Lost: Ginger With White Chest & Socks Boxer Cross Female In South West (BA14)

  • Dog ID 81879
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 24 Jan 2015
  • Name BONNIE
  • Gender & Breed Female Boxer cross
  • Age Adult
  • Colour ginger with white chest & socks
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged Unknown
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 20 Dec 2013
  • Where Lost Apparently rehomed to frome somerset area. By a friend, who was looking after her. Due to bad circumstances
  • Lost In Region South West
  • Lost In Post Area BA14
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info
  • Phone 1 07712681424
  • Phone 2
  • Listed By ladytaz-84
  • Views 3026
  • BONNIEPoster Image
  • BONNIEExtra Image


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Still no word on Bonnie.
Still no news. Bonnie will be 3years old now & i do hope she is happy. But at the same time. I am terrified, that she could be scared & in pain. I just want her home. In the middle of her loving family. We miss her everyday
Don`t give up hope, there have been recent dogs reunited, one after 7 years, through the microchip ... Bonnie is out there somewhere, keep reminding the local media, especially as it is her birthday coming up, they could have a special mention ... something like " Let`s get Bonnie home for her Birthday/Welcome home Party " You have to keep reminding them, they won`t remember unless you do.
Bonnie is coming up to 3yrs old now & still no news. I have completely exhausted all leads. Dont know what else to do
Please can everyone in the frome somerset area, please keep an eye out for bonnie. Someone must know where she is. Shes very much loved & missed. Thank you
Morning all. There is still no news on bonnie. But i am staying hopeful. I am doing a walk in frome on saturday. For murphys law. This is nationwide. We need lots of people to get involved. Thanks x
Still no news on bonnie. I feel so lost
Thanks linda T. I have emailed a poster to mole valley & the frome standard. But will contact pet stores now. Thank you x
Maybe contacting the local paper, or radio show, would spread the word, as Hazel suggested? Pet supermarkets in the area, there are some well known chains and they usually are happy to put up posters. You can find their branch address on their websites. Whoever has Bonnie needs to buy food for her.
I'm sorry to say that i am slowly loosing hope, that bonnie will be found. I have emailed all the vets in the area lost posters & contacted bath cats & dogs home. Plus the rescue sites below. Can anyone advise me on anything else that i can do please
Thank you xx
DogLostSherlock- Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - Avon & South Gloucestershire
Keep the faith....Bonnie's distinctive and it only needs one sighting to start the lead :) ....will her home xx
I have just sent my poster in an email to the vets in frome & one to rescuedirectory.co.uk aswell. Thank you hazel. Still feel helpless
Thank you hazel. I will do that now. Have spoken to bath cats & dogs home already & will be taking a poster up to them
DogLostSherlock- Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - Avon & South Gloucestershire
And finally.....I have tweeted appeal for armchair emailing volunteers for you ! xx
DogLostSherlock- Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - Avon & South Gloucestershire
In case Bonnie has passed through a local rescue home (or even still there!) I suggest you create a standard email of Bonnie info which you can top and tail personally and send it to all the rescue centres you can in your area. To help this is the rescue directory and you will see you can start with the South west. Rescues always know who's passed through their door and Bonnie being distinctive will be remembered! here is the link to the directory http://www.rescuedirectory.co.uk
If any volunteers reading this can help with the list please post here xx
DogLostSherlock- Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - Avon & South Gloucestershire
I have found this website to help you expand your vets search in your area http://www.vetsdirectory.co.uk ...suggest you ask some friends or any volunteers willing to split the list to contact so you widen your vet search.
Also give your local paper a call to plea for return...pull on the heart strings of readers to help search ...call them here http://www.fromestandard.co.uk
Thank you all for all the support. Today i have emailed the vets in the frome area, with info & pics of bonnie. Someone must know something xx
Thank you hazel. I will do that xx
DogLostSherlock- Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - Avon & South Gloucestershire
Tweeting appeal for postering for your Bonnie....we will find her ....please don't be so hard on yourself xx suggest postering all hairdressers and see if you can inform local young farmers groups ...plea through local NFU groups and farm vets xx
I have already put her on one of the spotted fromes. But will do it for this one now. I appreciate your help. I really do & i thank you from the bottom of my heart. Would really help if you would put posters up. Again thankyou xx
PaulaSusan - Homeward Bound
Sorry ladytaz-84 I meant could you put her on there as you are her owner is that right? Lets try get her back where she belongs fast x
PaulaSusan - Homeward Bound
Ok can you ask her to put a post here..https://www.facebook.com/pages/Spotted-about-Frome/332888710216536?fref=ts she just needs to message admin with details and then it will be put on, Frome is quite a small community so if Bonnie is here it would be known, I will keep my eyes and ears open everywhere. My printer is not working at the moment but I could pop in the library and print posters and put them up all around here x
Thankyou paulasusan. From what I have been told she could be on a farm with 2 jack russells and was then told shes in a flat over a hairdressers nr a shop. I feel completely desperate & that i've let her down
PaulaSusan - Homeward Bound
How awful :( I live in Frome so will keep and eye out x
Thankyou all
Stay safe Bonnie until you are found
Shared on Lincolnshire Essex and Trent Boxer Rescue members forum. What a sad story, I do hope something turns up which will help to locate Bonnie.
Thanks linda. Bonnie is flagged as missing with petlog & all her chip details are up to date. So if scanned, then she'll be returned to me. Its very strange to me that she hasnt been scanned by any vet. As with my vet, when you register an animal & take for checkups. They always scan the animal first. Its like a needle in a hay stack. Bonnie is very much apart of our family & theres a big whole, where she should be. Police wont do anything, as so long now
Bonnie was not their dog to give away so if the person who helped will not give you the info then can`t the police be involved as it may be theft? I believe that to change the microchip details needs the written consent of the person to whom the dog is originally registered with so presumably those details are still yours ... is it possible for Petlog to make a note that Bonnie is listed as missing so that if a vet checks the chip ( using a halo scanner? ) it would show up that she is not with her rightful owner? What a very sad situation this is, I don`t know what help Boxer Rescue ( and there are many ) would be able to give if Bonnie has not been handed in to one of them for rehoming, and if that was the case they would ... should ... already have checked her microchip and looked into it?
Thankyou. Apparently she was given away. As she couldnt cope with her after a loss she had. The person who helped. Will not give me any info on who or where she went etc. Bonnie is very much missed by all of us. All details with petlog are up to date & cats & dogs home have been informed. I will contact boxer rescue tomarow x
DogLostjenny4 - Area Co-ordinator - West Hampshire
Have you tried Boxer rescue ? They maybe able to help x
DogLostSherlock- Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - Avon & South Gloucestershire
How irresponsible of this lady who was looking after your Bonnie.....she must have some idea where/who she was rehomed by but maybe keeping quiet....is it worth trying to obtain what ever information she can give you... Was she sold on....if so she was not the legal owner to sell her on and this may constitute theft. Make sure Petlog do not change any chip details without your consent....make sure all her details are up to date with them, especially your contact details....Bonnie is legally still your dog and you are still the legal owner....she should have given express notice of Rehoming and you do have the right to sue in the small claims court. However this does not help you to get Bonnie back unless you think a court action will focus her mind! You could try an appeal or put an advert in your local newspaper. If you have Internet send an email starting with all local vets http://www.vetsdirectory.co.uk and rescue homes http://www.rescuedirectory.co.uk to see if they recognise her.
Petlog has told me that the chip only holds details & there is no way to trace her through it. I dont know what else to do, to be honest.
Sarah Layzell
This is terribly sad for her original owner. Can she be traced through her chip? And does anyone know whether legally, she could be returned if the new 'owner' took her in good faith?
I am bonnies owner. I have been searching for her for such a long time. She was with someone that i thought she'd be safe with & looked after, whilst myself & children were put into temp accomadation. Apparently it got to much & she had her rehomed. She does not know where & the person who helped. Has been next to useless. Any info would be amazing. I know its been a long time. But we just want her safe. Thankyou for your help
DogLostjenny4 - Area Co-ordinator - West Hampshire
Most probably been rehomed by now and could be anywhere, there seems to be a spate of previous owners now trying to locate their rehomed dogs , had 2 in the last couple of weeks in the South West......Last edited: 2015-01-25 14:30:06 by jenny4 - Area Co-ordinator - West Hampshire
The missing date is correct. Bonnie is flagged up as missing with pet log. Owner has been trying to locate her for a very long time on her own but has come to a dead end now.
Text sent to check the missing date. Photo cropped (refresh page to view)Last edited: 2015-01-25 12:34:42 by AlisonH
The details say lost in Dec 2013, is this correct or should it be 2014?
Do we have more details? Is Bonnie actually missing from Frome area? Whereabouts was she last seen and when?
Shared with FB
Where did she go missing from? Very distinctive dog, let's hope she's safe, and back where she belongs very soon
DogLostJayne - Admin & Regional Co-ordinator - Wales
Alerts sent to helpers in BA2,3,11,12,13,14,15.
Text sent requesting photo.
Niki - Area Volunteer, Devon & Somerset
Shared to lost and found dogs somerset
Sorry to see that BONNIE is missing.
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