Lost: White With Brown Patches Over Eyes And Base Of Tail Jack Russell Terrier Female In North West (OL5)

  • Dog ID 77542
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 03 Nov 2014
  • Name ETHEL
  • Gender & Breed Female Jack Russell Terrier
  • Age Adult
  • Colour white with brown patches over eyes and base of tail
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged Unknown
  • Microchipped Unknown
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 02 Nov 2014
  • Where Lost Scout Tunnel, Mossley
  • Lost In Region North West
  • Lost In Post Area OL5
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info REWARD FOR INFORMATION LEADING TO SAFE RETURN. Ethel can be wary of people, if sighted please contact. Last seen around Scout Tunnel, Mossley and could of gone in the direction of Egmont St playing fields, Carrbrook, or Mossley. If found Ethel should be reported to the local dog warden, as required by law.
  • Phone 1 07787 890300
  • Phone 2 07519 683106
  • Listed By alstevie
  • Views 18196
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Sightings and Information

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From Facebook by person who registered Ethel - Sorry for lack of updates, it's been 4 years since Ethel went missing and no positive sightings of her
any update?
DogLostClaire Gresty - North West & Police Liaison Coordinator
I cannot believe this gorgeous girl has been missing 12 months :(
Come on Ethel, find your way home xx
DogLostJackalee - (Kathryn) Area Co-ordinator, Greater Manchester
MISSING 12 MONTHS. Ethel is still very much missed by all who loved her. Big hugs wherever you are little girl x
Lesley (ID84584)
reading about other dogs, they have a place they go back too. It's finding that place. I have Ethel on my site too.
Out of you area but please check dog found National Missing Pet Register'reference found 73538. Female JRT White brown patches on head and tail. Long shot but you never know
Still no news :( I keep checking on a daily basis in the hope x
DogLostOwl- Area Co-ordinator, Sherwood Forest
Very pleased to read this.
DogLostJackalee - (Kathryn) Area Co-ordinator, Greater Manchester
Thank you Mollychops.

Potential sighting of Ethel yesterday behind the Bridge Inn in Mossley. Message from Ethels owner:

We finally had our first sighting today.. We have no 100% quarantee that it was Ethel but it's the most promising info we have had so far. Within 5 minutes of the gent calling, dad (Al) was at the scene and me and Lindz have been there since. Dad and Stanley dog are camping out there all night and are leaving scent trails back to the car. Fingers crossed we get some good news from this! A man called to say him and his 10 walker friends had seen a dog who he was sure looked like Ethel, on it's own around the Bridge Inn area in mossley behind the station house. It's likely she could of travelled there along the canal, and there are plenty of places there for her to hide. Please keep a look out if you're in the area x

People in the area start spreading the word, we need this little lady home with her family. Thank you.
Ethel is featured in todays Countrymans Weekly
Algernon TrustLisaP
Shared on our FB & Twitter x
Carol Slater
Have you also posted Ethel missing on the FB page # Find UK Dogs? It's a new site set up by the people who ran the admin for #Find Jasper and are also Admin for #FindShadow. They might be able to help with pulling people together to arrange searches and offer advice. Good luck, I hope you are reunited with her soon.
Newcastle claremont road cat and dog shelter have a jack russel which has been left tied outside of a shop. friend says similar/same description. A long shot I know but worth a phone call tel 0191 2322878 I hope she is found
DogLostJackalee - (Kathryn) Area Co-ordinator, Greater Manchester
Many thanks diane111 :)

Cath, sadly the reality is not many newspapers are interested in lost/found dogs and we are so lucky they are carrying the story. The Advertiser is owned by the MEN so if the article appears online it will be on their website under the Tameside section.
The only problem with Tameside Advertiser is that many people in Mossley don't get it delivered. Try to get it in the Reporter and the MEN as well.
hi just to let you know we are having ethel as our dog of the week on find harvey, hoping this helps. good luck x
DogLostJackalee - (Kathryn) Area Co-ordinator, Greater Manchester
Hi Macy's Mum, yes they have been quite a few times and will continue to do so. Thank you for continuing to look for her. Come on Ethel, give us a sign xx
Macy's Mum!
Is anyone checking the local dogs homes because she's be there now if unclaimed from the warden wouldn't she? I've checked lots of sites online, we're still looking for you Ethel! Xx
DogLostJackalee - (Kathryn) Area Co-ordinator, Greater Manchester
The Tameside Advertiser will be doing a feature on Ethel. Will post here and bump when it is published. Fingers crossed it will bring some much needed news/sightings.
DogLostJackalee - (Kathryn) Area Co-ordinator, Greater Manchester
The search is still very much on!! More posters are going up in the area, please feel free to do the same if you are local.Last edited: 2014-11-10 16:35:08 by Jackalee - (Kathryn) Area Co-ordinator, Greater Manchester
I keep checking for good news and have my fingers crossed as well as sending positive thoughts
Macy's Mum!
Oh no 😢 please don't let that be the case, is that because she may be so far into the warren? On the day she went missing did they just lose sight of her or was she seen running in any specific direction? I'll keep searching dog pages for her, hoping there is a positive outcome, I read of a jack Russel emerging from a rabbit hole some 20 days after because it lost weight and was able to wriggle free, I hope someone has her if she is not down there xxx
DogLostJackalee - (Kathryn) Area Co-ordinator, Greater Manchester
The fire brigade were at the rabbit hole last night and today. Unfortunately Ethel has not been found and if she is down there she has passed away The search for Ethel is still ongoing and we are hoping she is still somewhere out there.
DogLostJackalee - (Kathryn) Area Co-ordinator, Greater Manchester
Having a major problem with my FB account. FB have stopped Jackalee and said I have to change it to a page. Every post, photo I have made has gone until I sort it out, including Ethels :(
DogLostJackalee - (Kathryn) Area Co-ordinator, Greater Manchester
The fire brigade sent a guy to assess the situation. He said it was too dangerous to dig and went. Apparently going back today with cameras.
Macy's Mum!
That is brilliant news, especially after yesterday's heavy rain! I hope every day that Ethel will be moved to the reunited page! I've searched so many lost and found pages to see if she is anywhere else, do they still believe she is underground? Xx
DogLostJackalee - (Kathryn) Area Co-ordinator, Greater Manchester
After much wrangling and persuasion the RSPCA and Fire Brigade are now on site to help Ethels family.
DogLostJackalee - (Kathryn) Area Co-ordinator, Greater Manchester
Sadly the dog in SK15 is not Ethel :( The owners cousin had been trying to search for Ethel on the AW website and added her in error. False alarm I'm afraid :(
DogLostJackalee - (Kathryn) Area Co-ordinator, Greater Manchester
Thanks millypod, details passed on. The Animal Wardens are no longer allowed to deal with dogs from the Tameside area but this looks like the finder has registered the dog on there.

Thanks Jayelle, the problem with this warren is its very sandy and prone to collapsing. They were going to call out a drainage company but think even they would struggle to get cameras down there.
Someone else on DL used a hosepipe and funnel like a stethoscope to locate a dog down a hole, then called to the dog through the hosepipe. When they heard it bark they knw where to dig.
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
This is on AW site:

Found Dog
06 Nov 2014 jack Russell
Location: Manchester SK15
Gender: Female
Our Ref: 88886

Contact Phone Number - 01457833336

DogLostJackalee - (Kathryn) Area Co-ordinator, Greater Manchester
Thanks rosemary but from the description of dark brown I would say its not likely to be Ethel and without a photo its quite a long way for them to travel.

The fire brigade are being called direct first thing in the morning.

Good idea about the door bell Macy's Mum, will suggest to the family :)
Macy's Mum!
Are the fire brigade going to help? I was reading up on other rescues from rabbit holes and one was found because they thought of what made the dog bark at home, in that case it was the doorbell, so they took the doorbell to the hole, the dog barked so they knew where to dig, does Ethel bark at anything significant? X
please check this one http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=77696
DogLostJackalee - (Kathryn) Area Co-ordinator, Greater Manchester
Ok, so the RSPCA were called so they could give a referral for the Fire Brigade to help out. They advised to put tuna at the entrance of the hole and if she hadn't come out within 3 hours to call them back. She didn't so they called back. The RSPCA then insisted that before they did anything they wanted it confirming with Tameside Council that it wasn't a badgers sett. It took until this morning for Tameside to call back to say there were no setts in the area. Rang the RSPCA back who then said if its not a sett just start digging, not prepared to help in any way. I give up!!!!

Digging will resume at first light tomorrow. Come on Ethel, time to come home sweetie xLast edited: 2014-11-06 16:53:25 by Jackalee - (Kathryn) Area Co-ordinator, Greater Manchester
Macy's Mum!
I'll have a look into that. We have a Jack Russell and she went missing in a warren for two hours, the thing is she went into wild mode and hade no intention of coming out my other half just happened to grab her on a turn that she surfaced for but she wouldn't come out for us, only when we were silent and back away from the hole, she even seemed wary of us, they go into feral mode, I'm just wondering if the other dogs may be keeping her down there, is there any surface with heat searching equipment? I'll try to get up there, it'll just depend on my little girls nap times as to when. Come on Ethel x
DogLostJackalee - (Kathryn) Area Co-ordinator, Greater Manchester
Macy's Mum, do you know Egmont Street in Mossley. Walk through the playing fields/park on there and follow the path down to the canal. As you get to the canal turn right and follow the canal up, Scout Tunnel is just a couple of hundred yards up. Huge long tunnel, Ethel went missing on the ground covering the tunnel so you would need to go up onto the top and not through it. Don't know if this will work but this is a link to the area on Google Maps, the tunnel is about where it says "Huddersfield Narrow Canal"

DogLostJackalee - (Kathryn) Area Co-ordinator, Greater Manchester
Update - the owners have been where Ethel went missing since Sunday, round the clock and not leaving until they find her. They have 4 other dogs and they have all been frantic trying to get down a rabbit hole near to where Ethel went missing. I have spoken to Tameside Dog Warden and they have advised to dig. They have been digging since yesterday but its a huge warren and is high on an embankment making it difficult to access. The dog warden also advised to call in a drain maintenance company as they will have cameras that can be used. They have today visited Manchester Dogs Home and posters are up in the area, they are covering all options just in case she isn't down the rabbit hole. Sausages are being barbecued in front of the hole tonight. Come on Ethel, get a wiggle on, your family are missing you terribly.
Macy's Mum!
Any update? How do you get to Scout Tunnel, I live in Hyde and wouldn't mind going to have a look for you x
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
I have shared with Doglost FB page & Twitter. Hope Ethel is safely back home soon. X
DogLostJackalee - (Kathryn) Area Co-ordinator, Greater Manchester
Spent over an hour in the area this afternoon but no luck so far. Ethel is familiar with the area but is driven there so may not be able to find her way home. There are a few rabbit holes in the area and the owners are keeping a very close eye on these. The owner hasn't left the area since Ethel went missing, 24 hours. Lots of posters in the area and I've prepared flyers (6 to A4 size) to print out. If anyone would like them emailed please contact me at jackalee.doglost@hotmail.com
DogLostJackalee - (Kathryn) Area Co-ordinator, Greater Manchester
Thanks Jayne :)
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Alerts sent to helpers in SK15.
DogLostJackalee - (Kathryn) Area Co-ordinator, Greater Manchester
Email advice sent. Posters are now going up in the area. Come on Ethel, show your face sweetie!!!
DogLostJackalee - (Kathryn) Area Co-ordinator, Greater Manchester
Thanks gino, can email please be sent to the SK15 (Stalybridge) area too.

Ethels owner is a friend of a friend and I've already been in touch with them via FB. Will try and contact later. I'm in the area later and will be looking out and asking around.
Gino - Administrator, Head Office
Alerts sent to helpers in OL3-8. SK5.
Sorry to see that ETHEL is missing.
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