Lost: Liver And White German Wirehaired Pointer Male In South West (BA3)

  • Dog ID 94500
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 09 Nov 2015
  • Gender & Breed Male German Wirehaired Pointer (Neutered)
  • Age Adult
  • Colour liver and white
  • Marks & Scars Docked Tail
  • Tagged Unknown
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 08 Nov 2015
  • Where Lost From Home, Leigh on Mendip (near Frome)
  • Lost In Region South West
  • Lost In Post Area BA3
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info Chaos got spooked by fireworks and jumped the gate yesterday at 5pm.
  • Phone 1 07837 937937
  • Phone 2 01761 239203
  • Listed By jenny4 - Area Co-ordinator, West Hampshire
  • Views 13460


Sightings and Information

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pls this gwp - vet don't release more details to public only to owner - https://www.facebook.com/thevetliverpool/photos/a.462231247283060/1104619996377512/?type=3&hc_ref=ART_nGWRHVumrIlaPZpmDBgc8e5OIfs3RFm753zQvdiiFm7ikk9mqWGlAFGPMDu8tVQ&fref=gs&dti=271270836296718&hc_location=group
DogLostKatieF - Area Co-Ordinator, Somerset
Pat88 thank you for the comment but the link just opens to fb general page. If you want to post on his search page here’s the link. SAS somerset
Sue - onestopalldogs
Re Shared to @onestopalldogsLost Facebook and Twitter
Always looking out for Chaos - thank you for bumping today GeoffA x
DogLostKatieF - Area Co-Ordinator, Somerset
Bobble we have not had any news. Plenty of souls found and offered to match during this year, but nothing on the loose and wild front. Sadly we have a long list of unclosed missing somerset dogs over the last year. Some known Stolen others I fear holes/quarries/rail or roads may have taken.
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, East Devon temp covering East Sussex
Thanks for bumping Geoff. If I had a £ for every hour I spent looking for this boy and being called out to investigate bones and so on that turned out to be deer or sheep :( Or other dogs that usually belong to a farm. Proves that the posters and letterbox drop leaflets work though.

Any news please......
There’s a few on this site worth checking https://gb.easyavvisi.com/galleria/german-wirehaired-pointer-puppies-P0015206461/1#easlider-galleria
Can’t see his face as hidden but check this out https://gb.easyavvisi.com/galleria/german-shorthaired-pointer-puppies-P0015050379/1#easlider-galleria
DogLostKatieF - Area Co-Ordinator, Somerset
Tears for him and all the others I’ve not found closure for.
It’s been a long long 3 years and I still drive past his home often and the sighting areas and from experience now I do have a heavy heart he went on the tracks or met with the demise I have now witnessed others fall onto.
He works with me in spirit and gives me drive.
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer, Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
Chaos went missing 3 years ago today when spooked by fireworks
DogLostKatieF - Area Co-Ordinator, Somerset
Sadly nothing JEAN. We seem to have a marvellous national network that any found we are tagged. As you imagine, they don’t pop up that often I’m a Doglost searcher and run his page for Jemma his owner so although it’s quiet I’m on in 24/7 as he’s a really local boy to me and my drive to help others in our BA postcodes.
Any update on Chaos please x
DogLostKatieF - Area Co-Ordinator, Somerset
Thank you Terese. Owner Jemma and I are talking with them to see if it’s him.
On facebook.
GWP male found. On FB post from Laura Jarmesty
DogLostKatieF - Area Co-Ordinator, Somerset
Thank you all yes was sent direct and as Jean stated this boy was entire and poor Chaos was no longer the bearer of his Crown Jewels.
The dog found id 125645 is a entire male, Chaos is neutered :( Last edited: 2018-02-17 13:59:25 by JEAN
Found dog id 125645
please check this , says chipped but phone numbers not working https://www.facebook.com/laura.jarmesty/posts/10215789969603338
Please can someone check if this dog could be a match >> https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10215789968483310&set=a.10200221039909826.2205122.1267209623&type=3
DogLostKatieF - Area Co-Ordinator, Somerset
Thanks skyninchar. Wasn't poor chaos and dog now reunited. Thank you for continuing to look and be alert for him xx
Dog found sheffield, cant see all markings as only really head shot

DogLostKatieF - Area Co-Ordinator, Somerset
Thank you Blackdog. I have commented on the post to asking her if chaos could possibly be the dog. I don't think it is but photos aren't great.
Boy picked up in Stoke, on Stoke pets - lost and found Facebook page. Worth a look, not sure about markings. Says microchipped but details not available.
DogLostKatieF - Area Co-Ordinator, Somerset
Still no news for poor chaos. A little heart stop at a found boy in Scotland that was listed no chip!! And the facial markings were uncanny. But an owner came forward and after checking out their fb profile could see the dog was clearly not chaos but his 'entirety' lol. We keep searching and his page supports local BA dog rescue and searches that our small team are more than willing to attend and try to get closure on asap.
'Team Chaos mendip lost dogs'
shared x
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
I have shared with DL FB Page, Twitter & Public. I hope Chaos is safely back at home soon. X
Shared x
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, East Devon temp covering East Sussex
Lost 2 years - still looking for signs and news.
DogLostKatieF - Area Co-Ordinator, Somerset
have updated a few details on Chaos' poster and entry. Jemma, owner will be leaving to move to franch on feb 12. she has asked i be a primary contact and advised chip.
Sue - onestopalldogs
Shared Facebook & Twitter
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, East Devon temp covering East Sussex
Nominated for Countryman's Weekly as almost a year now :(
DogLostKatieF - Area Co-Ordinator, Somerset
Hi. Chaos has no further updates on his search.
I would sincerely ask is I can be included in any comments info on his/this lost page.
I'm not even sure who created this for Jemma the owner but I know neither of us are linked and just have to check.
Cheers. Buddy's rural animal rescue / chaos list dog on the Mendips.
If admin could respond please
Niki I think the markings are wrong but when we shared Boris we got sent this.... Its a few days it says and I not sure what area it is as my brain is dead today but please can you rule him out xx

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10209906123036695&set=p.10209906123036695&type=3&theaterLast edited: 2016-05-10 12:43:49 by Seeks
This has just been put up on Pewsey Notice Board facebook page -

About an hour ago approximately 1/2 mile past everleigh tip on the left, a big brown dog ran out of the woods into the path of my car and I hit him/her 😭😭😭😭😭I stopped but it ran off into the woods on the other side of the road and it was limping. So it is hurt. There was no one around and I could not see the dog.
I do hope it is going to be ok. I don't know what breed it was but when it ran out I thought it was a small deer so quite big.
I do hope the dog is found so that it can be treated and reunited with its owners.
DogLostNiki - Area Volunteer, Devon & Somerset
There is now a thunderclap for Chaos please support and share on Facebook and Twitter https://www.thunderclap.it/en/projects/40859
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, East Devon temp covering East Sussex
Still searching for Chaos regularly in the Evercreech, Doulting area.
I'm fairly sure this is a different dog, but just in case - 3 year old male GWP surrendered to dog pound, Roscommon, Ireland
still circulating on twitter.
Chaos is featured in the current Countrymans Weekly
DogLostKatieF - Area Co-Ordinator, Somerset
Our Chaos search journey has turned slightly to us wandering if most of the recent sighting have actually been him!?!
We are concentrating now on getting his poster far and wide. If he was picked up and taken in a while back then we need to ensure all rescue and rehoming centres are aware he is lost. We are currently recontacting all rescues,wardens,vets and door to door of our most positive sightings back in Buckland Dinham around November 15/16/17
follow our search on his facebook page www.facebook.com/Findchaismendips/
DogLostKatieF - Area Co-Ordinator, Somerset
New information of a sighted pointer hunting alone along a hedge line southeast of trudoxhill village. With another mention of a lone brown dog last week in Cloford nearby a shoot meet we are concentrating a search on this area.
Last edited: 2016-01-15 20:08:36 by KatieF - Area Co-Ordinator, Somerset
charlie and sooty
There is a search taking place tomorrow 10th @9:30 at Doulting..This is posted on Find Chaos lost dog Mendips face book x
From Katie Fox's post: Chaos sighted crossing the Maesdown lane between Doulting and Stoney Stratton heading east to Chesterblade .......
DogLostKatieF - Area Co-Ordinator, Somerset
Update since Stoney Stratton. Apparent sightings in Nettlebridge Nr Oakhill which is closer to his home. One in the road on 21st Dec and another in a nearby field. Both close to the vast woodland. Searching took place over 2/3 days and more posters for this area and a mile around. No more sightings since. ALTHOUGH a 'reading' took us the Bucklsnd Dinham and confirmed sightings from November which would fill the gap of where he was before looping south back past his maiden voyage.
We are appealing to try reach non online users incase he has now been taken as no info or sightings since Xmas eve 😩😩😩😩
DogLostKatieF - Area Co-Ordinator, Somerset
The Marlborough dog sighting got shared to Chaos' page loads. It was in fact Rupert the giant schnauzer who has at last been apprehended !! 😜
DogLostCounty Pet ServicesKaren - Area Volunteer, Wiltshire
There was a post on the Marlborough notice board on 30th December showing a picture of a very similar dog running around the Hungerford area wearing a red collar.
DogLostKatieF - Area Co-Ordinator, Somerset
Hello all. Bobble. The owner is Jemma Archer. The lister helped her post up the log.
No other sightings since stoney Stratton on the eve of Tuesday 24th Nov.
We did however have a call from a gent in Milton clevedon ( after putting mail shots through doors later that week) who is sure he saw him on his daily walks in spargrove. But this transpired to be between the westcombe and stoney sightings.
The dog trap has to offered by a trainer/behaviourist should we ever get that far.
I continue to trawl the lanes. Although tbh he obviously isn't using them.
I did speak to the lady who sighted him in stoney again, to clarify his direction.
I'm convinced he is in no mans land northeast of westcombe.
I really can't believe the farm watch 1000 member email/text has produced not even an old sighting. bobble if you want to contact me my mobile is 07947 360897/01761 239203
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, East Devon temp covering East Sussex
Nominated for Countryman's Weekly, hope it helps bring some news.
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, East Devon temp covering East Sussex
Thanks Jasper, I'm keeping a look out in the general Evercreech area and have had a look over at Pilton Ditcheat area as well.

Come on Chaos show yourself again boy.
DogLostJasper - Area Volunteer, Somerset
Had a drive around some of the quieter roads this afternoon and again this evening with posters. Covered the area between Sparkford going towards Evercreech- Galhampton Lovington Alford Shepton montague and villages in between just in case he should come this way. Hope for a new sighting soon.
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, East Devon temp covering East Sussex
I've been out looking every day since 2nd Dec and no sign or further sightings in the sighted area. I will continue to keep a look out in the area, but suspect he has moved on.
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, East Devon temp covering East Sussex
Just come back from another intensive search in the Evercreech area. Katiefox@edfordfarm please could you confirm if there has been another sighting? as refer to sightings below.

It is imperative that sightings are reported to the coordinator helping the owner (Jenny4)or reported on this page to allow DogLost to utilise our years of experience to help the owner and get this boy home.

For example using his crate may not be the best move, a proper trap would be more effective, but it does need experienced users to avoid creating more problems than are solved. However, lets not run before we walk. More firm sightings are needed before a trap is considered.

I am constantly on the lookout with binoculars and spreading the word in the local community. I'll be out again with my dogs later and as this morning at first light.
DogLostKatieF - Area Co-Ordinator, Somerset
I'm working directly with Jemma and Ben. It's hard for her to be out with two very small girls so I've taken the challenge. It's great that people we stop or call at know our plight for sightings. A dog trap has been offered and we have his crate ready to set up 'when' there are some clues. Talked today with farmer Wiltshire at Maesdown farm and Sarah green has two farms in the area of stoney Stratton. Also called in prestleigh farms and into Diane & Alex farming in chesterblade. Keep looking people. I just hope he travels back or north to help his way home. Also asked farm watch to alert area but no firm reply from them yet! And the binmen were on the lookout Tuesday - but no reports came back 😩 Where are you boy. Last edited: 2015-12-05 14:34:17 by KatieF - Area Co-Ordinator, Somerset
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, East Devon temp covering East Sussex
Local postie is aware that chaos may be in the area.

I detoured this morning, but really to dark as I start work half an hour away at 08.00. No signs of him in the Evercreech/Milton Clevedon/S Stratton areas.
A wire haired pointer has been found and has been posted on Harvey's Army facebook page. The post is from your area or near Frome...may be worth looking into. It is originally on a buy/ sell page but as a found dog posted by a Lianne Townsend.Last edited: 2015-12-02 22:04:06 by Rabsue
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, East Devon temp covering East Sussex
I have been out again twice more today, spoken to lots of people, popped up some posters in Evercreech and dropped one into the Glenn NH. I spotted a couple of posters up on the Stony Stratton edge of Evercreech, so that is good. I have walked around there as much as I can.

Just got back from dog walk from Lamyatt to Milton Clevedon and towards Evercreech all on footpaths and farmland, no signs of a den or anything.

I'll be out again just before dawn on my way to work.

This chap found in Trowbridge - on doglost southwest facebook page
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, East Devon temp covering East Sussex
I've just got back from Stoney Stratton, lots of narrow lanes, hard part is finding somewhere to park and lots of very wet land. I'm day off today so will head out there again later. I'll call in at the Glenn and see if they will ask staff to be aware.

DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
That's great news, bumped due to sighting. Come on Chaos, go to someone who will help you get home.
DogLostjenny4 - Area Co-ordinator, West Hampshire
from facebook just now .....Apparently he's just been spotted in stoney Stratton high street near Evercreech
DogLostKatieF - Area Co-Ordinator, Somerset
Also shared with Harvey's Army fb page. Most local buy/sell sites mendip & Wiltshire young farmers. German WireHaired pointer Uk group and rescue. Shepton Equine. All quarries put posters on weighbridge and canteens. We've been busy but now understanding what a huge playground the mendips are😫
DogLostKatieF - Area Co-Ordinator, Somerset
A reward poster has now been created. Can I add or send this or has Jemma got to log in??
DogLostKatieF - Area Co-Ordinator, Somerset
Hi there. I'm helping Jemma on her search. Yes we had a firm sighting, our first and only for 2 1/2weeks, that Tuesday he was passing the village hall. The gentleman had thought the scruffy dog may belong to the farmer on that corner. He spotted our poster on a local fb selling sight 2 days later and clicked it was probably him! We have left his covered crate blanket toy and bowl and been checking a good few times a day. Meanwhile we have covered batcombe wanstrow and Upton noble fields and woods. The search continues.
I've read on Frome dog walkers page on Facebook he was seen in village of upton noble? Not sure when but an update here would be good if this is recent so can share latest update locally again on twitter etc
circulating on twitter as the poster has been tweeted to us.....CHAOS Liver/White German Wire-haired Pointer MISSING http://bit.ly/218XBm7 #LeighonMendip nr #Frome #BA3 Plz RT
Just read a message on Facebook that says that he may have been seen on Sat night 7th running on the A361 towards shepton. Seems a long time ago now but he must be somewhere. Any further updates?
Shared again to Frome Dog Walkers page and also Lost and Found Pets in Bristol / Gloucs facebook page. Are there Pointer pages on facebook - might be worth sharing with them? Will also recirculate on twitter. Can't believe he hasn't been seen since he went missing :-(
DogLostjenny4 - Area Co-ordinator, West Hampshire
thank you Jemma , putting up posters will be great Jools xx
I'm driving round putting up posters today, please feel free (but not obliged) to print off poster and pop them into local shop or vets... Thanks for any help.. Just sharing on fb or Twitter is a massive help and much appreciated:)
Just over the border in Wiltshire, let me know if there is anything I can do to help???
DogLostjenny4 - Area Co-ordinator, West Hampshire
Thank you Bobble xx
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, East Devon temp covering East Sussex
I'll let a colleague know who works in that area.
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
I have shared with doglost FB group & Twitter. Hope Chaos is safely back at home soon. X
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Alerts sent to helpers in BA3,4,11.
DogLostjenny4 - Area Co-ordinator, West Hampshire
with orange and silver collar
Sorry to see that CHAOS MISSING THREE YEARS TODAY is missing.
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