Rainbow Bridge: Black & Red Brown German Shepherd Dog Male

  • Dog ID 26758
  • Status Rainbow Bridge
  • Registered 13 Dec 2010
  • Name NANDOR
  • Gender & Breed Male German Shepherd Dog
  • Age Adult
  • Colour Black & red brown
  • Marks & Scars He is blind in one eye and because of this he is a little wary of strangers but is not aggressive.
  • Tagged No
  • Microchipped Unknown
  • Tattooed Yes
  • Date Lost 10 Dec 2010
  • Where Lost Fife, Markinch/Burntuck area (chased after a deer)
  • Lost In Region Rainbow Bridge
  • Lost In Post Area KY7
  • Date Found 10 Dec 2010
  • Date Reunited 16 Dec 2010
  • Other Info Nandor is 4 years old.
  • Phone 1 01333 329 511 // 07879 574 951
  • Phone 2 07709 249 795
  • Listed By Jayne - Administrator, Head Office
  • Views 10485
  • NANDORPoster Image
  • NANDORExtra Image


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Nandor, one after my own heart - georgeous - run free big boy.
Libby so sorry for you too but at least you were reunited at the last, run free
Duffer another dog sadly gone to rainbow bridge mishandled again by the authorities
This really has got to stop.
Although a very unpleasant task, I would gladly volunteer to scan and photograph any dog found by authorities if we can sort out some sort of communication channel
I've posted the petition on my facebook page. RIP Nandor. And Libby. And thoughts to your owners. So heartbreaking.
hello janey
This such a tragedy to happen a super handsome boy,,run free ar the bridge beautiful boy x
I also had this issue when looking for mine and was informed to call cleansing every day as collections were only written up as dog or cat! I expressed my disgust that my beautiful boy was tagged and chipped and they still wouldnt bother to contact me,,they didnt care,,something should be done to ease our pain in those situations,, x
A tragedy...yet again..sadly this is becoming far too common. The authorities HAVE to be more reponsible with victims of RTA's.........human or animal, they ALL COUNT. Run free at The Bridge with Becky ...she will play and play with you Nandor, she loved big dogs! Night night xx
DogLostLostdogs ScotlandSable - Regional Co-ordinator, Scotland
Deb4gsd - WITH YOU ! singing from the same hymn sheet.
Absolutely heartbreaking! why don't these people understand just how important it is to report each incident/found body and contact the owners if numbers are available on tag or check for chip.These dogs are somebody's precious pet, owners going through hell searching for them when they have already been picked up, and as in Nandor's case, cremated......and only by chance, finding out what had happened! it wouldn't happen if it was a child discovered in RTA.......well I'm sorry, but my dogs are as precious as a child to me and many owners. Why can't the people in authority dealing with these situations respect this and make full effort to contact owner wherever possible.
So sorry for the loss of your babies and the circumstances! xx
DogLostLostdogs ScotlandSable - Regional Co-ordinator, Scotland
Have received a message from Nandor's mum and she wishes me to let others know about yet another dog and owner in a similar situation -to PLEASE add more signatures to the petition below.
(please copy and paste this link into your web browser)

Here is the email to Rosemarie(Nandor's mum) from yet another distressed owner.

I have to say I am so sorry for your loss, I signed the petition on the 12th as soon as I got it, awfully spooky as this is my own beloved Libby my shorthaired german pointer only 15months old has been killed tonight hit by a car on the A1 20m from where my partner stood unbeknown to us, we searched for about 2 hours and by chance I went over to a highways agency truck to ask if they had seen her, just before they pulled away.
They had, they had recieved a call saying a dog had been hit and came picked her up and put her in a bag on the back of their wagon.
I am devestated but so glad I got to see her and bring her home. However they had taken her coller off which had my number on and although they were nice to me I doubt after taking her coller off they would have rang me.
We are taken her to be cremated tomorrow so as heartbreaking as it is we will get her ashes back. If I had been any later they would have driven away and we would never have got her back and been left searching all night for her.
I hope you can remember all the happy memories you had with him and hopefully in time the wounds will heal.
She was a light in my life after I lost my horse Kizzie and was just like her and I know her and Kizz will look after each other up there and be happy together.

All my love and best wishes

DogLostTeddys Mum - Area Volunteer, West London
This is so heartbreaking. Nandor you were a beautiful boy, very much loved. Rosemarie, take heart that you gave him four happy and loving years. I am so sorry it ended this way. Play at the bridge Nandor...
This is such a typical story just a little while ago i see a dead bulldog on the M11 London bound fast lane. It has haunted me ever since as i wondered if its owners were informed. I looked on this site but did not see anyone had lost one. if this sounds familier to anyone i will be pleased to help with details if i can.
I have not posted on Nandor's page before but have been following his thread - I am in tears Rosemarie reading your account of very unfortunate circumstances but the distress to you and your family is and should have been totally preventable if the correct procedures were followed. From your comments it sounds like you were being (very rightly) a pain with calling the police so often but they obviously thought just that. Please do not let this rest, for Nandor (such a handsome boy) and rest assured you have many people here at doglost behind you; please let us know what we can do so no one else has to suffer your pain. Run free Nandor.x.
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
So Sorry....Run free on rainbow bridge NANDOR xxx
Hi rosemarie my heart goes out to you you and nandor do not deserve this treatment r.I.p lovely boy run free at the bridge my old bonnie will be your friend I would be willing to help in anyway I can to make sure things like this don't happen again I live in essex so anything that can be done I'm sure between us all we can make things happen xx
I feel so so sad to read Rosemarie's post and to hear that she was out looking for him all that time is truely heartbraking.
Something clearly needs to be done about this and I certainly would not let this lie until something were done if it were my dog.
I have served as a police officer and my husband is a serving police officer of 10 years at the moment and although the officers that attended would not be required to put anything in a found dogs register as I don't believe that one exists anymore, they would have had to fill out an accident report form. Hitting a dog is classed an an RTA for which they have to do a report and also make a note in their pocket note book. The police communications centre however would have a record of all jobs that any police officers have been sent to and it is just so sad that this informtion has not been passed on.
I hope that in time your pain eases and i am just so sorry that this has happened
to you and your beautiful Nandor. You are in my thoughts and fingers crossed that all of us together can work towards getting something done about the lack of commuication between the authorities and dog owners. xxx
My heart goes out to you as well, how awful not to admit he had been killed even though he had a tattoo/ I wish I could bring him back to you and I would feel the same about not letting it lie as well. I hope you get some answers even an apology/ These people don,t seem to realize that they are not just dogs they are our best friends as well, sleep tight Nandor we will fight for you. xx
Hi Rosemarie - I have just read your post and I am absolutely heartbroken for you. I had been following Nandor's thread when he was missing, and had been looking out for him when walking my dogs down Gilvenbank Park in case he had made his way down there. I'm disgusted at the actions from the police, considering you were in constant contact with them. There are no excuses. I do hope you get some sort of explanation, not that it will make you feel any better. My thoughts are with you and your family. Nandor was a beautiful boy xx
gingernuts mum
My heart goes put to you Rosemarie and I was in tears reading your last comment. I would certainly be putting in an official complaint to the police commission . It is beyond belief that neither pc involved in the incident has written a report.
Please tell Rosemarie my thoughts are with her. This is a total disgrace that peoples pets (a member of their family) are treated in such a way by the authorities. The police seem to show more respect towards drug dealers and thieves when they arrest them. These animals are loved and cherished by their owners and deserve to be treated with respect. I would certainly not let this rest if it was me. It is obvious that Nandor’s mum loved him so very much and I send a VERY BIG hug her way xxLast edited: 2011-01-01 22:34:55 by Lisa123
DogLostLostdogs ScotlandSable - Regional Co-ordinator, Scotland
Anyone who wants to contact Rosemary, please leave a comment the site here and I will pass your details onto Rosemary.I cannot express my distaste enough over what has happened to Nandor. It is not a one off either. If this was my dog, I would not rest until everyone responsible was suffering as much as I was.Poor Nandor is not suffering at all now, but Rosemary certainly is. Do the police care? I doubt it.
DogLostLostdogs ScotlandSable - Regional Co-ordinator, Scotland
Email from Nandor's grieving owner - very sad.------------
Hi Linda
I’m Rosemarie, Nandor’s owner. I just want to pass on my thanks for all your help in trying to find Nandor. He was such a special boy and I’m totally devastated that he’s gone.
Its now been over two weeks since I was told he had been killed and I’m still waiting for some kind of explanation of what happened that night from the police. The story is much worse than you really want to know and I still can’t get my head around it. Nandor was hit by a car and killed outright at around midnight on the night he went missing. The driver of the car rang the police to report the death. The two policemen who went to the scene did not log him into the dog found book as they say they didn’t think they had to as he was dead. They arranged for traffic police to remove him from the scene and take him back to the police station. It appears that no paperwork at all was completed and that morning someone arranged for environmental health to collect his body.There is no record of that either.The head dog warden has said that none of his team had been notified – indeed they even called me the following Wednesday to see if I had found him.It would appear that Nandor’s body would have been incinerated by the council workers.Both police officers were on duty until the following Tuesday but neither put in a report about the incident.Meantime as you know, I was out looking for him 12 -18 hrs a day.I rang the police station quite a few times over the weekend and was told not to keep ringing as they had his details on record and would contact me if they had any news.I even remember explaining the tattoo in his ear and giving them the telephone number for the national tattoo register. On Sunday lunchtime I called again, just to make sure that they had circulated his details to all other local police stations. I was told he was on a central register.Ten minutes later I received a call from one of those local stations apologising as they had just received Nandor’s details and would circulate them immediately.On the Wednesday as I was out looking for him I bumped into two ladies. It was they who said a large gsd had been killed on Friday and was I not aware.I told them I had been in constant touch with the police and knew nothing of this.I made my mind up to call the police again to clarify this.I was told a GSD type dog had been killed.On Thursday morning one of those ladies turned up at my door. Looking back it was very strange as she came in and said she had a photo of the dog which had been killed. She said it was very unusual for the police to take a photo but the officer was a dog lover. She showed me this photo on her mobile phone.It was just a head shot and it was very dark. At first I didn’t think it was Nandor as it looked like a sable dog but I could tell by the length and shape of his muzzle.That’s it.The police have said they know nothing of a photograph taken of the dead dog.None of the police officers have owned up to taking it.So who was this woman and how did she get hold of it? They have confirmed that Nandor was not checked in any way for identification before he was disposed of.I can’t accept that he’s gone.I have looked at the petition and have read everyone’s comments. They have confirmed what people have said all along – that there really is no communication between the different authorities. For Nandor’s sake I’ll not let this lie.
I can’t say anymore at the moment as I’m crying so much. He was my big beautiful boy.

Rosemarie Mooney

I would be willing to help in my area (south east), although I work full-time so would not be able to do much on weekdays before 5pm. Yes I agree with Ros - maybe just a description of dead dog with a way to follow up. Xx
It is a shame im too far south to help with that operation but it would be a brillant and worth while job xx
So sorry for Nandor's owners, RIP gorgeous boy.
I definitely think there should be a better service provided - one local council near me (Carmarthenshire) photographs all strays found and puts them on line and updates daily - how wonderful is that? If one can do it why can't all (small cost involved)? I was let down by the police in my case because I reported Ruby missing, the people who found her also reported her as found but no one linked the two up - so two further weeks passed until thankfully the finders saw a poster. If only all councils could have a section of their website for photos of found dogs and descriptions of rta victims - maybe we should all write to our local councils to suggest this?
The idea is fab but I personally think no photos of deceased dogs - a description is better and then the owner can follow that up.
Radar Ears
I'd be up for it.
Under these circumstances, posting pics of dead dogs is doing a service rather than causing distress.
This would have helped Nandor's people immensely, because they would have known earlier, rather than going on a heart-rending, fruitless search.
If it had a section all of it's own, then people would know what they were looking at, rather than being shocked.
If (God forbid) any of my dogs went missing, I would want to know, to put some closure on it.
I'd be willing to do this in my area and surrounding (Southend on Sea, in Essex) maybe there are other helpers in my area and we could share the task. Regards Jill
DogLostLostdogs ScotlandSable - Regional Co-ordinator, Scotland
I have had a great suggestion from a member of Nandor's Facebook page. Does anyone feel they could take on the job of organising all this? It would save heartache for a lot of owners. Have bumped to draw attention.

Kerstin McDonagh

OK, this is just a rough idea, and could very likely be improved on, but rather than expect the police and local authorities to deal with the issue of found dogs (which they clearly are not very good at and certainly involves a great deal of luck in the postcode lottery), would an alternative be to approach local police forces/stations and dog wardens with a request that local volunteers be allowed to monitor the movement and reports of dogs picked up, enter police kennels and dog pounds, photograph dogs held and post the pictures on a website such as Doglost? Obviously many would find the posting of pictures of dead dogs upsetting and distasteful, but even a good description may help. If every police station was given the phone number of a local volunteer who is prepared to do the work for them, it may provide a sufficient incentive for the police to take up the idea. Sometimes (mostly?) volunteers do a much better job than the authorities or someone just doing a 9-5 job and, like it or not, the police is very busy, particularly at weekends and when the weather is causing absolute chaos, so sadly a dog can very easily be overlooked. Since many people aren't aware that a website such as Doglost exists and that they can post details of dogs found on it, providing the police with a telephone number for a volunteer prepared to contact the finder and take down the dog's details may also prove useful if the police simply aren't interested in dealing with the matter. The phone number of local volunteers could also be left with vets, pet shops etc. - anyone likely to be approached by Joe Public when he/she finds a dog wandering about.

This Irish forum is used in much the same way as described above, with volunteers visiting dog pounds, photographing dogs and posting their details in the hope that dogs and owners will be reunited. http://petsireland.invisionzone.com/
gingernuts mum
i think it's a disgrace that our much loved pets are being treated with no regard from any authorities, police included. When will they realise, these pets are part of our families and it's heartbreaking enough when they go missing....but to be dealt with in this way is soul destroying. Run free at the bridge Nandor....my thoughts are with the family x
So tragic..... run free, sweet lad...... xxx
All Councils are cutting the budgets dramitacally and Environmental Services that relate to stary dogs, dangerous dogs, kennel licences, dog fouliong etc have been cut to the statutory minimum. What si needed is Violuntary services attached to Councils to help with dog related issues so that the same thing doesn't happen to another owner. If we could get one Volunteer for each Council District to act alongside the Enviromnetal Departments then this may assist. Councils are welcoming Volunteers helping to provide services. That being said, it doesn;t help Nandor's Owners. RIP Nandor
I am so sorry to read this, it just should not still be happening .This is a memo quoted on Jesters Law site. It sets out best practice for highways authorities. http://www.dogtheftaction.com/jester/hamemo/
My thoughts are with Nandors owners at this sad time. RIP beautiful boy x
I had been following this thread all week, and I am absolutely disgusted with what has happened. As the owner of 3 dogs myself, I can only imagine the heartbreak that Nandor's owners are going through. My thoughts are with them. RIP Nandor x
I am so sorry to see that Nandor dint make it home & that yet again even more heartache has been caused by simple procedures not been carried out.
Jester's Law was/is started because of exactly the same thing happening to a previous Co-ordinators dog. There was a campaign started to make ALL councils scan & check for chips. It doesnt help Nandoor or your grief- but it does give you something to focus on to stop it happening again
My heart goes out to you, rest in peace Nandor
Millys Mum
This is so very sad. My thoughts are with his family. Rest in peace Nandor - sweet dreams handsome boy..x
so sad, its hard to lose a loved one,but when you could not say goodbye makes it more sad. RIP Nandor x
I am so very sad to know of Nandor's story. It is clear from his picture that he was a very special boy. I just know he will be close to his Mum in spirit.
The petition is a very good thing. This was a terrible experience made even worse by people who do not begin to understand the importance or significance of our animal family and friends.
Shared on Facebook and signed petition. Such very sad news, run free at the bridge sweetheart xx, my thoughts are with his family at this very sad time.
DogLostMajorjet (Jan) - Area Co-ordinator, North West
Well done on setting the petition up Karenn. I've already signed and posted the link requesting others to sign as well and share. Jan x
DogLostJytte - Area Volunteer, West Yorkshire
Signed petition and shared on Facebook too.........Jytte
http://www.petition.co.uk/more-communication-between-authorities; his petition. xx
Thank you Jan have signed up to that one, but when do you think the petition should end??Last edited: 2010-12-16 18:13:45 by Karenn
DogLostLostdogs ScotlandSable - Regional Co-ordinator, Scotland
What about this one? http://www.petition.co.uk/login.html
anyone who wishes to start, please get going and use any petition site you like. When we have enough signatures we will forward it to everyone we think should see it, including the Scottish Executive.
You are welcome. Shall we start a petition anyway, we could all think of a default letter to perhaps send to the scottish authorities ask other supporters of the page to also send the letter xx
DogLostMajorjet (Jan) - Area Co-ordinator, North West


Thanks Karenn for starting the FB page, I've joined and also put the link to it on North West FB pages asking others to join. Jan x
So so sorry to hear this, thinking of Nandor's owners xx
DogLostLostdogs ScotlandSable - Regional Co-ordinator, Scotland
Thank you Karenn. We can start to plan what to do next. Great.Let's spread the word.
Heres the page, do you think the title is ok?http://www.facebook.com/pages/More-commuication-between-authorities-to-help-missing-dogs/131114540281332?created
Im 100% with you Sable. I will make the facebook group. xx
DogLostLostdogs ScotlandSable - Regional Co-ordinator, Scotland
Karenn, it happens a lot. Right let's stop moaning about them and do something. Any ideas anyone? MPs take too long to get their finger out,and petitions sometimes have no end result either. This is all so wrong, and something has to be done to force the authorities to communicate with each other, from police, DW, Environmental Services,to Council roads and cleansing, dog pounds and any other body involved in these incidents.Can someone who is good at Facebook start a Facebook page for this, for a start, and put a link to it on here? We can air our thoughts and plans to do something.
This is so sad and such a shame. Really feel for the owners at this awful time. I a GSD owner myself, am really upset about this and cant believe the actions of authority. Run free Nandor xx
Thinking of his owners at this very sad time. xxxx
What is going wrong? This should not happen. The authorities really need to get a grip. RIP Nandor xx
DogLostMajorjet (Jan) - Area Co-ordinator, North West
Thinking of Nandor, his family and everyone who has helped in the search, this is hearbreaking news.

Run free at the Bridge and sweet dreams Nandor you will be deeply missed. Jan x
No the first time this as happen, Never mind checking for the Tattoo I bet they did not even scan him just in case he was chipped. Another lovely dog gone to the bridge. RIP lovely boy.
This is so heartbreaking and totally unacceptable. Was Nando not checked for a tattoo? It is disgraceful. My thoughts are with Nando's family at this terribly sad time. Run free at the bridge, beautiful boy xx
DogLostLostdogs ScotlandSable - Regional Co-ordinator, Scotland
LC23 - I feel exactly the same - really upset at this whole scenario. I just cannot imagine what the owner is going through.
I'm so upset by this,the thought of not being afforded the chance to spend the last moments with nandor is an utter disgrace. My heart goes out to his owner.
This is just awful, my thoughts and prayers are with Nandor's family, run free at the bridge little man xx
DogLostLostdogs ScotlandSable - Regional Co-ordinator, Scotland
J MO. Cuts or not, surely it is not THAT difficult to keep a database between Police, DW and Environmental services? I know someone who runs a dog pound and sometimes she has to go pick up a dog which has been there overnight or longer, after being handed in as a stray, or in an accident, from the police station or which there is no paperwork done. How can any owner find out if their dog has been at the police station and has been moved from there if there is no record of it? It only takes some communication between the authorities. This is no isolated incident as Jytte has stated.It is so unneccessary when all that is required is communication. The police do not even cummunicate between their different areas as far as dogs are concerned.
So sorry to hear about Nandor. Run free xxx.

I don't want to use this page as a rant but due to Local Government cuts Dog Warden services and Environmental services relating to dogs are tio be cut dramatically, expecially in the North. Dog lost could do with lobbying the Local Authorities with contact names so that the same does not happy to every owner who's petpet that is killed on the roads.
DogLostJytte - Area Volunteer, West Yorkshire
So sorry to hear this, but sadly this is not an isolated incident. A few years ago, here in Yorkshire a dog was killed on the M62, it had ID, but the owner was not advised. RIP xx
DogLostLostdogs ScotlandSable - Regional Co-ordinator, Scotland
Zoe, Nandor was tattoed in his right ear.
I am so very sad this beautiful boy didnt make it back home. Its absolutely heartbreaking for his family and my thoughts and prayers are with them.
Run free in the sunshine at the Bridge Nandor xx
DogLostZoe - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
I'm really very, very sorry to read this - my thoughts are with Nandors owners. With reference to the authorities not advising his owners of the accident, it looks like he didn't have a tag on nor was he microchipped which would have been the two things that would have identified him and allowed them to make contact with the owners. There is though, no excuse really, as it sounds like all the local authorities were advised, just not bright enough to put two and two together.
So sad to read this news the owners did not deserve this outcome. Will any representation be made to the authorities to protest about the way this was handled by them all.
DogLostAngus - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Milton Keynes
This is so terrible I really feel for the owners who have not ony lost their beautiful boy but have been robbed of the chance to lay him to rest - as you say Sable it is totally disgusting that Nandor who had visible ID in the form of a tattoo was not returned to his owner and seems to be a lack of the authorities duty of care.
Rest in peace dear Nandor - my prayers are for your owners today xx
It is absolutely disgusting that these poor people have been out all this time searching for this gorgeous lad when the Police had his body all along.
Thoughts are with the family and with Nandor. RIP xx
Very sad to read this news of Nandor. My thoughts are with his family. That is disgraceful of the authorities if they knew who Nandor belonged to and didnt notify them. Rest in peace gorgeous boy xxx
Im so sorry, Run Free you gorgeous big boy. Thinking of you. gx
So very, very sorry to hear about Nandor - RIP fella xx.

Totally agree with you Sable; the authorities are a absolute disgrace.
So so sad. Rosemarie could not have done more for Nandor. To hear her shouting his name over and over again while out looking for him was heartbreaking and to think he was already gone. This is an absolute disgrace that 2 Police Stations within a short distance to each other cannot communicate with each other. RIP Nandor xx
DogLostLostdogs ScotlandSable - Regional Co-ordinator, Scotland
Thanks Sue. I am so angry, that I am not even thinking straight.
Have moved to Rainbow Bridge.

So sorry XX

DogLostLostdogs ScotlandSable - Regional Co-ordinator, Scotland
God bless you, beautiful and noble Nandor. May God keep you safe in heaven. Sweet dreams boy. xxx
I am so sorry that Nandor did not make it home, Run free lovely boy, my thoughts are with his family. xx
DogLostLostdogs ScotlandSable - Regional Co-ordinator, Scotland
Extremely sorry to tell everyone that Nandor is dead. He had been killed on Friday, the day he went missing. He was hit by a car on a roundabout around 4-5 miles from where he went missing. Absolutely APPALLED - but not surprised - that the police and the Environmental services or DW did not let the owner know that the body had been picked up and disposed of. Nobody told the owner. She found out by chance after talking to someone who said they had heard that a dog had been knocked down and killed on the road last Friday, and that they were sure it was a GSD. After making enquiries, -yes- it was NANDOR.There have been parties of people out looking day and night for this beautiful dog, who is someone's beloved pet, but yet - it is not very important to the authorities. Something needs to be done about this. This scenario is a familiar story, and the owner goes on looking for her pet forever,not knowing what has happend to it.I am absolutely disgusted and very angry.
Rosemary wrote on the Agility Forum that Nandor was hit by a car and was all these days dead at the Police Station. I am so sorry. Run free Nandor :(
We have all fingers, toes and paws crossed for Nandor. xx
Have put Nandor on twitter + will circulate.
Not long in, unfortunately no news. I've put posters up in the Star village and in The Plough Inn, the barmaid was really interested and got the impression she will bring this to the attention of the customers. Anyone heading out to help Rosemarie be careful it's trecherous - had a slight fall but luckily nothing injured except my pride. Good luck with this, come home Nandor.
Thanks, have spoken with Rosemary, will make arrangements tomorrow.
Michael, if you phone his owner Rosemarie on 07879574951 she can tell you where they are searching.
Hi All,

I'm available tomorrow afternoon (Thu 16) if anyone wants to try a co-ordinated walk/search. I'm not familiar with the area, but quite willing to be directed by someone more local.

I have put poster up from kirkforfar to the start of the Star Moss, couldn't do anymore after picking up a slight injury.
My husband is away to search this afternoon. Will be going up after work tonight to help. I will take posters with me and put them up in the village. Prayers for a safe return today.
Iprayer for nandor safe return and i am frustrate at my lack of transport to be able to come and help search. If there is anyone from Est Neuk heading that way please let me know so I can come and help too, even from Leven or St Andrews, I can easily get a bus to there to meet someone to help with the search.
Hopefully he is found soon and when he is I will Microchip him for free.
Been up at Star Moss this morning for a while looking. There are no posters in the Star Moss area which is a popular dog walking area and the village of Star has no visable posters in it either. I cant get back up today but the posters need to get up.
Fingers tightly crossed this gorgeous boy is found safe very soon.
DogLostLostdogs ScotlandSable - Regional Co-ordinator, Scotland
Bumped due to a sighting yesterday.Nandor was spotted near the Star Moss, Star of Markinch, he looked injured
Come on Nandor - no more hide and seek - the whole agility community of the country is willing you back home to the warm!
DogLostLostdogs ScotlandSable - Regional Co-ordinator, Scotland
Praying that Nandor is found safely. I wonder if he has had a kick from a deer, as he had been chasing one.
Update there are five out tonight looking and have moved to a different area in the woods and have found his paw prints now so there now 100% on the right track, shes asking if everyone can have possitive thoughts at this time and has her vet on standby to hopefully bring him back.
Nandor was spotted this morning near the Star Moss, Star of Markinch, he looked injured. His owner has been out searching today & is going back out tonight. She is looking for people to help her search as it is a large wooded area.
DogLostLostdogs ScotlandSable - Regional Co-ordinator, Scotland
Had a message from a contact in GSD rescue and we thought Nandor had been found, as a GSD had been picked up by a memeber of the public, but the owner has now been found. The search for Nandor goes on and people are actively out searching right now.
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Thanks Karenn!
Have put on facebook. Hope he finds his way back home. xx
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Poster e mailed to helpers in KY 1,5,6,7,8,15.
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
my boy max
details posted up on biggsd and also sent to germanshepherd rescue scotland
DogLostLostdogs ScotlandSable - Regional Co-ordinator, Scotland
Have spoken to the person organising the search for Nandor, sent poster and gave advice by email.Poster sent to Scottish Rescues.
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Text sent requesting photo.

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