be 29th - i asked owner due to them haveing the 29th on things they have been sharing. 29th is the correct date! Also both wearing collars which i will add to other info
Was hoping to see these boys home safe, so sorry they are still missing. Maybe someone has found and kept them. Stay safe boys wherever you are, hope they are home very soon xxLast edited: 2012-09-08 11:26:33 by bazil
DogLostMinigirl - Area Co-ordinator, West Yorkshire
There is now a CASH reward for the return of these brothers.
Anyone finding them, must report them to the dog warden as is required by LAW, where they can be reunited via their MICROCHIPS.
You are doing so well with your searches.... I have everything crossed you have good news soon! Stay safe lads!x
Sad to read these brothers are not back home safe. Might be worth putting them on www.alfieslostdogs.com. Will keep checking all other found dog websites. Stay safe boys x

I am a bit confused. When looking on animalwardens site, 2 'springer spaniels' not 'cocker' are registered lost from HG4 and named. Are these your dogs? springers or cockers? also re one of the names, is there a link to the ones mentioned below at rspca buryoldham who are up for rehoming?Last edited: 2012-09-04 23:49:03 by bazil
Having spent many hours searching miles and miles of forests,woodlands, fields, villages and still we have not found them and NO one has even seen them. So many people tell us they have seen the posters we have put out and many people have called asking if they have arrived home. Plus all the people who have said they will also keep an eye open for them.
But I'm sorry to say we still have no news.
Tomorrow morning they will have been gone for a full week. We have never been parted for so long and we are all just hoping and praying that they will come home soon safe and well.
Thanks to everyone who is looking
Keep checking here, hoping they are home very soon x
DogLostMinigirl - Area Co-ordinator, West Yorkshire
thanks maggie and bazil.
sadly there is still no news of these two brothers.
If found, they must be reported to the dog warden, as is required by LAW.
They are Microchipped and have been flagged up as missing.
Will add them to the list for an advert in the countryman's weekly
xxLast edited: 2012-09-03 12:24:51 by Minigirl - Area Co-ordinator, West Yorkshire
Hi Maggie & Star I have looked at Brandy and Barney and I think they are show cockers, these two boys look like working cockers so don't think its them x
This is prob a long shot but thought i would post the link to these two cocker spaniels looking for a home together. Don't how old these two missing furbabies are but think its worth checking to see if they could possibly be a match. A fair distance away but any possible is always worth checking.
Not sure if both males either
http://www.rspca-buryoldham.org.uk/shop/products/detail/?productid=67091&categoryid=308&Category=Dogs&subcategoryid=&SubCategory=&Product=Brandy+%26+BarneyLast edited: 2012-09-02 08:30:00 by Maggie
We are grateful to everyone’s comments and best wishes.

People in our area keep calling and asking if we have them back with us. Sadly we don’t and with every day that goes by we get more down hearted.

Our granddaughter came today and was so disappointed not to be able to give her boys a big cuddle.

I have to point out, that these two lively brothers went missing shortly after arriving home on Wednesday morning, from a nice long walk in the pouring rain. Had I not left them in the back passage to dry off and eat their breakfast, while I went and had a shower, then I would have been there when the back door blew open and that resulted in their escape.

They then managed to break through the fencing on the wall to our neighbours’ property and were away.

They were probably chasing rabbits, though we have yet to see them manage to catch any.

Tomorrow we have several parties who have offered to help look for them in the woodlands that are close to our property, and with a bit of luck we are all hopeful they will be found.

Fingers crossed
Mischief written all over these two little boys faces, lets hope they are home safe, again, very very soon x
DogLostMinigirl - Area Co-ordinator, West Yorkshire
These two brothers went missing from home on Tuesday morning in a very densely rural area.
There have been no reported sightings of them since they went missing.
They are both microchipped and have been flagged up as missing and both have ID tags on, though the details may not be clear on the tags.
Owner has contacted all the relevant authorities, searched and postered the area.
Last time they went missing they stayed in the local area- owners out looking and searching.
Really hoping for news of them very soon
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Alerts sent out.
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
These two have managed to escape again and have gone walkabouts this morning.
DogLostAnnieSparky - Area Volunteer, West Lancashire
Great news these lovely boys are safely home x
Really pleased to see this gorgeous pair have been found safe and well. Stay safe and close to home now boys! xx
Pleased these pair have been found safe and sound. Goodlooking or what? Stay safe nowxxx
Many thanks for all the lovely comments and all your hard work.
Everything crossed here. These two are adorable.Good luck and best wishes. Stolen Tays mum x
DogLostMinigirl - Area Co-ordinator, West Yorkshire
Thanks Jayne
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Alerts sent out to helpers in HG1,2,3,4.
DogLostMinigirl - Area Co-ordinator, West Yorkshire
These two brothers went missing from home yesterday around 4pm in a very densely rural area.
There have been no reported sightings of them since they went missing.
They are both microchipped and have been flagged up as missing and both have ID tags on.
Owner has contacted all the relevant authorities, searched and postered the area.
they are contacting the local radio station to ask for an appeal.
Hoping for some news of them very soon
DogLostMinigirl - Area Co-ordinator, West Yorkshire
Telephoned for an update- owner will ring back
Sorry to see that BARNEY AND SAM IN DOGS TODAY is missing.
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