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Rainbow Bridge Dogs - Results 1 to 50 of 5323
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DateLatest Alert Date ID Status Name Pic Gender Breed Region
26/02/24 188749 Rainbow Bridge CHESTER UPDATE Y Male Sprocker Central B78 19
25/02/24 190693 Rainbow Bridge SPUDDY 18 YEARS OLD BLIND AND DEAF Y Male Jack Russell Terrier North West M27 8
24/02/24 190678 Rainbow Bridge ALICE Y Female Shih Tzu cross North East DN4 11
24/02/24 190601 Rainbow Bridge PEGGY Y Female Cocker Spaniel South West SN5 15
22/02/24 190622 Rainbow Bridge TILLY Y Female English Springer Spaniel South West TA5 14
21/02/24 190540 Rainbow Bridge USELESS Y Male Cocker Spaniel East Anglia LN11 11
18/02/24 190416 Rainbow Bridge COOKIE Y Female Cocker Spaniel East Anglia PE22 12
18/02/24 190496 Rainbow Bridge LUNA Y Female Whippet South East OX2 8
14/02/24 190412 Rainbow Bridge CEDAR Y Female English Springer Spaniel South East CM11 14
13/02/24 190351 Rainbow Bridge JOEY Y Male Dachshund Wales NP11 16
12/02/24 189411 Rainbow Bridge MILO Y Male Poodle cross South West TA3 36
12/02/24 190269 Rainbow Bridge LUCY Y Female Jack Russell Terrier Cross North West PR5 12
08/02/24 190325 Rainbow Bridge GUS COOPER Y Male Cocker Spaniel South East TN31 8
05/02/24 189415 Rainbow Bridge TOM Y Male Bichon Frise Central B19 17
03/02/24 189911 Rainbow Bridge DOUGIE Y Male Border Terrier South East CM1 22
02/02/24 190096 Rainbow Bridge DAMSON Y Female Foxhound North West CA7 11
01/02/24 186399 Rainbow Bridge PEBBLES Y Female Jack Russell Terrier South East RG20 19
31/01/24 190139 Rainbow Bridge TIA Y Female Cocker Spaniel North East DH2 15
30/01/24 190025 Rainbow Bridge CHARLIE Y Male Welsh Sheepdog Central HR2 10
29/01/24 189619 Rainbow Bridge NOT GIVEN Y Female Border Terrier North East NE71 15
29/01/24 190041 Rainbow Bridge ALLY Y Female Border Collie Scotland EH55 13
28/01/24 190107 Rainbow Bridge BETTY Y Female Labrador Retriever Central NN6 15
28/01/24 189510 Rainbow Bridge AMORA Y Female Lurcher South West GL2 17
27/01/24 188421 Rainbow Bridge BEE Y Female Border Collie South East HP27 13
27/01/24 189952 Rainbow Bridge AMBER Y Female Dachshund: Miniature South East BN10 19
26/01/24 189241 Rainbow Bridge RUBY Y Female Labrador Retriever South West SN14 20
25/01/24 189995 Rainbow Bridge RAINBOW BRIDGE Y Female Dogue de Bordeaux North East TS24 8
24/01/24 188938 Rainbow Bridge PEANUT Y Female Shar Pei Cross South West TA6 14
24/01/24 189196 Rainbow Bridge LAGATHER Y Female Lurcher South West TA23 13
23/01/24 189963 Rainbow Bridge KUSHYBEAR Y Male Cross Breed South East HA2 13
19/01/24 189494 Rainbow Bridge TOBY Y Male Yorkshire Terrier South East SL3 17
19/01/24 189906 Rainbow Bridge KIA Y Unknown Cocker Spaniel Northern Ireland BT11 6
18/01/24 189812 Rainbow Bridge ROXY Y Female Patterdale Terrier North East S36 12
16/01/24 189850 Rainbow Bridge BELLA Y Female Jack Russell Terrier Cross Central SY3 10
15/01/24 189820 Rainbow Bridge STANLEY Y Male Collie Cross South West BA2 17
14/01/24 188990 Rainbow Bridge JACKSON Y Male Cross Breed South West PL7 14
13/01/24 189665 Rainbow Bridge ELVIS Y Male West Highland White Terrier Wales LD6 12
11/01/24 189659 Rainbow Bridge GEORGIA FLY HIGH WITH THE ANGELS Y Female Border Terrier Cross North West OL11 17
11/01/24 189764 Rainbow Bridge PUMPKIN Y Male Sprocker South West EX5 9
10/01/24 189739 Rainbow Bridge SCOOBIE Y Female Schnauzer: Standard Wales CF32 13
10/01/24 189731 Rainbow Bridge SUMMER Y Female Turkish Kangal Dog East Anglia NR4 7
09/01/24 189727 Rainbow Bridge DELILAH Y Female French Bulldog East Anglia CO10 8
05/01/24 189185 Rainbow Bridge SOX 15 YRS OLD FLY HIGH WITH THE ANGELS Y Male Jack Russell Terrier North West L8 18
04/01/24 189309 Rainbow Bridge MONTY Y Male Cocker Spaniel Central B49 13
03/01/24 189352 Rainbow Bridge WILLBERT Y Male Jack Russell Terrier Cross Central NG10 9
02/01/24 189399 Rainbow Bridge HENNESSY Y Male Portuguese Podengo Central NG16 17
01/01/24 189547 Rainbow Bridge UNKNOWN Male Terrier Cross Central NN6 7
01/01/24 189250 Rainbow Bridge TILLY Y Female Labrador Retriever Wales LL77 22
01/01/24 189418 Rainbow Bridge BEAR Y Male Norwegian Buhund South West BA6 15
30/12/23 189443 Rainbow Bridge LOKI Y Male Saluki Southern Ireland S.Ireland 14
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