Lost: Black/grey/tan Cross Breed Female In South East (CM3)

  • Dog ID 90673
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 13 Aug 2015
  • Gender & Breed Female Cross Breed (Spayed)
  • Age Young Adult
  • Colour black/grey/tan
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged No
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 12 Aug 2015
  • Where Lost South Woodham Ferrers - last seen in Hullbridge
  • Lost In Region South East
  • Lost In Post Area CM3
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info She is a very nervous and scared rescue dog but not aggressive. She was wearing a purple bandana. Her former name was Boyka.
  • Phone 1 07970722757
  • Phone 2 01245346777
  • Listed By JodieDrake
  • Views 8376
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  • DULCE  SIGHTINGExtra Image


Sightings and Information

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Shared to groups x
Thats great news mollychops, hopefully it make more people aware of dulce.
Thanks for sharing liz000
Missing Dogs UK
shared again to my fbook page Missing Dogs London/Kent & UK hope you find her x
Dulce is featured in todays Countrymans Weekly
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
This is so good to hear. Are we certain it's her? Spangles will do her best, I know, to help. x
Another sighting today 28/11/15, Not long now fingers crossed she is home soon.
Another possible sighting of Dulce Today 26/11/15, Rawreth Lane Area.
Loose dog (possibly Dulce) seen running across the road down rawreth lane, near makros this morning (25/11/15) at around 5.30am. Please keep a look out if you are in this area. Any info post on 'find dulce' page or message me on 07707 196284. Thankkyou
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Details of sighting on DogLosat Essex fb page.
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Bumped for possible sighting.
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Jodie, these dogs can be amazing survivors and if this is Dulce, you can see that. They revert to their wild instincts and that is what enables them to survive just fine. Once you know for sure where this sighted dog is you can start with a safe area, feeding station and then once we know it's a dog eating there, we move on to the next stage. Right now you need more sightings. I would suggest more posters and some stake-outs in these areas early morning and evening. Sit in cars at locations and simply watch. Or, you can get a night time motion sensor camera which I understand is easy to install. Then a pattern will start to form. Get as many helpers as you can. Do not chase, just watch. Once we know it's her, or any dog, we can move forward. Plot the sightings, do they form a triangle? Re-read the email I sent you at the start. Come on Dulce, let's get you home now! x
Dulce is still missing, been a possible dulce sighting this evening (24/10/15) at around 6.30pm at watery lane fields. This could be the same loose dog spotted last week down maylons farm field. Keep your eyes peeled :) please message on here, 'find dulce' facebook page or call me 07707 196284 if theres been a dog sighting, many thanks
Missing Dogs UK
shared on my missing dog page on fabook and twitter, hope you find her soon
Hello, thank you for alerting me to check ID 92529, unfortunately this isn't Dulce. She is around knee height. We had a sighting of Dulce in South Woodham Ferrers on 18.09.15, and we are currently following up a lead that she may be in Chelmsford. Sightings of her are getting more and more scarce and winter is approaching. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again, Jodie xx
DogLostMe n my girl - Administrative Volunteer
Could this be Dulce Found ID 92529 EDIT I've text owner to look on here for message re found.Last edited: 2015-09-26 17:24:38 by Me n my girl - Administrative Volunteer
Thanks for the update people :)

A member in the 'find dulce' facebook page just recieved a text message saying: "Hello earlier around 12:10 we drove passed the hungry horse and I saw I man quickly picked up a dog which was sniffing around on the grass and we seemed it was dulce it was scruffy and wet and the man was walking with it under his arm xx"

Hungry horse in rayleigh i believe, 12.10pm on 15/09/15, if anyone has any information regarding this sighting can you please get in contact, either on here or find dulce facebook page, many thanks.
The other dog that had been sighted, Dillon, has been reunited..When his owner returned from a search for him, he was waiting in the house on an armchair..Cheeky chap :-)..Now we need to Dulce home..Fingers crossed it's really soon xx
Two days ago I met the daughter of Dillon's owner who was grateful for a phone call from a DL helper.However he is missing in East Hanningfield and she thinks that particular sighting was of Dulce in the Hullbridge area. She is in SS11 and owns Dillon's son who looks almost identical to him.
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
There is some concern as to whether sightings were Dulce or another missing dog in the area. So, if anyone sees a dog please let us know - it matters not which dog as long as they all get back. We can try and figure out which sightings are Dulce and which are not once we have more info. Thank you to all the searchers out there. You really are doing fab.
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
And, don't get too close to where she is sleeping as we want her to say there. But good job out there! Won't be long now....
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
In the same area is very good. Anywhere there set up a smelly feeding station and she will find it. Dogs can smell at least 40 times more than we can. This is great news. x
Thanks guys! She is seen around the same area, but never in the same place twice. We are trying to fathom out where she is resting so we can set up a definite food station for her to then set up a trap x
circulating on twitter.......DULCE Black/Grey/Tan Cross Breed MISSING http://bit.ly/1K1rqzf #South #WoodhamFerrers #Hullbridge #CM3 Rescue Dog Plz RT
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Keep doing th efood on the spotshe was seen but hidden from others. Water too in an old plastic food carton, as though it were rubbish. Do the scenting there too, as evenif you only had Dulce for a few days, she will remember your scent. This is such good news. Let's keep her there. I actually think now is the time to get th efeeding station working, and peopl eto sit and watch from a distance. Then we can trap rather than many people going through fields and possibly scaring her further away. You have done amazingly so far, now we know where she is, we can move to the next phase of trapping her. x
Got down to the field she was seen at 5am and we left out smelly food to try and coax her out but no sign, we had to leave for work but luckily a few people turned up to have a look around and keep an eye out for us after we left x
I received a report of a sighting in Beeches Rd, Hullbridge of a dog running across a field fitting the description of Dulce, I headed there straight away and met with the sighter. Whilst en route to where she was sighted I saw her in a neighbouring field, she was fit and healthy looking, no limping. Light was failing fast and as such lost sight of her as she darted into hedging, myself and a few volunteers tried to torch search but also mindful that she could bolt into the speeding traffic so aborted further searching. The farmer has been contacted and has given us permission to search on his land so I would like to get as many volunteers over there as possible so that a steady stream of us can be searching the area throughout the day. Alex & Jodie the owners have said they can get there around first light (5.30 ish) the point of search is the first sharp right bearing bend, there is rolls of hay in the fields to the left.
Been advised Dulce was sighted this morning at 10.45am in Hullbridge down Windemere Avenue, looks like she is hovering around the River Crouch and crossing over when the tide is low! x
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Good advice Kimmybear...let me know if you need more alerts sent.
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
You are doing great! Bumped for sightings. Now plot the route, does it make a triangele like in the advice I sent you? Need loads more osters up. If Dulce is insured, insurance company should pay for posters. Either way, more posters = more chance of sightings. Then we can move on to the next stage. Let us know if she is seen in the same area more than once, as then we can set up a feeding station etc. We can give you loads more advice, step by step. P.S. Golf courses seem to be very polular with lost dogs, so that sounds good. x
UPDATE: Just an update about this mornings siting around south woodham area,
Around 7.00am a black wired hair dog was seen running middle of inch bonnie road by ormbsy
Around 8.15am dog was seen running down Inchbonnie Road, up towards Gandalf Ride
Around 8.15am dog was seen at albert road roundabout going towards town.
LAST SEEN Around 8.30am dog was seen at the top of Benbows drive, heading towards the school.
(Time UNKNOWN) seen in the morning running down marsh farm road.
Please update us if anymore recent sitings has occured.
Many thanks
Voulenteers NEEDED IN SOUTH WOODHAM AREA, Possible sighting of Dulce this morning. 'Facebook comments' : 'Just seen a black dog running down the middle of inchbonnie by ormsby chine', 'a black dog running up Inchbonnie Rd into Gandalf's Ride', 'loose dog on Albert road roundabout'. Possible dulce last sighting was at albert roundabout at 8.15AM 24/08/15 thankyou
Dulce has a great team of people helping Jodie get her home. They are out postering, leafleting and searching the surrounding areas at all times day and night. We are determined to find her.
Out again this evening with the team for the third evening this week searching the golf course and surrounding houses. The golf course are being so helpful to in allowing us access. And we have had help from Gill and her amazing Tinks to search the dense stuff we two legged bods can't get into. We're leaving no stone unturned (or dog poo, for that matter). Dulce where are you?
Dulce has been missing and not seen for 6 days. We were luckily allowed to enter the Rayleigh Golf Course last night to search but couldn't find any sign of her there :(
Met up today with some lovely people who have helped me poster the area further and searched possible areas in Hullbridge, we are thinking that Dulce may be around the Rayleigh Golf Course area. Fingers crossed! P.S if Dulce is seen do not run over or try to directly approach as she will bolt and run off, just calmly and slowly crouch down and try and coax her over or call me asap. Thank you xx
Just sorry I can't help atm, but will keep watching..
Good Luck!
We are meeting at 11.30 am tomorrow (Sunday) morning in the Community Centre Car Park, Ferry Road, Hullbridge. Owner will be there and any volunteers welcome to co-ordinate areas that have been postered and see which still need doing. we also plan to sort out best search areas and compile a list of local people who would be willing to jump quickly if she is sighted as Jodie has no family close to the area she went missing. All welcome.
ok, thanks for the advice, the next patch of posters i shall print them in black and white :) Fingers crossed Dulce and the other dogs get found soon! xx
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
If you have black and white photocopies, they tend not to run at all in the rain and are best without plastic cover but coloured copies from home computers run in rain and in condensation. I am emailing you Jodie. Posters are the bets thing to start with and finishd with too really, everything else in between. There's a lot of dogs missing around aroud Hullbridge at the moment. Let's get them back one by one! Come on Dulce, let's get you home. x
I printed a load at work this afternoon and took as many plastic wallets as I could without them noticing! Will be going up Hullbridge this evening to put some more up and have a shout around! xx
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Keep those posters going up as that is the best way to get sightings! Hundreds of them and you can search at the same time. Keep going! You can do this! x
Thanks for your help, just got back from hullbridge, went down to the river, nature reservation and beyond, around the estate, back roads, farms. Still no luck in finding her. Notified the shops, pub and the local residents about dulce and to keep an eye out for her.
Thanks Alison. I have spoken to wallace kennels and she wasn't aware. I'll advice owner to contact the Chelmsford warden. Acresway kennels in Thundersley are aware as is Southend dog warden
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Extra alerts sent to postcodes SS4,SS5,SS6
Can we please have SS4, SS5, SS6, alerts out too please as Dulce was sighted in Hullbridge
Shared to Bella's Angels and Lost and Found Animals - Essex, also posted to Find Snowy!!'s page, as there are a lot of people out searching, Dulce may be in this area, so asking people to keep an eye out. Last edited: 2015-08-13 08:54:52 by Sazza
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Email alerts sent to postcodes CM1,CM2,CM3,CM8,CM77
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Photo cropped and rotated (refresh page to view)
Sorry to see that DULCE SIGHTING is missing.
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