Reunited: Black Cocker Spaniel Female

  • Dog ID 51751
  • Status Reunited
  • Registered 28 Apr 2013
  • Gender & Breed Female Cocker Spaniel
  • Age Young Adult
  • Colour Black
  • Marks & Scars She is all black with white chest, wearing a red collar She's a Sprocker spaniel with half tail.
  • Tagged Yes
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed No
  • Date Lost 28 Apr 2013
  • Where Lost home at Rushett Farm, Chessington. She was outside on the farm as I was working in the field
  • Lost In Region South East
  • Lost In Post Area KT9
  • Where Found straying in Reading area by kind man who took her into Twyford Vets who scanned Fern. Reunited because microchip DETAILS were KEPT UP TO DATE.
  • Found In Region South East
  • Date Reunited 03 Jul 2019
  • Other Info If you have any information on the whereabouts of Fern please call her owners or Doglost in TOTAL CONFIDENCE on 0844 800 3220. There is a LARGE REWARD for the safe return of Fern (NO QUESTIONS ASKED)
  • Listed By Fern
  • Views 101794


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Fern was reunited a year ago and continues to help other missing microchipped dogs and cats with the #FernsLaw petition to make it compulsory for vets, rescues and authorities to scan and check microchip ID on the original database at first treatment to reunite missing pets with their rightful families. Supported by DogsLost and many others.
#FernsLaw petition
75,000 signatures so far!
Fern Found on Facebook
This is the most wonderful news . I have followed Fern's story from the start , she is the image of my 7 year old Sprocket girl Jessie . The family never gave up looking , I'm so thrilled they have her back where she belongs .
Just wanted to know how Fern is getting along. I believe she was used for breeding. And now is not too ken on men. The vile thief just wanted to make a quick buck. Scumbag. One day you will get your comeuppance. I sincerely hope you never find peace. Last edited: 2019-07-24 15:26:35
How has Fern settled down?
Just brilliant news, so pleased for the family!
Just watched the lovely interview on BBC South Today on IPlayer. It's only available till 7 pm if you want to watch it.
Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks Millys Mum. Jodie has definitely been busy again today as she, Ethan & Fern have been on BBC South, the national ITV News & an appearance on the Victoria Derbyshire prog thi morning telling their stort & continuing to stress the importance of microchipping & keeping the details updated.
A whole page article with lots of photos in the Daily Mail as well..

BBC South .. just after the weather (approx 24.15 mins in) .. at the end approx 51 mins in.

Someone who's not been mentioned on here yet is PaulaK who has kept in very close contact with Jodie all these long years, supporting her & keeping her spirits up whilst Fern was away. It was PaulaK who set up the Find Fern page.. now Fern Found! So a massive thank you to her.
Another big thank you should go to the kind man who picked Fern up when he saw her roaming on the street & for being honest enough to take her into Twyford Vets who scanned her.. without him this reunion may not have happened. Thank you!
Last edited: 2019-07-05 23:24:46 by Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
SO Happy Fern is finally back where she belongs such wonderful news
Millys Mum
Fern’s reunited story is about to be covered on BBC1’s South East news. It’s possibly too late for DL peeps to watch this but obviously it can be viewed afterwards on BBC iPlayer.Last edited: 2019-07-05 18:56:19 by Millys Mum
What wonderful news has Made My Day xxxxxxxxxxx
This is absolutely wonderful news!!!!!
I saw a post on Instagram from pet theft UK about 4 long term missing dogs being found & I couldn’t believe my eyes seeing Fern there!!! I am so very happy for Jodie & her family & dear Fern at last back where she belongs ❤️ Sending lots of love & best wishes to you all & lots of hugs to dear sweet Fern ❤️ xxx
Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
UPDATE fm Jodie on Fern Found page:
"Fern has been given the all clear from the vets. She has a flea and worm burden to deal with but nothing major.
I have done dozens of interviews today for papers, radio and Fern will appear on BBC South Today tomorrow. I just want to hide with my girl and cry but we have to push this microchipping message whilst we have the public interest ... Ferns Army have done an amazing job. What I would love is for every one to pick another lost or stolen dog and show that dog the dedication you showed me and my family. This is the end and the beginning all in one.
I promise to use Ferns notoriety to help the Vets get scanning campaign and to encourage EVERYONE to chip and update that chip religiously...just like I did"
So here are some of those articles as Jodie has indeed been very busy spreading the word about how important microchipping is and especially keeping the details up to date!
"Proof of the power of a microchip" Radio interviews done as well..

and finally Fern's page for allthe latest updates:
Last edited: 2019-07-04 21:30:43 by Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Wow, woke up this morning and had to go check that this reunion had actually happened! Had a big smile on my face at work this morning!
This article has been put on Fern Found page. I've also added another of the reunited photos for you (Please refresh the page to see it)

and one more thing ..
*** PLEASE REMEMBER to make sure your dogs MICROCHIP is registered & that the details are kept UP TO DATE :) (Ask your vet to check the chip when you next go to them)
#FernReunitedLast edited: 2019-07-04 20:28:31 by Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Simply overjoyed that u have got her back at last - the video had me crying - no words for the evil people who took her and made her have puppies and then just dumped her but at long last she is home where she belongs - I can stop looking for her - the update is amazing - u must all be worn out - have a fantastic life now all of u - thank god for the microchip and that amazing vets and guy who handed her in - there are kind people out there too ❤️❤️❤️ If everyone took photos of the mum when they went to buy a puppy and then checked against lost/stolen dogs maybe more could be saved too
Fabulous news. I am ecstatic for Fern`s family who must be in Seventh Heaven to have their girl back with them. Look forward to the full story of how she was found, and where she has been all this time. And of course a REUNITED photo. The power of the microchip! (The person who stole Fern has robbed Ferns family of over six years. They should lose six years of their life; in prison) However I`m sure Fern`s family will make up for that.

Your turn now Tink, and Hemp xLast edited: 2019-07-04 16:27:08
DogLostJayne - Founder Doglost.
AMAZING! Gives hope to so many other long term missing dog owners!
Just the most amazing happy ending...I have watched their reunion video over again...Fern's tail! So happy for family and small act of kindness - thankyou that man...lovely vets and a fabulous family who never, ever gave up. If there's at least one reason for keeping up the microchip, this has to be it!
Hope Fern feels better in herself soon, and wish you many years of happiness with Fern back in the fold ❤ xxLast edited: 2019-07-04 12:07:24 by Carolynl
WELCOME HOME FERN thank God for this happy ending.
Best news ever. Welcome home Fern.
DogLostJulie - Area Co-ordinator - Surrey & South London
Link to video
DogLostJulie - Area Co-ordinator - Surrey & South London
Jodie's update earlier on Fern's page:

Wow...what a night!
The call came in at 4:30 pm from the wonderful staff at Twyford Veterinary practice to say they had a dog found straying and her chip shows as being mine. As you can imagine my heart leapt and I needed to hear it several times! It was her!
I couldn't wait another second so as soon as the kids were ready and Tom was home we jumped in the car and drove to the ferry.
Still not really daring to believe we arrived in Reading at 8:50 pm.

The staff were incredible and stayed on late so we could come and get her tonight. I showed the lovely nurse Stephanie my documents, ID , Ferns chip certificate and crime number . I was so impressed how professional everyone was ensuring this girl was going home to her rightful owners.
Fern was showing a little bit of anxiety and fear towards male colleagues at the practice so I decided to approach her alone to start with....

From the second the door opened I knew it was her. I'm not sure she knew me but none the less she was happy to see anyone happy to see her!

She is smelly, scabby, itchy and clearly had pups but not in terrible general condition.

As I write we are sat on a ferry waiting to leave at 3am to get home on the beautiful Isle of Wight and start the first day of the rest of her life with us.

It's been an agonising, heart wrenching, sick making, sleepless night endusing ordeal for 2272 days. The few things I am thankful for is that I met Paula who has helped from the very first day. She's become like family to me and mine and I'll always be so grateful to her and she's definitely stuck with us now. I'm also so humbled by every single one of you who shared, sent love, messages, searched the net, phoned me and everything else. It's meant so much to know I wasn't alone in looking for her.

Lastly... The power of the microchip!
I religiously updated my details on that chip and checked several times a year it was up to date. If the wonderful person who found her and took her to Twyford only knew ( he will tomorrow when I ring him) that tiny act and tiny bit of technology have changed my life for the better.

Whoever had her fed her well and for that I am grateful...but she was never yours to keep and now she's home where she belongs.

So much to learn about her and a lot of adjusting to do but we will slowly make her feel like the queen she is!

This page will stay open with updates on how she is getting on.

Again, I'm forever in your debt. You've all kept me going.

Our Karma caught up with us today. It was a long time coming but boy am I relieved it found me.
So happy for them all, remember Fern being stolen, seeing all the posters and keeping an eye out locally, just can’t believe it’s been six years, but at least she’s back where she belongs now!
I am thrilled for Fern and her lovely family. She has always been in the back of my mind for the last 6 years. I hope she settles well back into family life. I'm over the moon and just cant believe it.
Just over the moon that Fern is finally back where she belongs. Lots of happy tears xxLast edited: 2019-07-04 00:15:39 by csquaredb
Yes,thankyou Fern, for taking the time to update us
To even tell us that you were on your way to fetch her was SO heartwarming - 'we' often never get told how a Stolen/Missing Dog was Reunited. So, Thankyou xx
There will have been hundreds of Empty Tissue Boxes all over the Country & beyond, tonight
I do believe that Stolen Dogs are always Attempting to Escape their Captors, so Clever Girl Fern, for finding that Escape Route
Huge thankyous too, to the kind honest person who Found Her & took her to the Vet
Sleep Well 'Fern' xx Last edited: 2019-07-04 07:39:13
Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks so much for taking the time to give us this update.
I'm sure, like everyone else, that you are totally overwhelmed at getting your miracle at last!
So very glad to hear that Fern seems to be well and I'm sure she will be even happier now that she is home. Yes, it will take time for her to settle down with you and I expect she will 'sleep for England' whilst making her recovery but she's back in the best place for her now.
Hope you manage to sleep well after all the excitement (probably with one eye open to make sure this is all real!!)
Welcome home Fern.
DogLostMajorjet (Jan) - Area Co-ordinator - Liverpool/Merseyside, North West
Fern thanks for the quick update, So pleased for you all, lots of catching up time now.

Well done for keeping the MICROCHIP details UP TO DATE. MICROCHIP working its power once again. Thanks for sharing the lovely REUNITED pic. Last edited: 2019-07-04 07:39:39
That is so brilliant.
It made my day.
I am here with my daughters Black Cocker Spaniel and they are lovely dogs.
I am so happy for the family .
It must feel like all their Christmas's came at once .
Hi all. A very quick update. I received THE call at 4:30 this afternoon that Fern had been found straying in Reading and taken to Twyford Veterinary practice. She was scanned and I was called.
I slung everyone in the car and we drove to the ferry. She's in good condition body wise. A bit smelly and scabby and has clearly had some pups.
She appears to be a happy girl and we are obviously over the moon and back again to have her home.
Thank you eternally to everyone who helped share her picture over the last 2272 days!

Lots of happy memories to make now. We will take it very slow as we don't know her history or how she will adapt to my home and my children. Signs so far are positive.
HelperKerry - Dog SOS Derbyshire
I am so happy. This has made my year never mind my day! Just so pleased for the family who never gave up on her Last edited: 2019-07-04 07:40:23
No, Clarkey, i cannot see the Reunited photo - i have logged out then back in .
Facebook have a lot to answer for - no photos loading on a day like today !
Was She Found straying in Reading then Scanned at Vets, or did a Vet finally decide it was 'best practice' to scan her ?
Did the Thieves use her for Breeding ? I sincerely Hope not
If 'new' owners are known, Do they remember the Sellers' names ?
Why ? did they not attempt to have her legally chipped ?
Sooo many questions !!
it will be interesting to know the details won't it ?.
Welcome Home Fern Last edited: 2019-07-04 07:40:46
I would say it looks like a Vets x
where is reunited photo?
HelperHelen - Dog SOS Derbyshire
Blooming brilliant, so pleased she’s been found. Amazing owners who never gave up. Welcome home gorgeous girlLast edited: 2019-07-04 07:41:00
DogLostMajorjet (Jan) - Area Co-ordinator - Liverpool/Merseyside, North West
Amazing. Welcome home gorgeous FERN. Last edited: 2019-07-04 07:41:27
Such wonderful news, l am so pleased for Fern and Family, I hope she is ok. This gives hope for all the others missing and stolen...Welcome home Sweetheart Last edited: 2019-07-04 07:41:43
Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Managed to get it so the reunited photo is on now! Aren't they just the biggest smiles?!! .. and it looks like Fern is ok too.
You may have to refresh the page to see it. Last edited: 2019-07-03 22:10:02 by Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
STIstill come like stolen
DogLostNicky - Area Co-ordinator London, Home Counties & Police Liaison
Absolutely fantastic news. So happy for Fern & her family x
DogLostJulie - Area Co-ordinator - Surrey & South London
From Fern's FB page "Just when you have the best photos ever to share Facebook wont let you! So just an update and the photos will follow as soon as possible! We are very happy to say that we have Fern, she is well and we were greeted with a waggy tail. She was particularly happy to see Ethan, best friends separated over 6 years ago. Massive thanks go everyone involved, proof indeed of the power of a microchip!!! #wefoundfern Last edited: 2019-07-04 07:42:07
DogLostJulie - Area Co-ordinator - Surrey & South London
From Fern's FB page "Just when you have the best photos ever to share Facebook wont let you! So just an update and the photos will follow as soon as possible! We are very happy to say that we have Fern, she is well and we were greeted with a waggy tail. She was particularly happy to see Ethan, best friends separated over 6 years ago. Massive thanks go everyone involved, proof indeed of the power of a microchip!!! #wefoundfern Last edited: 2019-07-04 07:42:24
Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
6 years and 2 months on (2272 days I'm told!) Fern is back with her family.

I know that the family will want to thank each and every person who has shared, shared and shared the posts again and again.
It goes to show that you should NEVER, EVER give up!
What a wonderful day for Fern and her family.
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
Just the best news :)) Also looking forward to the Reunited Photos.xx Last edited: 2019-07-04 07:42:38
DogLostClaire Gresty - Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - North West
Absolutely amazing news! Gives hope to so many owners who have lost and stolen pets. Cannot wait to see her reunited photos 😍 xx
Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
OMG, WOW, WOW, WOW!! I've just been sent a message telling me that this gorgeous girlie has been found.
This richly deserved miracle for Fern's family has finally happened! I almost can't believe that the family are on their way to collect her.
Fingers crossed that Fern is ok after all these years. Young Ethan must be so excited! Can't wait to see a reunited photo.
(Will await confirmation before moving this page into the blue) Last edited: 2019-07-03 20:51:34 by Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Fantastic !
ohhhh, Wow !
This is Amazing News
Hope She is OK Last edited: 2019-07-04 07:42:54
OMG crying with happiness waiting for the updates YES Last edited: 2019-07-04 07:43:06
OMG im in suspense
DogLostSandra Watt
Wowee ... just reading this on Fern's facebook page. Can't wait to hear the story of where and how she was found. Looks like Ferns's mum is on a car ferry off to bring her home x x
Incredible news! Can’t wait for the next update! & hopefully a reunited photo. Last edited: 2019-07-04 07:43:20
DogLostJulie - Area Co-ordinator - Surrey & South London
From Fern's FB page just the best news "Stand down Ferns Army

I'm on my way to get her

Updates to follow " I will wait until owner has Fern safely in her arms and updates us before moving to reunited. J. xx
Fantastic news. Cant wait either for update xxLast edited: 2019-07-04 07:43:37
DogLostKaren - Area Co-ordinator London, Home Counties & Police Liaison
Can’t wait for the update! How lovely, have been following since day one Last edited: 2019-07-04 07:38:46
Wow, looks like Fern has been found. Amazing news.
U may want to have a look at this one
Keep making Fern "TOO HOT TO HANDLE" Poster around the area, and post flyers through doors too. Ask around, especially those with children, as they may remember something when younger. Post in shops; post offices too. Hand out as many posters as you can; where, and when you can. Post a STOLEN DOG ad in a National newspaper too. Not too late. Paws xd.
DogLostSharon - Social Media Volunteer
Bumped Ferns post in our national FB group and tweeted @DogLostUK
Does not state sex worth checking
Black pregnant Cocker spaniel found. Listed on Free Stow on the Wold, on Kate Palmer's FB page
This one ?
DogLostAmanda - Area Volunteer - Wiltshire
Already checked that girl. The chip is registered to a breeder in Scotland who the kennels have been in contact with to try and find the registered owner as they never updated the details.
Another one picked up by dog warden in Cranleigh yesterday, says cocker spaniel, with patch of white on chest but worth a look as not too far from you.
Thank you.
A very similar dog being sold on pets4homes in Tonbridge. Fern looks like she has a tiny bit of white below her bottom lip and this one has a little more white but is 5 years later. she is 6 years old.
Thank you. All have been sent to Ferns Facebook page and checked.
FB post from Georgia Healy posted to Missing Pets in Hertfordshire black cocker spaniel being advertised for sale with two other dogs of different breeds. No further details sorry.
There is a black and white bitch being sold on Dragon driving site, has a white chest stripe? I was alerted in response to the missing dogs in South Molton. could this be her?
You never have to thank me Jodie. When Pup was first stolen you and Sam gave me so much help!! You especially helped re the 'sadness' her theft brought. We owe you my friend.

Twitter has (or it seems it has) stopped locking us now so we are going to go all out for the spaniels soon.....Before that I putting together something for Fernie. Maisie, Penny, Pup Ben and a few others lost far to long.... Its got stupid now with the amount taken.

Your girl is out there I am sure and if only they would just start scanning..... I know then we both have another battle as chips are not prof of ownership but at least we would know they are alive....

It is endless.. Pups 4th birthday has left me so broken again Been coating of late but will fight back for both our girls as folk forget the long term ones so fast (well in Cornwall most do anyway) I said before I would not wish this on my worst enemy......You certainly don't deserve it!!

Another hug and will go get Fernie shared and tweeted to with her new STOLEN one....Its only a word but for me it matters ;-) Pup is stolen & even if she was with the Queen of the UK I want her home lol xxx
Thank you Sarah, sending you a hug straight back. We are floating down this awful river together. You have done so much to get Ferns face known on social media and for that I can never thank you enough. It is all consuming.Even after 4 years the fight never wanes. There is never a reprieve, nor an end in sight. Only fate will decide if we deserve to be cut a break and until that time we can only do what we do and push, push and push some more for information. I with all my heart hope to see you and Pup reunited. We are all deserving of that phone call, but you more than most. xx
Fern its good to see her listed as Stolen now here. I know its only a word but with Pup its one we use all the time....

I know that frustration my friend.... Shares/tweets etc happen for Pup to yet we still have nothing. You have tried so hard and I know youwill never stop either. We there with you shoulder yo shoulder for as long as it takes.

Will go reshare with her new poster, tweet her again and just sending you a hug as I know how hard it all is xxx
Sue - onestopalldogs
Shared to @onestopalldogsLost Facebook and Twitter
Thanks for changing her status for me.
Some of my Find Fern £2000 Reward Facebook page posts alone get in excess of half a million shares in one hit so I'd like to think over the 4 years she'said even seen by a a couple of million's all positive exposure but it's not enough which is frustrating. Loads more work to do from my end to get he seen even more.
I appreciate every single share, link and possibility to check.
Who knows if we will find her, but it won't be lack of effort if we don't!
DogLostJayne - Founder Doglost.
Fern's owner...we did not have that facility when you registered..only recently added....we are trying constantly to improve and help dogs get home....every donation that comes in we use to the best use....Am amazed at 1.5 thousand shares....every share from doglost to FB you can times by 300! as most people have on average 300 friends...and then onward shares! so thats 450,000 people aware...and as we only introduced the share show last year...probably far far more as Fern has been on site for 4 years! You may also see another improvement introduced now get an email alert to new messages on Ferns page.
I hope Fern`s microchip will works it` magic, so she can be back where she belongs. Still keep making Fern "TOO HOT TO HANDLE" Paws, and fingers xd..
Bumped to top as Fern is now registered as Stolen.
Admin can we get Ferns poster changed to stolen rather than lost please. I have had a crime number since she went but only just realised she is not registered as stolen. Jodie
We did Fernie a huge #FindFern tonight... I wish with all my heart we hadn't had to and she had already been home....

Fern.. You know e are with you all the way. I know how hard it is but I know e both just need that one bit of luck...It will happen my friend one of these days. Sending you a hug xxx
DogLostJulie - Area Co-ordinator - Surrey & South London
Shared to Dog Lost Surrey page. J. x
Sue - onestopalldogs
Shared Facebook and Twitter
Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
4 years on and still no sign of Fern yet someone, somewhere knows where this girlie is.
If the person who has Fern is reading this then I'll remind you there is a huge reward for her safe return. Just get in touch with her owner or call Doglost in total confidence.

If anyone can help with TWITTER this evening Fern asks you to follow: @findfernwithme and TWEET FOR FERN tonight at 8pm. Thanks.

It's been said before and will be said again, Fern's mum will NEVER, EVER give up. Neither will all the lovely people who are still helping and supporting her.
Today is 4 years since Fern was stolen. Please share the link to her thunderclap which ends tonight so we can get her face out there again.
yesterday was Fern's 5th birthday...another one spent away from her family
Sadly nothing...the search continues as ever
Any news on Fern?
shared x
Fern is still on my following list as I am sure she is on others, still watching for her. We never give up.
Clarket. All these thieves think about pet owners feelings They are heartless, uncaring, undesirables. When dog thieves are caught, threy should make an example of one. And not just a slap on the wrist. Let`s try to get Fern home for Christmas. Other missing furbabies too. Many paws xd.
I will look for Fern on All Selling Sites and Animal Rescue Sites xx
She may have been taken a long time ago but I will Never stop looking for your Beautiful Girl xx
Shared Twitter
I have checred and there is not enough white to be Fern. Thanks
No-one has checked against 107672. Black and whte markings.
Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Such a shame that dog thieves can cause so much hurt and sadness.
No Ethan, Santa will not be taking your new dog away from you. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that we all hope that you will get the miracle that you are still wishing for. I know you will never give up looking for Fern and I know we will always be here to support you and your family.
Page bumped ... because it needs bumping so all can read the message from Fern's owner Last edited: 2016-11-21 10:53:59 by Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Crossposted from Fern's Facebook-
"A note to the person who stole Fern.
It may have been nearly 4 years ago, you may think we will forget, move on, give up.
Let me tell you this.... whilst I have breath in my body, I will never give up on having MY girl back with the family who bought her, cared for her, loved her and I hurt every day knowing my biggest mistake was giving you the window of opportunity to take her.
At 6 years old now, my son just turned to me and asked if I think Santa will steal our dog, because he's so lovely.
Thanks....Thank you so much.
For a little boy to even have the thought enter his head is shameful.
Well done. I congratulate you on making that my reality this evening.
I sure hope your children never imagine someone will hurt them or you find them fearing Santa at Christmas.
My hope is you realise what you've done and do the right thing.
How about instead of Santa taking his dog. about he finds Fern and leaves her under our tree for him to find on Christmas morning .
This world is cruel, but he's 6. Just a child. You've hurt him enough.
Just let her go.
Please...I'm begging."
Found......Doglost ID 107672
Abbie Girl
please urgently check found cocker 106037 black you cannot see if has white blaze but due for rehoming 19th October. At Newport dogs home
Please check I.D - 105297. Only sighted though, not caught.
Please check this one out - doesn't state the sex but worth ruling out -
DogLostSharon - Social Media Volunteer
I have shared with doglost FB group & Twitter. I hope Fern is safely back at home soon. X
hoping this will be on bbc news tonight - either 6 slot or local news 6.30
Fern has also been on5Live as well. Glad DogLost is able to help !
Great bbc radio are doing this in Surrey too. Radio Kent also broadcast this morning about stolen dogs and interviewed my partner live this morning about our stolen cocker Jazz doglost I'd 99179. Let's hope this publicity gets some results for those of us with dogs still missing
Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Great publicity today on the BBC. Good interviews with Fern's mum on BBC Radio Surrey this morning.
To have a listen please scroll to 8.54am ish
Another interview due to be aired on and BBC5 Live at approx 10.40am.
Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Sadly the dog found was not Fern so the search goes on.
Jo E Nye
Have you seen the dog found in East Sussex today? ID 101489
Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex Lots of people suggesting that this girl could be Fern. Although the vets have not found a microchip there is always the chance that Fern's has failed or migrated.
Fern's owner is in touch with the vets and will be updating us when they know one way or another. Got everything crossed for Fern's family.
Brilliant news! Hope to be able to listen to the interview later on Thursday.
Wishing very hard for a positive outcome from this broadcast.
Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Msg of new publicity for Fern from her owner:
"I've just got off the phone with a nice chap from BBC Surrey. They are doing a radio programme on dog theft on Thursday and he has asked me to be part of it, featuring Fern. He will call me back to tell me what time, but I should be getting a live radio interview sometime between 7 and 9 on Thursday morning...... COME ONNNNN FERN"
This wasn't Fern, sadly. I know it was a very long shot but the ad is so basic with just a head shot, only a few details(not even gender) and only ability to email seller (no phone number)that I thought it worthy of a glance.....just in case.
May be someone else's missing dog here.....
Selling as Cocker not Sprocker and states 22 months old but maybe worth a look-
Any news on this ,lovely dog?
Come home soon lovely Fern x
Sue - onestopalldogs
Posted ONESTOP FB and Twitter
I have followed Fern for a long time now. So hope you have good news before long.
Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Owner is unable to log in so I'm copying and pasting her latest post:
"Today marks 3 years exactly since Fern vanished from our lives. I am asking everyone who reads this to share a poster, and change their profile picture to one of Fern for the day to show your ongoing support. Fern is microchipped. If you think you have her, or you know who does, it is very easy to find out. Just get her scanned.
If you've heard a whisper and you want to help us, please get in contact. We are offering £3000 for her safe return. No questions asked, just a straight swap.
This ordeal has lasted far too long. We want her home now where she belongs"

Fern's owners will never, ever give up and I know that all of us hope that someone, somewhere will bring that vital information as to where her and her young son's beloved Fern is.
If dogged determination was the only thing that dictated when a lost dog was found then Fern would have been home a long time ago.

If anyone has any information that would help please call owners or Doglost in total confidence.
I'm bumping this page for Fern.
Thinking of you my friend. Your not far from a milestone I dread but don't have to face till November. Leaving you a hug if you look in xxxx
Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
That's wonderful news about the increased reward for Fern.
Also saw that Fern has more publicity as she made it on to the One show list of tweets for stolen dogs!

If you have any information of whereabouts of Fern please contact owners or Doglost in TOTAL CONFIDENCE on 0844 800 3220.
Redflower. I think dogs have been stolen miles from where they were taken. The phone number for Radio Norfolk is 01603 617321. You can text them on 8133 but start message with "Norfolk" Hope Fern is home soon.
Thank you redflower, I will check it out
With the help of a small bunch of wonderful people we are now in a position to offer a £2100 (and rising) reward for the safe return of Fern.
I know this is not your area but today radio Norfolk said that a black cocker spaniel, very dirty, hungry and thirsty was found. They have the information. This may be worth a telephone call to them? Sorry I don't have number.
I was late Clarkey but still shared and tweeted it for lovely Fernie and her family xx
Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Fern's team are asking everyone to share their new video this evening please.
Fern will have her 4th birthday in March .. let's see if she can been found by then so young Ethan can have his friend home.

Last edited: 2016-02-23 19:15:07 by Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Jo E Nye
Unfortunately the dog I saw is not Fern...grr sorryLast edited: 2016-02-22 22:42:10 by Jo E Nye
Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks doglover. Ferns team checked that Spaniel out but it was not her.
However, it turned out that she was another stolen dog from Mayfield, E.Sussex and she is due to be reunited today.
Just hoping that it will be Ferns turn very soon. If ever a family deserved to find their dog then it is Ferns.
Check out one just found in Wallington Surrey 98788
Last edited: 2016-02-20 11:33:31 by Doglover
rory kcs
There is a found spaniel cross 98788, in Merton. Just thought she looks similar to Fern x
Clarky we know Ferns mum will never ever give up xx

Good to see you bumped Fernie. Will have a word with yor Mum about a Fern day on Twitter....We nicked the idea from lovely ESS Max (he had Max Sunday) and we did Pup Friday so we can now do a Fern day too....I promise your never forgotten little maid xxx
Maybe worth checking this dog Sadie out for a possible match - bought from a travellers site in Stourport-on-Severn off gumtree on Monday but unfortunately is now missing in Lincolnshire. Will get a better photo soon hopefully. edited: 2016-02-18 03:36:56 by Rachnchick
circulating itv news article on twitter.
Will share to Facebook. X
DogLostJulie - Area Co-ordinator - Surrey & South London
Shared to Dog Lost Surrey facebook page. Bless that little lad's heart I hope and pray this brings some news of Fern. J. xLast edited: 2016-02-17 10:31:52 by Julie - Area Co-ordinator - Surrey & South London
Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Fern's owners have never and will never give up looking for her.

There is a large reward for the safe return of Fern.
If anyone knows where she is please call her owners or Doglost in TOTAL CONFIDENCE.

Please KEEP SHARING for Ethan, his family and Fern Last edited: 2016-02-17 09:23:02 by Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks, will send text to owner.
Rubybella, Fern is still missing, here is a link to her facebook page
Is Fern still missing ? Have see advert selling black cocker with white chest but won't say where, in case advert removed before owner has chance to see it.
Let me know.
shel maybe fern

This female spaniel x was located in Ashford, Kent in a state. Her flash is similar to Ferns so thought I'd share just in case. Good luck.
has this one been checked?
DogLostAunt Stef - Area Volunteer, West London
I have updated the second contact number ;-)
Thanks Kat. This one has been investigated already. Not my baby, but still a dodgy advert.
Please check this one & don't believe the write up.
Hooray... I am back! I've had no end of log in problems. I've made a new account, so I can't edit Ferns details, but I can now see comments here. Can someone please update the second mobile number to 07508223855. Thank you to everyone who still continues to support us, we've not given up looking.
We still check every possible match and are still looking for Fern - come on girlie hand yourself in x
86853 found dog
Just seen this pop up on my news feed, not even sure it is uk based but just incase I had to post x
Charlie Mcdonald

My friend found these 2 dogs on the a14 a1 junction huntingdon at 6am this morning. One looks like a lab the other a cocker spaniel. Both under weight. Please share this post to see if we can find their owners. Shared picture to Find Fern on facebook. Good Luck x
Please check out this Cocker Spaniel found ..
Just in case?
Did anyone get in touch with highway patrols about this dog I do hope it was checked out I hope it was not Fern but it must of had an owner 😢
As mentioned during our texting, it was only this morning that my colleague who drives along the M25 every morning, happened to notice it had gone.
GillyP please can you call Doglost HQ and get my number and give me a ring - we have someone driving around that area of M25 and cant see the concrete lump - any help in locating this area would be appreciated. Or alternatively call Jodie Ferns owner ASAP thanksLast edited: 2015-04-24 10:17:27 by PaulaK
Thanks Gilly and all, everything gets checked. I will check M25 tomorrow
I hate having to write this but I did put this one on found pages some time ago. There is and has been an animal on the M25 for a long time now, it isn't a fox or badger. Friends have seen this and I spotted it once myself. The colouring is a tough one as having been there for sometime it would have discoloured. The 'dog' is on the hard shoulder a short distance before Junction 9 at Leatherhead (from Dartford direction). It is just after where there is a concrete lump on the hard shoulder. This one has obviously been missed by the Highways Agency. I do hope this isn't Fern but not a million miles away from where she lived. xLast edited: 2015-04-22 11:55:36
DogLostJayne - Founder Doglost.
Tx will email link to owner.
Please check just seen this one being sold incase ad removed I have screen shot it x
After reading about Tia's return on reunited page and her being found in an area within driveable distance from ferns disappearance is it possible Fern could also be at this establishment? Can the police not look into it for you?
Thanks for the bump Angus, much appreciated - we have been looking for nearly 2 years and we wont stop until she is found. Come on Fernie!!
Do so hope that lovely Fern will soon be found and back home. One was recently reunited after 4 years, so never give up hope xxx
circulating on twitter...FERN Young Black Female Cocker Spaniel STOLEN #Chessington #UK REWARD #findfern Plz RT
Fern has been missing now for alost 2 years - her owners are still actively searching for her - new alerts have been sent out - if you recieve a poster can you please display in your area
Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Just seen this on Find Fern page
"DEVELOPMENT: A member of Ferns army who wishes to remain anonymous has transferred a LARGE sum of money into my account to use as a reward for Ferns safe return. I need a new poster please stating LARGE reward.... It will be DOUBLED if she is home before the 28th of April. (Our 2 year anniversary).
No questions asked. Cold hard cash.
I've said it before, I'll say it again....never underestimate the kindness of strangers!
Anyone able to knock up a quick poster??"
I have asked Miss Marple if she would do one as she is such a whizz at posters!

Hope it brings a result for you.

Another cocker/sprocket featured on Sangreat Kennels although it says reserved, female and has white on her chest, please check.
82 miles away
Please check this out. They may have dyed/blacken the white. Advert states only four months old but this is definitely an adult dog without a shadow of a doubt.
There's a black cocker bitch been found in Gloucester where police are looking for owners, does have some white on chest but don't forget they may have dyed some of her white to hide her easier.
The hunt is still on for dear Fern who turned 3 years old this week. This is the link to her FB page
I text owner about the girl in Mansfield, really hoped it was her but evidently not.
Barney 'n' Ozzie's mum
found in Mansfield
Have you seen the girl on Dogstrust called Ava -
Black working cocker found today at Horton Kirby nr Dartford Crossing. DL 83568

White chest area smaller than in Fern's photo, but dogs have been dyed previously as disguise....
Hope its her...
Sadly not Fern CG but keep looking
I really hope this new coverage brings some news and more importantly brings Fern home.
More radio and TV coverage for Ferns campaign today
DogLostMagicalBadgerWish - Area Volunteer - Bath!/story.php?story_fbid=1054666167893528&id=100000504649828&ref=bookmark
Thanks all. #findfern has gone viral on the internet and was featured in the Telegraph online today and on ITV news. Fingers crossed this brings some news
Check out the recent dragon driving advert for a black cocker bitch aged 32 months black only just been added. Hope it's your girl. Don't be put off by her looking as though a full black butch, may have coloured her with hair dye as we know it is done and maybe a different picture nd not necessarily the dog for sale.Last edited: 2015-02-10 14:32:35 by sophiesuds
Appreciate the reply x
Thanks all - just to reassure you that even though posts may not get individual replies every one of your suggestions is checked - keep them coming until we get the one that is Fern xx
Being checked Janet
Black spaniel dumped from a car in Chertsey.Cipped but no details registered.POts is on Surrey Horse and PonyXXXX

Been looking to see if Fern was spayed or not, anyway thought worth sharing.
Katy 23
Could this be Fern
Damory vets 01258 452626

another one found is at Damory Vets :
there is a post on fb : Carolyn Hamand people asking is it Fern ??
have you checked 79296….cant see any white on her but her fur is rather overgrown. She is pregnant. Still keeping an eye out for your beautiful girl x
Have you checked the cocker found in the North West- Ref 75624? Hope you find her Last edited: 2014-09-28 22:24:57 by Helen3797
I cannot get through on either mobile number above but if anyone can get in touch please, there is a black sprocker bitch been picked up in County Durham - currently posted on Dog Theft Awareness County Durham ref SD19114- and this bitch has been taken to holding kennels on 0300 999 4247. This young adult bitch looks very much like Fern- please check? x
ok on facebook Gnasher Doglost East Dorset Coordinator - dog matching your description being sold for £50 safe and sound now you might want to chase it up (not sure if its dog or bitch)
We will find her Jodie xx
Thank you to all who still share and send on any possible matches, I see them all and act on them. None as yet have been her, but one day.... we will get the news we all want to hear. Massive thanks again.
Just seen this on Twitter, could be a long shot, but immediately thought of Fern:

Edited - sorry, now found out it's a boy. Next time!Last edited: 2014-06-15 23:28:26 by BlackLab
Have you seen found cocker spaniel no.101001401576?
We are still looking, following up on every lead, one day we will get her home x
Tweeting for Fern x
Black cocker spaniel with white chest and red collar found in Stowmarket, Suffolk. Advert on gumtree.
One day I will visit this page and see REUNITED! Until then I pray you are safe and cared for and one day returned to the family you belong to...
Come on Fern, we wont give up x
A very sad anniversary today marking one year since beautiful Fern went missing. A year where her owners have tried so very hard to find her. We won't stop looking Fern & all so want you home. Let that microchip work it's magic & until then stay safe sweetheart xxx
Could the link below b fern ? I noticed it had some white on its rear toe x
Look at 67443 found in NE. not known if girl or boy but I have posted the question.
Black cocker Spaniel found in camberley, details on facebook 01252 774237
Still looking Fernie x
Worth keeping an eye on this site if you're not already. I know she is chipped etc but might be worth checking anyway. There is one called Sally in at the moment. Don't expect it's Fern but you would know better than anyone.
64131 has appeared in the found section. Worth a look I think
Maybe worth checking......Found 62157 RH7 Lingfield, Surrey.
there is a similar one in my group on facebook, Animals Found and it was found in Liverpool recently clipped if that is any help and is now at leigh cats and dogs home, he,s male 01942 671215
Really wishing for some good news on lovely Fern xx
Advertised in this weeks Countryman's Weekly magazine. I hope it brings some news.
FB posting on Might have too much white on her and Scarborough. Look down at right hand side Thomas Simpson's post.
Is it definitely a male black spaniel that has been caught as it states female on national pet register? Good luck & praying the other one can be caught too & please please let one of them be Fern xLast edited: 2013-10-14 09:51:35 by Kinsally
There is a listing on the national pet register of a black male spaniel, caught, found wandering, but was also with a young female that ran off, also black. Just trying to get more info. In reading
CROSSPOSTED REGARDING ONE JUST SOLD IS same number?xx this has now been checked and seems not fern x
Last edited: 2013-10-11 19:07:41 by rosemary
Black female just sold on Dragon driving website.
Bumping Ferns page as she is featured in special dog theft article in the November edition of Dogs Today magazine out now
I've just come across this ad in Gumtree. Maybe you could take a look at the picture. X

re circulating on twitter...

FERN Young Black Female Sprocker STOLEN #Chessington #UK #lostmydog REWARD #findfern Plz RT
57393 is not Fern. x
Still looking Fern x
Found dog 57393 looks similar
The girl found in Ponterdawe is not Ferny either :( Thank you all for posting.
The Sprocker found and being held at Forest Lodge kennels is not Fern. Thank you to all that have posted about this girl. Shame the lady that answered the phone was not quite so pleased at people wondering if she were Fern.This girl has a full tail, and has since been rehomed after her 7 days at the kennels.
Is this the little dog that has been found
Julie x!/photo.php?fbid=565811320142311&id=104689816254466&set=a.565810120142431.1073741842.104689816254466&source=48&__user=703691875
Please check out the little bitch found now being looked after at Forest Lodge Kennels near Northampton, telephone 01604 862239. There is a picture circulating on FB and it may be Fern? xxxxxLast edited: 2013-09-06 15:42:54 by sallybee
Hope the coverage helps get this gorgeous girl home xx
BUMPED for the coverage in the National Press today - hope it brings that all important call
Jan S
Just read the article in the Daily Express. Its in the printed paper as well as online. Wonderful publicity I do hope it brings Fern home to you.
circulating on twitter
Fern A story has been put on the daily express online site. Please can Ferns page be bumped due to recent press coverage?
Our dog theft awareness meeting was a brilliant success. Attended by around 50 people, PC John Hockly (rural communities officer for surrey) gave a very good talk, answered questions and comments, and we heard 2 very sad personal stories from victims. Other police beats gave info on their own schemes in their area to help combat the problem. You can read the a full account of the meeting at my facebook page Find Fern, and it will also be run in the local press and radio in the following week.
Our dog theft awareness meeting is going ahead tomorrow at Byhurst Farm in Chessington from 1pm. Please come along and support us to raise awareness of this crime
Bonnie Dogs
Just joined the website, poster has been in our shop window in Bookham since she went missing
lmoore - Area Volunteer, Wiltshire
A bitch matching Fern has been found near Northampton and is at Forest Lodge Kennels Says chipped to Swindon area but worth a try as microchip details are not up to date
Sadly rusper found dog not Fern :(
Was supposed to say collar not the same.
My friend has found a similar dog near rusper. I don't want to get your hopes up as this one doesn't seem to have as much white and the colour is not the same.
Please reply to her post on dog found today.
Good Luck at your meeting. I do so hope it brings some positive support and some much needed information for you all.xx
There will be a meeting to discuss Fern and other locally missing/stolen dogs on 1st September at Byhurst Farm, Malden Rushett. Please come if you can it is at 1pm
changed to Sprocker
circulating on twitter....
FERN Young Black Female Cocker Spaniel STOLEN #Chessington #UK #lostmydog #findfern Plz RT
Almost 3 months that Fern has been missing and still no sign. How can we push the campaign more and find our baby?
Sighting was not fern.
possible sighting on field common lane in Esher. in the possession of 2 young lads. can ferns profile be bumped up to raise awareness please.
Still looking for you Fern x
I have looked at the advert. This is not Fern. thank you for taking the time to look though, we appreciate it.
Nikki (Tyler's mum)
There is a similar looking dog that has been found in toxtheth, wherever that is. The ad is on gumtree missing lost and found dogs section. I don't know how to copy the link as on my phone but please could someone check it out. I have emailed finder to compare found dog with Fern.
Shared on f/b lincs, notts, hope it helps.
Advertised in this weeks Countryman's Weekly magazine. I hope it brings some news.
Ferns owner went back to poss sighting in Reading and it seems this was a local dog that has got out before. More info currently being followed up - we arent giving up Fern x
have removed the comment below as it points to a premium rate mobile number
Comment awaiting moderation
I have left a message with the Harts Council dog warden to contact me if they have any information of the dog that has been sighted.
Any volunteers in the RG27 area (Hook - Sprats Hatch Lane) that could put up posters please do
Ferns owner has been over to the area where the sighted dog was seen and Ive spoken to the lady that saw the dog - it does sound similar to fern but no further sightings as yet. ferns owner is arranging for posters etc in the RG area of sighting
Dog found on the found page sounds like Fern xxx
still circulating on twitter
I had contact re. this dog, sadly not Fern.
Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Cinque Ports Vets Care page on Fbk hv post re found black spaniel .. Local people think that this is a dog called Daisy who has gone missing in Lydd (close by) Owner been informed and will contact vets. Have messaged vets to say if it is not her, please check against picture of Fern on here. Last edited: 2013-05-11 13:40:27 by Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Come on Fern - we wont give up looking x
Lurcher SOS
Shared on our FB page.
Joined Fern's FB page and shared on mine. Lets hope your gorgeous girl is home safe very soon x
I have set up my own Find Fern page on facebook, please Like and share to all your friends.
Chessington garden centre...and Chessington cricket club have retweeted.
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison & SE Regional Coordinator
BUMPED for recent coverage

Owners had some articles run this week in the local papers.. here is the link. also featured on the news at 4pm on Friday on Radio Jackie, they did a telephone interview with owner and put in a sound bit of that after their bulletin about Fern's dissapearence.
circulating on twitter
The dog seen in Epsom was a staffy type, sadly not my Fern.
Just seen that What's on in Epsom FB page has a report of a black and white dog running loose in East St. Have asked whoever reported it to have a look at Fern's page and let you know if it could be possibly be her. Keeping everything crossed that it could be. No sign of her again today on Ashtead Common I'm afraid.
Have had an appeal for information about Fern aired on Radio Jackie news today. Fingers crossed it is heard by someone who has information
So sorry and sad your beautiful girl is still missing. You are doing everything possible to help get your Fern home. Posters really do help, praying for her safe return very very soon. Keep checking any used/unused barns, sheds, stables that are in the area. She may have a cozy den where she feels safe. Fingers crossed x
Replied to email, we need to push for these leads to be followed by the police.
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison & SE Regional Coordinator
email sent to owner for more details as very simlar to cassies dissaperance. need to share far and wide.
Amity Pet Care
We've added Fern's poster to the Amity Pet Care Facebook page-we're based in the RH1, and surrounding areas, and will keep our eyes open.
Photographer from the Surrey comet has just been to take pictures of myself, my son and our dog lost poster of Fern. This will run alongside an article about Fern being missing, possibly stolen. Fingers crossed someone see's it that has spotted her.
I have been out today postering like mad. There are a few more places that I need to get to that I think might help me get her back.
Have shared poster on Doglost and spoken to owner. Keep positive and keep postering x
There have been no sightings at all of my gorgeous girl. I am becoming more convinced that she has been stolen. Please please please share this poster and make Fern too hot to handle. That way the low life that have done this to us wont be able to sell her on and may let her go. We are devastated at the loss of our girl.
DogLostBattersea Dogs HomeBattersea
Owner has also made report with BDCH, ref 300046
Have posted on Ashtead local FB sites and Pachesham Agility. Spoke to one of the Common wardens this morning, so they are now aware, but probably best to give them a buzz to make sure they have your details. No sign when I was up on the Common this morning I'm afraid, but told everyone I met, so hopefully lots of eyes looking. Will go out looking again later. Hope she's back home safe soon.
Jan S
I have passed round to friends and family in the area and will keep a look out myself. I hope she is found safely very soon.
I saw on Doglost that a white van is going round taking our dogs what I cannot understand is why the police have not caught them the van has false number plates 7465 CGT its a white merc last seen in Peterborough, if you look on doglost to see how many dogs missing or stolen in each area its obvious that it is an organized group of people doing this terrible crime !!!
I hope she is back soon with you soon its so sad
Alert sent to helpers in KT1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,17,18,19,21,22. SM2,3,7.

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