Lost: White / Tan Pointer Cross Female In East Anglia (IP22)

  • Dog ID 119913
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 14 Sep 2017
  • Name MILA
  • Gender & Breed Female Pointer cross (Spayed)
  • Age Adult
  • Colour White / tan
  • Marks & Scars Scar on inside right hind leg
  • Tagged Yes
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 14 Sep 2017
  • Where Lost Long Lane, Gissing, Suffolk.
  • Lost In Region East Anglia
  • Lost In Post Area IP22
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info
  • Phone 1 07882102204
  • Phone 2
  • Listed By Stephen
  • Views 26903
  • Alerts Sent 190
  • MILA Poster Image
  • MILA Extra Image


Sightings and Information

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Thanks Helen, that`s good
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
Bumping Mila up for her 3 year anniversary for you, I have re-shared her poster over Facebook in the hope that will jog someone’s memory, hoping this will help get her home
Hi Karen.ánd Stephen. So sorry that mila has been mising for so long, But as you are probably aware 40 dogs have been recovered by police in Kent, so you never know . Ask family, friends, and neighbours to share as well as DL. Twitter too. Post a LOST DOG ad in a National newspaper too. Paws, and fingers xd.
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This morning three years ago was the last time I saw Mila, giving her a quick kiss and a cuddle before going to work as she stared out the landing window, as she did every day surveying the bird life outside. Later that day she managed to open the front door whilst Steve was sorting out a delivery and took herself for a run.
Yesterday mum reminded me of the time in her garden when I rubbishly threw a chew for a her and it landed on top of bush. Every time we went to Mum's house from then on she would stare at the bush, believing it was a dog treat growing bush. There are so many fond (and funny) memories of Mila, it is hard to believe she has been missing as long as the wonderful three year we had with her.
Thank you to everyone who has helped us in the search for Mila and continue to share her story. Karen and Stephen xx
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
Re-sharing over Facebook for you Stephen to raise awareness that Mila is still missing and desperately missed x
Mila is missing still, English setter / pointer cross, she is soft and gentle while being a subtle as a bull in a china shop.
Mila should be back home and living her retirement with us.
Come home Mila we love you
DogLostNicky - Area Coordinator, Herefordshire & Shrops, Volunteer Bucks
Hoping Mila will be scanned & home safe soon
Mila the water dog on her long lead searching and chasing anything that should or shouldn't be chased.
These are the memories that are fantastic and hurt because we miss and love her.
Please find your way home Mila, there is a lot of love waiting for you
Mila is always in our hearts and dreams, she is missed but not forgotten, loved and cherished.
Mila is out there somewhere with someone and not home with us as she should be.
We love you Mila
Mila is missing another month, each month feels like another life time. It's no easier with time with a missing dog and a missing dog like Mila just makes that even harder, we miss her like crazy we talk about every day we miss her every moment of every day. We love you Milagritos.
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
Re-shared to Dog Lost Norfolk and Suffolk facebook group and other groups in the area to remind people that Mila is still missing and still very missed x
Mila is an English pointer English setter cross, she disappeared September 14th 2017 from Burston Diss Norfolk. We want Mila home.
Mila is headstrong and strong in the body she pulls like a tank and moves like a cheetah, fast as anything, she likes to stalk and hunt like a cheetah as well low to the ground hunch up and carefully moving after any bird possible, always fails but loves it anyway.
Mila's home and bed await her and we wait with open arms please keep an eye out for her on the street and the internet, Thank you all for keeping this feed alive.
There is an emptiness in my heart,
That is Mila, missing and apart
There is a emptiness in my house,
That is Mila, lost and about
There is an emptiness in my life,
That is Mila, vanished and gone
There is a emptiness,
Only Mila can fill
Roses are red

violets are blue

Mila is a stinky a ….

We should be able to smell you

Mila is still not home this Valentines Day and another card for her unopened, there are so many who love her and want to see her home.
Milagritos is still missing
We saw a photo yesterday that looked a bit like her,
but when we wiped the hopeful tears away we realised it wasn't her.
To have her back at home would create the right tears that would last for weeks, to miss a Mila after all this time is still easy to do, we love you little girl, we hope and pray every day you will come home to us.
Thank you to all of you who look and watch, to all who post and share and to those who send the posts that maybe, because one day it may be her.
Karen and Stephen
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
Details reshared to DogLost.co.uk Facebook Group X
Mila went missing 14th September 2017 from Burston in Norfolk, She was spotted 20 miles away near Elmswell Bury St Edmunds a few weeks later, from where she disappeared again but was never seen again.
We miss and love her very much, the struggle of not knowing what has happened to her keeps the pain alive every day.
We want to thank everyone who has supported us and helped keep Mila's plight in the limelight.
Dogs are found years after disappearing but this is a very small hope, but it is a hope.
Thank you to all who support Mila and look for her, let us always hope.
Karen and Stephen
Thank you keeping an eye on that posting
There was a sighted only pointer listed today on 151395 ?
Still hoping you will find your beautiful girl.
Sending all the very best from South Lopham X
Mila stares into space
Oh no
there's a pigeon
there's a squirrel
there's something to chase
off she goes full blatt
here comes the end of the lead
there goes my back
her she comes all tail and pleased
how can you shout and curse
the pain in the back still hurts
but you love the fiend all the same
This is an extract from the life of Mila that I should write but lets face it you all know this story,
Mila needs to come home so we can have a happy ending to this story
Stephen, I do hope that Mila will be found safely soon. With the passage of time it is worth confirming with the microchip company that your contact details for Mila's microchip are bang up to date. Also that no one has accessed or tried to change the details recorded. It's easy to overlook this.....XxLast edited: 2019-10-15 17:24:16 by Joan
DogLostJenkins-Admin for Found Dogs
Stephen ...your words are so poignant and you obviously love Mila very much. Really hope she is found and gets hone to you. Never give up hope.
Mila left 25 months ago to have a run and some fun
She ran and bounded around the fields
crossing roads and hedges looking for one of those flying meals
she ran and chased, till her heart was content and realised she was no longer near her home scent
She searched and sped around that space looking for her comfy bed
confused and in an unknown place she hid and stayed safe in a foreign space
We looked and searched for Mila every day but could not find that hidden place.
We hope and pray each and every day that Mila will find her comfy bed
Coming home and claiming her place
So sorry she isn't home, two years missing.
Mila went missing 2 years ago today. There is not a day where we don't think of her and miss her like crazy. We have to be realistic but we keep a glimmer of hope that she is out there somewhere and one day we will be reunited. Mila where ever you are we hope you enjoyed running free but please come home. Karen & Stephen xx
This is Mila who has been missing for 23 months. Her older little brother has just gone to his last sleep and she does not know.
We really do need Mila back to help us cope, Mila going missing was bad, now not having Corbett or Mila is devastating.
Please keep looking for her we know its been along time but we still hope and pray that one day she will come back, Mila is in our hearts and souls and we love you little girl.
MIla is still missing and still out there somewhere, we still look for here and still hope and pray she will come back to us. Mila has been missing for 22 months which has been the worst 22 months of our lives. She was last seen around Elmswell near Bury St Edmunds running down the road and disappeared into the fields and not seen again. If anyone knows anything please contact us as we need to know. WE LOVE YOU MILA
21 months that Mila has be missing We are still looking and hoping and following up all leads we get, so thank you all who contact us. HELP FIND MILA on facebook aswell
We are now at 20 months that Mila has disappeared, We love and miss her now more than ever and just want her back home, We thank those who have contacted us with possible sighting but not yet
Valentines day is the 17 month anniversary of my little girl, she is missing for a long time and absence makes the heart grow fonder, not that we could miss her any more.
Mila is missing and needs to come home
Mila has been gone another month 16 months, Its no easier for us as a whirl wind of love and affection is gone from our lives. We love and miss you Mila with all our hearts. This is the same dog that drove us crazy and nearly put us and Corbett in a mental institution, now we are missing her like crazy.
Mila put her paws on the handle of the front door pulled it down and the pulled the door inwards to open it (and we said she was stupid) She then went for a run down the road and into the fields for a good chase of any thing she could find. We think she kept running which took her 20 miles away chasing and playing until she was spotted in Elmswell. Unfortunately the shooting season started and we think this scared her away from the area again and was never spotted again.
We read about dogs being returned after 2 years and 7 years, so we can only hope this will happen for us.
Mila is a medium sized dog with a large attitude to life, she loves everything and everyone (except squirrels), she wiggled into our lives and accidently ran away chasing and having fun, she lost her way and is now out there without us. Mila has now been missing for 15 months. We love and miss you.
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
Details shared to Doglost FB Group. x
Thank you for including Mila in the E calendar, it the only thing we want for Christmas, love you Mila
DogLostJustineQuirk - Media Co-ordinator
Mila is featured in our DogLost e-Advent calendar behind door number 9
Just had an alert about a poor dog that looked so much like Mila, when it had been cleaned up and feed a bit it turn out not to be her. Very heart breaking but thank you to all who support and help us, it shows you can never give up. This dog now has a chance for a good home, Mila will be found by you, so thank you.
Not Mila, but what a beautiful dog, Thank you for thinking of us We still live in hope.
Have a look - esp pic 2 ( pic 1 looks a different dog compared to the 2nd pic 2 but can’t c your doggies tail to compare https://www.gumtree.com/p/pet-equipment-accessories/begal-crossed-english-pointer-/1318027724
14 Months missing today and we are still missing Mila, please come back
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
Thank you Justine x
DogLostJustineQuirk - Media Co-ordinator
Mila features in this months Dogs Today magazine on page 78
Mila has been missing 13 months today. We just wished we knew what has happened to her. We had a call about a dog loose in the Elmswell area where Mila was last seen, this was not her but it was good to get calls about lost dogs. She might be the next call so we will never give up. Thank you to all who help in the recovery of Mila and all lost dogs.
DogLostWhite Tigers
Shared and Tweeted for Mila x
Can Mila be bumped as she has been missing a year today
Very sadly today is the first anniversary of when Mila went missing when she managed to pull the front door handle down and open the door and take herself for a run. We miss her every bit as much as we did a year ago. We would both like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the help and support provided over the past year, from the initial advice and support; setting up and supporting this page; to providing dog tracking support, drone footage and loans of cameras when she was spotted 20miles away in the Elmswell area; to the local community in Elmswell - everyone who was looking out for Mila the local residents and farmers who let us access their land whilst we searched the area for her; and finally to everyone who shares and keeps her story alive on and sends us messages of support. Karen & Stephen xx
I am so sorry, I really hope you get news soon
This is Mila, she has now been missing for 11 months, it feels like 11 years, the pain does not diminish, the sorrow of losing such a beautiful girl does not lessen, just the belief of ever seeing her again.
Mila on the beach on the long line, she had fantastic recall when on the line ( none off the lead except in the garden) she would return sit at your feet and then spend all that time looking for her next victim to chase from small birds up to sea gulls and rabbits, hares but only for the chase as soon as they flew or ran the tail wagged harder. We need Mila back to sort out Asia and Arlo who have made more of a mess in the garden in three and half months then she managed in 3 and half years. We love you Mila come homeLast edited: 2018-08-14 08:01:50 by Stephen
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
Sharing Twitter.x
We are now at 10 months that Mila has been missing it already feels like a life time, we love and miss our little girl, hope is a hard thing to keep alive
Mila is still missing and there have been no sightings of her for a long time, we hope she will pop up somewhere and been sighted. She is missed and we need her returned to us as soon as possible, all possible sighing should be reported for us to check as 1000 false sightings are better than missing the one correct one. Thank you to all for your support and thoughts.
Mila has now been missing for 8 months, She now has anew sister and brother adopted from Spain waiting for her at home. We all want her back, but unfortunately there have been no sighting or news of her for a while, Please if you read this, tell others and keep a look for her and all the other dogs that are missing, even if you are not sure if it is her or not let us know and we will check it out, 100 wrong sightings is better then missing the right one. Thank you all for your help
WOW it's six months since Mila disappeared, we have had a very bad weekend tears and feeling very low. For us it hurts more now than the day she went, Mila is a tour de force unto herself, she must still be running at a hundred miles an hour chasing birds and barking at them. All we want in the world is to have Mila back.
DogLostWhite Tigers
Mila has a new Thunderclap
This is Mila she is a English setter / English setter cross, we adopted Mila three and half years ago from Pepe and Asturias waggy Tails.
She was about one year old and turned into a beautiful young girl, lively loving and liberty taking, she pulled on the lead and was not allowed off it when walking.
When in the garden she chased any bird and barked insistently at them until they totally ignored her.
When you called her in the garden she would run to your feet sit down and wait every time, she was gorgeous and funny.
Then she opened the front door which was always looked but it was while I was taking a delivery, she put her paws on the door handle and pulled the door inwards and ran in to the local fields for a bit of fun. By the time I got to the first gate there was no sign of her.
She was spotted five weeks later twenty miles away, weeks of intensive searching, she was spotted a few more times in the area, and then disappeared again, She has not been seen since, even with tracking dogs, drones and cameras and lots of wonderful people searching and of course thousands of posters.
We miss our little girl every minute of everyday, and will never give up looking for her.
The snow is fading in the area, there are no sightings of Mila, we had hoped the snow would have flushed her out, but then she is white so would disappear into the background. she must have changed quite a bit as she would have been snuggling up for cuddles and warmth with the weather like this.
Please keep an eye out for Mila and all other dogs who may be lost or just misplaced.
Thank you
It's these small things that add up so much, not having her to walk, and talk to, she understood most of it just ignored all the bits she did not like.
We miss her every day, we think about her every day and we talk about her every day, we look at her pictures on Facebook and Dog lost and we will her to come back every day.
We Love you Mila
Should you get another sighting please contact www.raydedicoat.com fir help with catching her.
I really hope that Mila is found soon. Paw, and fingers xd, prayers said and a candle will be lit, hopefully her microchip will works it` magicLast edited: 2018-02-02 16:56:16 by janiejewel1649
So sad, I hope you get news soon, she had travelled some distance to Elmswell.Last edited: 2018-02-02 16:09:10 by Skywalker99
Mila is still missing and still very missed, We thank you all for keeping an eye out and all make the effort to look for her and keep supporting us,
It is very hard to think Mila is out there in this awful weather and lonely Even if she may not realise it. Thank you
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
So sad that Mila hasn't been found yet, I am continuing to share her profile on facebook for you in the hope that a sighting is reported to you x
DogLostJenkins-Admin for Found Dogs
Stephen - really sorry that Mila is not back with you; wish we could get all the lost dogs home where they belong but we will keep trying. What a great idea to adopt the other dogs that have been in kennels for long time and I am sure they will have a loving home with you x x
We think off Mila everyday, we speculate and wonder where she is and how she can survive, we can only hope she has found somewhere or someone, where she is safe.
One day she may return home and join us with our growing family when Arlo and Asia join us.
Thank you for keeping a watch and all the support that we continue to receive.
We are still walking and looking for Mila, but have no idea where she may have moved on to, as she is no longer in the Elmswell area as far as we know.
We have set in motion to adopt two German Short Haired Pointers who have been on the streets and in kennels for years, We can not and do not want to replace Mila but we can help these poor dogs which just need love.
We thank every body for the support and help with looking for Mila and ask you to continue as she will reappear somewhere one day, and we will have our beautiful girl back with us.
Karen and Stephen
Nothing and no one around Elmswell and Great Ashfield upto Walsham Le Willows, We did the whole area on a wet windy Wednesday, did not see hardly anyone nether mind Mila who must of stayed in doors out the drizzle.
Thank you to everyone who are still watching out for her, she must be somewhere and we must get a sighting soon we hope.
A new year and still no sightings of Mila, we do not know if she is still in the Elmswell area or moved, we still keep looking and hope one of our friends who walk every day may see her. Thank you to all
Dear all, as Christmas nears we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for all the help and support we have received from you all. Whilst heartbreakingly she has not be found (despite those sightings of her in October around Elmswell); the one uplifting thing from this difficult time has been the wonderful side of human nature we have experienced since we posted her details on dogslost.co.uk. From the people (most of whom we never knew previously) who have offered the benefits of their experience and expertise - at our home on the phone as well as on this page; setting up this FB page for us social media luddites and creating posters for us; the help with the tracking dog (Loki 🐺); the support from Drone SAR; those who have lent us and help us with wildlife camera equipment; the Diss Express who ran her story which led to the first reported sighting; the amazing people from Elmswell and surrounding area who have shown us so much community spirit by helping with posters and being extra pairs of eyes whilst walking in the area - along with those who offered us a cuppa to help us warm up whilst on our searches; the farmers and landowners who without exception have been so kind and given us permission us to access their land and put up camera equipment); those who did spot her and made contact with us; and to everyone who has sent us positive messages of support and shared Mila's story for us - which has meant so us and helped to lift our spirits and hope on the many low moments over the past few months. Finally of course thank you to the support of friends, family and colleagues whilst we have been on this difficult journey. Apologies if we have forgotten something but be reassured we are so grateful for the amazing support we have received from everyone. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas break thank you from Karen, Stephen, Corbett (who I think does miss her secretly) and Mila wherever she may be.xxxx
We walk and talk
We look and spy
but alas, there is no Mila
Low or High
We hope and pray
We count the days
since Mila went
off to play
We miss her lots
We miss her most
The love that's missing
is what hurts the most
pls check this one found: link in facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Dogtheftawarenessnorteastuk/posts/2014772645468069
Mila is a English setter / English pointer cross, she is a Spanish rescue from Pepe which we where lucky to adopt 3 years ago. Mila is the most beautiful girl Pepe has put up for adoption, but she is very head strong and bird obsessed.
Mila escaped from home in Gissing on the 14 September opening the front door by bouncing up and down on the handle while I was taking a delivery, she exploded out the house and down the road in search of freedom and birds to chase.
For the next 5 weeks we trawled the local area putting up posters and talking to people, Then we had a phone call at 10.15 on a Friday night to tell us about a sighting of a dog that looked like Mila in the Long Thurlow area of Suffolk. the next 5 days Mila was spotted and photographed in a field and seen running up and down roads around Elmswell until she disappeared again. For the next 6 weeks we have postered, walk and talked relentlessly to locals , land owners and anyone who stopped for to long to tell them about the most wonderful of dogs.
We have used tracking dogs (Loki), cameras and local walkers to try and spot Mila, all of which has been fruitless for the last 5 weeks.
We suffer and cry most days because Mila is not a pet you have, she is part of you and your life, and being without her is one of the worst thing in our lives.
We thank all of the people who look out for Mila every day and who support us in this endeavour as we do need it, We hope you never feel what we are going through, and we love Mila with every fibre of our beings and can not wait to get her back as it is all we want in the world.
Thank you Karen and Stephen
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
Stephen, thank you for your updates on dear Mila, I’m really praying you get the sighting you need, I know there are plenty of posters up everywhere, she just needs to herself now!
Thank you to everyone who is out walking and looking for Mila and to all who are giving their support, it is not easy looking for a dog who does not want to be found and it seems at the moment Mila is enjoying the nomadic life,(she will never be let out again when we get her home).
Mila has not been sighted for nearly 6 weeks and has been missing for 11 weeks now. we are still searching in the Elmswell area covering a 100 sq mile postered area at the moment waiting for a sighting or news
The reference for the dog listed on Kings Lynn dog wardens site is KLWN-00241
On the Kings Lynn Council dog warden site.Loose dog/beagle/pointer/white/brown with harness and collar,seen near Bradenham Woods,says police aware on 23/11/17
Cameras checked each day, nothing to report. Saturday, Sunday And Monday we will be postering in an extended area around Elmswell, If any body can spare a little time please ring me on 07882102204 Ixworth to Thurston to Stowmarket upto Finningham and all villages in-between just need posters put upon notice boards posts and given to dog walkers and business
Checking cameras every day unfortunately no sightings but we have a new area to check fingers crossed
Had a sighting yesterday, turns out to be a hare coursing dog on the loose, makes life very difficult. but still have cameras out and a lot of people looking as they go about the lives.
Thank you Sue, there are a lot of updates for people on FaceBook help find Mila, lots of people helping to find her and supporting us. Thank you to all of you and to the School passengers everyday
Sue Barnes
I have asked a friend to put it on the Elmswell facebook page. Done today. I will also keep my passengers looking when on the school bus to and from.
I have 4 cameras up but no sightings Mila has disappeared for 2 weeks again she may be still in the Elmswell area or may have move. We can only wait for a sighting and keep postering. I would like to say thank you to who ever has started to removed Mila's posters from finger posts in the Badwell Ash area and hope you never have this problem.
We only want Mila back It's the only thing in our lives so please keep an eye open for her
Thank you
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Extra alerts sent to helpers in IP30.
Please could alerts be sent to IP30 as this is some way from original area.
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
Good luck Stephen, praying you have your lovely girl back home with you soon, I have updated the facebook shares with your latest comment and will bump her page up on here for you x
Mila is in the Elmswell area IP30 we have placed cameras which have caught Rabbits hedgehogs and now cats but no dogs.
Mila is now 8 weeks away from home, Please keep an eye or two open for her
Two camera traps placed, no luck so far apart from rabbits and hedgehogs, more posters put up and more doors knocked on
First camera trap placed today, will be putting more out as we get camera. Thank you to all for the support and advise we are getting
I have even ask the R A F who fly over the area in helicopters and jets to keep an eye out for her. They have said they go a bit high and a bit fast but will give us their support, Thank you to them.
Anyone with spotter plane helicopters hot air balloons , drones or trained birds in flying in the area please keep a look out.
Thank you to everyone who are helping or thinking about Mila it all means so much to us to have so much support.
We have local dog walkers who text me the area they have walked and if anything catches their eye or ears, I know they walk it anyway be they are thinking about Mila and are in the best place for sightings, which is what we need.
Cameras ordered couple of positions chosen and the next phase of the operation will start,
Just a quick update - a good afternoon with Sam & Loki and are certain as we can be that Loki got a trail of her scent and we appear to be in the right area just north of Elmswell. She has been low profile for a few days so we need to get more sightings now but Mila is now quite famous and has a high profile locally from the posters and FB activity. We are going out there again tomorrow. Steve had another reported sighting of her from guess when Friday (she definitely was on a good country walk then).
Thank you to everyone for your kind messages this morning when we thought there could be the worst possible news. Karen & Stephen xx
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
Bumped up to the top for you Stephen, thanks for the update, really hope you get some news of dear Mila soon x
Hello - firstly special thanks to Jeff and Alison coming out today with the drone we are so appreciative of their help. They have done footage across 4 areas which span the line of the map - nothing immediately apparent but will download the footage so we can have a better look.
Some more news on sightings:
i) When with drone at Hardings Farm, a man in a van came up to us, as interested in the drone. When we said what we were doing he said he had seen a lost looking dog in the outskirts of Elmswell (a little south of Hardings Farm) within past week- but couldn't be more specific. He said the dog was white but was not confident enough to verify it was Mila but we managed to rule out the greyhound /lurcher that was on the loose until Saturday on colour grounds.
ii) We had a call from a lady who had seen poster and was confident she had seen Mila on Friday circa 09.30 near Great Ashfield (which would have been in the line of travel we know she now took). Very active she was on Friday!
iii) Later on today we had a text from the lady who shared the photo to say someone she knows saw her just on the outskirts of Ashwell by the organ shop going towards the industrial estate (which is on the disused airfield) and not far from Hardings Farm. The key with this one it was Monday - so the trail moves forward from Friday to Monday. We are trying to find out a bit more particularly a time. This makes the sighting by the 'man in the van' a strong possibility of it being Mila and I would bet it was just before this sighting as he saw the dog just a bit further down the same road.
I will update the map with sightings today.
Sam and Loki will be out tomorrow with Steve but instinct tells me to start looking around the Hardings Farm area. Talk about bitter-sweet progress - we know she is out there but feel so far from being reunited
DogLostLisaP - Administrator, Head Office
Another 15 mile walk today covered the Norton to Tostok area posters and talking to people, no more sighting or news but have confirmed the dog spotted is not the greyhound that has been found and that we are sure it is Mila,
That was quick Helen Thanks
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
I have had three people tell me they have spotted Mila in this area, a professional dog walker, a lady who has photo on her phone and a bloke working on a farm who was about 20 metres away, who is positive it was her.
This means on Friday she was near Long Thurlow headed towards daisy green, she was spotted and photographed in Hardings Lane Just south of Great Ashfield, which is a line going south west, she was last seen heading back the way she had come.
They are having lots of problems with hare coursing at the moment and thought she had been left by them, but are now positive its Mila.
This puts her in a three mile area that she has been spotted in and my feet hurt form miles of walking and Corbett is and inch shorter.
Spoke to a local in Walsham Le Willows area today who has told me a Greyhound has been captured that looks abit like Mila, so that ends that search Thank you for all your help
DogLostLisaP - Administrator, Head Office
Additional alerts sent to IP14 x
DogLostMe n my girl - Administrative Volunteer
ADMIN yoo hoo additional alerts please see below
DogLostMe n my girl - Administrative Volunteer
ADMIN can alerts please be sent for IP14 Wyverstonebecause of Stephens post 22/10. Thanks
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
I have reshared with DL FB Page, Twitter & Public. I hope Mila is safely back at home soon. X

(Stephen, Please, don't ever lose hope. X)
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
I have bumped Mila's page to the top because of this possible sightings, fingers crossed this is Mila x
We have a possible sighting 20 miles from home, one on the 24th last month and on last Friday 20 10 2017 in the morning so makes us think there is a loose dog in the area that looks like Mila. Wyverstone near Bury St Edmunds Suffolk is a vast area that we need help to cover. Two couples have seen a dog like MIla in the area, so we have been walking and postering the area anybody near there please poster and keepan eye out for her. Thank you all
We are offering a reward for the safe return of Mila
It is now over a month with no sighting and no idea of what has happened to her, she may have been hit by a car and is dead in a ditch or may have been taken to another area or country by now with no sightings at all it seems the chances of getting her back are slim
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DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
Bumping her page to the top because of this news article, hoping this will bring some news of Mila x
Mila now has her story in the Diss Express Thank you to them for running the story
Supported and Tweeted Thunderclap xx Hope you get some news soon xx
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
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3 weeks today Mila has been missing No sightings or news of her We miss her so badly
One sighting but not Mila, so still no news or any sightings of her. Its looking bad
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DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
Mila is featured in the following newspapers this week, hopefully this will bring some news x
Eastern Daily Press.
Diss Mercury.
Wymondham Mercury.
Thetford, Brandon and Watton Times.
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
So pleased Sam was able to get out to you today Stephen, praying you get a sighting of your girl soon x
We have had Sam with here tracking wolf Loki out today, lots of scents to follow but no new ones, we need a sighting. Thank you to them and all you all for your help and support.
Link for the FB page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1498362730240120/
Have you tried contacting www.lostdogtracker.com?
Mila is still missing
seven day and no sighting things are getting very desperate here, thank you to all who are looking and helping us and thank you to all who are thinking about us
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
Thunderclap created for Mila, please support and share....
Mila is still missing, we have posters and a wonderful group of people who have started a dedicated page on facebook Help find Mila.
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
I have shared with DL FB Page, Twitter & Public. I hope Mila is safely back at home soon. X
Sue - onestopalldogs
Shared to @onestopalldogsLost Facebook and Twitter
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
Sharing Twitter.
Email sent with local information and advice. Details added to Doglost Norfolk and Suffolk FB page.
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Alerts sent to helpers in IP21,22. NR15,16.
Sorry to see that MILA is missing.
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